I “LIKE” Pampers

You can now purchase Pampers online… via Facebook.

The feature is powered by Amazon and allows you to buy diapers for
your diminutive dandy without ever leaving your favorite site.

This is not cool because it is Pampers, it is cool because it is commerce.

E-commerce has existed in Facebook for a while, but Pampers is a sign
that it has gone mainstream.

With this critical piece, Facebook is one step closer to being an independent
world within the web.

On Facebook, you can: buy stuff, play games, find information and, of course,
talk to your friends.

Because Facebook, is a closed system, they set the rules.   While this can be
maddening, it does have some advantages.

The page loads fast, the games work without hassle and when was the last time
you got spam on Facebook?

Facebook began as a social network, it has grown into a one stop shopping for
all of your online needs.

Just be sure to check your privacy settings.

Record Heat Sunday

Today Central Indiana is expected to break a high temperature record that’s stood for more than 70 years!

Today will be hot and dry.  I wish I could bring some different news!  Highs today will reach the mid 80s.  I’m forecasting a high of 86 degrees, that would break the high temp record for today of 84 set back in 1938.  Tailgaters put on the sunscreen and enjoy the mostly sunny skies!  Go Colts!

Overnight, temps drop to the upper 50s to around 60 degrees with clear skies.

Monday, a weak front will move through, bringing a 20% chance of an isolated shower north of I-70.  Most spots remain dry, so don’t expect to see much rain.

Unfortunately, the rest of the week looks mainly dry with the exception of another slight chance of rain Wednesday.  The only thing to look forward to is cooler temperatures moving in starting Wednesday.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Summer Like Weekend

Whew, temps in the 80s, and record highs… this doesn’t feel anything like fall, does it?

It feels nothing like autumn across Central Indiana!

Highs today will reach the mid 80s with mostly sunny skies.  The record high temp is 88 set back in 1939.  I’m not expecting to hit that today.

Overnight, skies remain clear and lows drop to the low 50s.

Sunday, the tailgating forecast looks perfect, but hot!  Highs will be around 80 degrees by the time the Colts take the field.  Highs Sunday will hit the mid 80s.  I’m forecasting a high 0f 86.  That would break the current record of 84 set back in 1938.  Keep in mind the average temp this time of year is in the upper 60s!

Monday, a slight chance for rain moves in.  As we head into next week, there’s a few chances for rain, but nothing that looks to bring anything significant.  We’ll keep you posted as to if the rain holds together as it moves closer to the state.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Indy Makes Top 50 List

Bicycling magazine recently rated Indianapolis 45th in its top 50 cities for bicycling list which is awesome. Key factors in the selection process include: cities with populations over 100,000, support of a diverse bike culture, geographic diversity and a good amount of savvy bike shops.

The top city was believe it or not, is Minneapolis which rates in the top five of almost any list regarding health, fitness and activity, no matter which magazine it is! Beating out cities such as Portland, Boulder, and Seattle; Minneapolis is the real deal.

However, I feel that Indy can fare better next year considering its strong cycling community and countless places to ride. I would like to see Indy in the top 10-15. You can help by getting involved in your local community and requesting things such as defined bike lanes, municipal bike racks and even bicycle boulevards. Be creative and persistent because it can and is being done in other cities, so help to get it done in yours.  Ann Arbor, Michigan which is right next to where I grew up, came in at 14 and whenever I go back to visit, my bike comes with me because it is a blast riding in such a bike friendly area.

Craft your plan and decide what cool changes could be made to make your particular city rise on the top 50 list and then get involved. Any ideas? Let me know so we can get the discussion going. The better the rating, the better the riding…Lets roll

Weekend Warm Up

Temps are warming up for the weekend, and we could set a record high Sunday!

More sunshine and dry time is ahead today.  Highs will reach 80 degrees around Central Indiana.

Overnight, we cool into the upper 40s and low 50s.

Saturday highs hit the mid 80s, and the same is in the forecast for Sunday.  Sunday’s record high is 84 degrees, so we could set a new record.

There’s a chance of rain Monday, but it’s only about 20%.  Another shot of rain could be in the forecast Wednesday.

I’ll keep you posted about all of the heat and possible records this weekend on Sunrise!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Fire Danger Increases

As the temperatures increase, our dry weather continues, and fire danger escalates.

Today will be another gorgeous day in Central Indiana.  Highs will reach the upper 70s across the area with mostly sunny skies.  The fire danger increases today, and through the weekend because temps will go up, and the humidity goes down.

This drought monitor is expected to be updated today, with the lack of rain, it’s not looking good. 

Take a look at the temps expected for the weekend in the 7 day forecast! 

Once again it’s a short but sweet blog, what can I really write besides… we NEED RAIN!  However, enjoy the sunshine while it’s here!

Our next chance of rain moves in Monday and Tuesday.


Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Above Average Temps Coming

From freezing to the 80s… that’s why we live in Central Indiana!

This forecast is as straightforward as it gets!  Highs today will reach the mid 70s with plenty of sunshine.

Overnight, temps drop to around 50 degrees with mostly clear skies.

We warm up to the low 80s for the weekend with dry conditions.

Now wait for it… a BIG change!  There’s a chance of rain Monday and Tuesday!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Warm Up Coming

Get ready to put away your winter coats, and pull out your shorts and tanks!

Brr!  A cold start this morning around Central Indiana with temps in the low to upper 30s!  Want warmer weather?  I’ve got it for you!

Highs today will reach the mid to upper 60s with mostly sunny skies.

Overnight, temps drop to around 40 degrees, with some spots outside the metro dipping into the mid 30s.

Wednesday, we’re back in the mid 70s!

And… we’re talking 80s by the weekend.  The only thing we’re missing is rain.  Still none in sight through the 7 day forecast.

This is a short but sweet weather blog… really nothing to explain!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Changing the World, One Book at a Time

The other day, I was looking through a list of the best
100 tech start-up companies.

The company locations were all to familiar.

New York, New York.

San Francisco, California.

New York, New York.

San Francisco, California.

This went back and forth for dozens of companies, until…

Elkhart, Indiana!!!!!?????????

The company is called Better World Books.  It was founded and
is still operated, right here, in Indiana.

Better World Books is a for-profit company that collects and sells
books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide.

On September 24th, the following national spot aired during the Notre Dame game.

Most companies have a single bottom line, profit.
Better World Books claims to adhere to a triple bottom line, which is revealed in
the following ways.
Social: power to the people
The company provides funding for over 80 literacy partners.  This knowledge gives
families around the world hope for a better life.
Environmental: love your mother
The company implemented the first carbon neutral shopping cart.  By reselling used
material, they have kept over 8,000 tons of books out of landfills.
Economic: true accounting
The company maintains profit to ensure long-term viability.  The company answers
equally to their employees, customers, literacy partners, investors and the environment.
I venture to say Better World Books has a fourth bottom line… helping Hoosiers.
They provide jobs in northern Indiana, an area hit hard by RV manufacturer
World Books shows everyone that Hoosiers can be technological
leaders and change the world, one book at a time.


Frost Advisory 2am-8am Tuesday

Another night of chilly temps, means a Frost Advisory for Central Indiana. Tonight, a bigger chunk of the viewing area is under the gun!

The following Frost Advisory was put out by the Indianapolis National Weather Service.  Click here to see a map.