Falling Temperatures

The bulk of the precipitation is gone, now, much colder air will push through the state.

Last night Indianapolis picked up .82″ of rain at the airport.  We won’t be adding much to that today, the big story is a cold push of air that’s coming our way.

Through the morning isolated sprinkles are possible across Central Indiana as the moisture works it’s way to the west.  Temps this morning are in the low to mid 50s, by this afternoon, they will fall into the 30s.  A few flurries may be possible late this afternoon.

Wednesday, highs only hit the low 30s, but it will never feel that “warm” thanks to winds up to 20mph.

Thursday and Friday look dry with highs warming into the upper 30s.

However, things could change Friday night.  A small clipper system will move through and we could be tracking light snow for Saturday morning.  We’ll keep you updated, as the system continues to evolve.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Soggy Monday Night Ahead

Enjoy today as much as you can! It’s going to be fabulous!

I am loving this forecast!  Highs today will reach the low to mid 50s across Central Indiana!  We’ll start off with morning sunshine, and see clouds increase throughout the day. 

Late this evening, a soaking rain starts to move into the state from the West, and Southwest.  The showers will continue overnight through Tuesday morning.  At times, the rain will be heavy, and we could even hear a stray clap of thunder.  Some spots could pick up between an inch to an inch and a half of rain.  This is a quick moving system.

Tuesday, we may have a few stray showers in the morning, but they will quickly move out.  Highs will hit in the morning with temps in the low 50s, and upper 40s.  Throughout the day temps will fall into the 30s.  Tuesday night, snow flurries are possible, and we may see a few continue Wednesday as highs only hit the mid 30s.

Our next shot at a rain/snow mix moves in Friday night.  We’ll keep a close watch on it for you!

We’re on a temperature roller coaster!  Check out how we roll in the 7 day. 

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Soaking Rain on the Way

Today looks to be perfect for tailgaters, but get ready for a soggy start to the work week!

Highs today will reach the mid to upper 40s today with plenty of sunshine.  Winds will come out of the SE up to 10 mph.  It won’t feel as cold as yesterday because the wind won’t be as strong.

Overnight, expect another cold one with clear skies and temps in the upper 20s.  Outside the metro temps may drop to the low 20s.  So, at the bus stop, you’ll need to bundle up the kiddos!

Monday, we’ll see clouds increase throughout the day with a high in the mid 50s.  Rain showers will develop, especially closer to the drive home.  Monday night into Tuesday very heavy rain is expected and we could see up to 1.5″ of rain by the time the rain moves out Tuesday.  Temps will fall throughout the day Tuesday, so snowflakes could mix in with the rain. 

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, light snow or flurries will be possible.  We’ll be watching the timing of this system very closely, so stay tuned to the forecast for any changes!

Check out the rest of the week in the 7 day!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

How Do You Shop?

Shop to you drop, or click in your pajamas? How are you shopping this holiday season?

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday… how are you shopping this year? 

I’ve never shopped Black Friday!  I know for many families it’s a tradition, but for me, it’s too crazy!  Maybe if there was a MUST have gift I’d do it, but for now, I’m fine staying snuggled up in my warm bed!  This year the deals looked great… but not enough to entice me to set my alarm for o’dark 30 if I’m not working!

I love the idea of Small Business Saturday.  What a great idea to highlight some of the local gems in our community.  I shop local as much as I can when it comes to finding unique gifts.  Plus, when you shop local, you’re helping your neighbors!

I LOVE Cyber Monday!  It’s my thing!  There are so many great deals.  Add in free shipping, and no-hassle crowds?  I’m in!  Sure, it takes the fun out of “looking” for a perfect gift, but if you already know what you’re looking for… I think it’s a great idea!

So, how do you shop?  Pros and cons of any of these?

This year I’ll be doing a bit of all three.  As I’ve mentioned on my Facebook page, my husband and I are not exchanging gifts this year, we are sponsoring a family through United Christmas Service.  Kids make the holiday magical, and this year… will be memorable for us too.

Chilly Weekend Ahead

Chilly temperatures have settled in for the start of the weekend, but it won’t be this cold for the entire 48 hours.

Bundle up!  Highs today will only reach the upper 30s with sunshine, and the wind will be brisk out of the NW up to 20mph at times.

Overnight, skies remain mainly clear, and lows drop to the low to mid 20s.

Sunday looks warmer with highs in the upper 40s.  We remain dry, so tailgaters don’t worry about rain.  The wind will be light as well, so securing tailgating tents shouldn’t be an issue.

Monday, highs surge into the low 50s.  Clouds will increase throughout the day.  Rain is expected to move in late, right now the timing looks to be in the overnight timeframe.

Rain continues Tuesday, and could possibly turn to snow by Wednesday morning.  We’ll be keeping an eye on this developing storm because timing is going to be everything!

For the weekend, the blog is short but sweet!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Black Friday Forecast

I know you die hard shoppers are probably already shopped out and back in bed, today’s forecast is chilly to say the least.

Highs today will only reach the low to mid 30s with sunny skies.  Expect wind chills in the teens and 20s most of the day because winds will be gusting out of the West up to 25mph.  Time to bundle up!  (Random side note… whenever I think of bundling up, A Christmas Story comes to mind, or, Maggie Simpson in her star get-up!)

Tonight, will be another cold one.  It’s probably time to turn the heaters back on if you haven’t already done so.  Overnight lows are expected to drop to the low to mid 20s.  Saturday we’ll hit the upper 30s to around 40 degrees with sunshine, and Sunday we warm up into the upper 40s.

Another round of soaking rain arrives Monday.  Right now it looks like at least an inch of rain is expected. 

Check out the 7 day to see how temps start to fall again.

Happy shopping!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Working Thanksgiving Isn’t That Bad

Whenever I say I’m working Thanksgiving, I always get the same response… I’m so sorry. I feel anything but sorry that I have to be at work today.

 Happy Thanksgiving Family Music and Shopping Happy Thanksgiving: Family, Music, and Shopping! Working the holidays… it’s part of the news business, news never sleeps.  This morning, a perfect example!  Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Tornado Warnings on Thanksgiving Day!

So, back to working the holidays, I don’t mind.  To be honest, I haven’t had a Thanksgiving or a Christmas with my family in Arizona in seven years.  I’m not sad about it, we make our own holidays whenever I can be home.  And to be honest, that’s a little more fun… who’s heard of Thanksgiving in January?  That’s when we usually celebrate it!

Working the holidays isn’t bad.  I work the same shift almost every day at WTHR.  We’re a family.  Yes, we even fight!  But, we have fun!  We joke around, we care about each other, and I consider them genuine friends.  From the producers, to the production assistants, to on-air talent we’re all working the holiday.  So, no, I’m not sad about missing Thanksgiving with my family… my surrogate family is right here at WTHR.  Today we even had a pitch-in… our Thanksgiving feast started at 7am, and what a treat it was!  It’s not the holiday that makes it special, it’s the people you spend it with.

When my husband I were dating, we always picked up Jack in the Box tacos for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We had to work, so we made our own traditions!  And, I love Jack in the Box tacos!

However you spend the holidays, I hope it’s special, and you get to appreciate everyone who makes your life better each day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Make sure to get the rain gear ready today!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a rocky start to the morning with several tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings South of I-70.  Now, the severe weather is gone, and we can focus on a soggy forecast.

Highs today will reach the low to mid 50s with falling temps throughout the day.  Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms are expected.  At times, rain will be very heavy.  A Flood Watch is in effect for all of Central Indiana.  Rainfall totals from yesterday through this evening will top out at up to 4″ of rain.

This evening, colder air starts working in behind the front that’s causing today’s commotion!  That means some snow may mix in with the rain.  As temps drop, water on the roadways could freeze, especially on bridges and overpasses, so please use extra care!  Tonight, lows drop to the low 20s with a Northwest breeze up to 25mph, so get ready to bundle up Black Friday shoppers!

Highs Friday will only reach the mid 30s.

A slight warm up returns for the weekend, with rain likely early next week.

I hope you enjoy your day with family and friends!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Drought Busting Rain & Possible Flooding on the Way

We need rain, but the big system coming our way today and tomorrow could actually produce flooding across Central Indiana because it looks to dump so much.

Here we go, this is a crazy forecast!

Let’s start with today.  We’ll see increasing clouds today with highs struggling to make it into the low 40s.  Towards the noon hour, the rain starts to move our way.  Because it’s mixing in with colder air, we could see a little sleet before everything transitions into rain.  Then, it’s rain, rain and more rain. 

Very heavy rain is expected at times with isolated thunderstorms this afternoon through Thanksgiving Day.  A Flood Watch goes into effect this evening through Thanksgiving evening for along and south of I-70.  The potential rainfall thorugh Thursday night looks to be two to four inches of rain with isolated spots especially southeast of Indy possibly picking up five inches of rain.  We need the rain, but this much all at once does cause flooding concerns. 

Temps will be dropping throughout the day Thursday.

The rain will start to taper off late Thursday into the overnight.  With temps dropping we could see rain turn to snow.  We’ll keep our eyes on this for you.  Not expecting any accumulation, but we will be watching for possible slick conditions.

Take a look at the 7 day forecast below for temperature outlooks. 

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

$14 a Pound for Turkey? What?!?!?!

I’m all for a good thanksgiving meal, but paying $14 a pound just for the turkey? That’s crazy talk!

I love food… but do I love it enough to eat a $14 a pound turkey?  I think not!

It’s the latest rage in crazy designer food.  The birds are selling in New York for our upcoming turkey day feast.

What makes these turkey’s so special?  They are wild free-range turkeys.  I’m all for giving animals a good quality of life, and treating them with respect while they live, and a “humane” death, but that price is quite steep!  It’s like putting a luxury car hood ornament on the bird to raise the price!

Want to learn more about these pricey birds?  Click here for the article from the New York Daily News.

I just couldn’t resist this classic cartoon!