Sunday Rain Chances

A chance of rain is in the forecast today, but don’t expect a washout.

Highs today will reach the low 80s with a mix of sun and clouds and isolated showers and t-storms.  The rain will taper off as we head into the afternoon.  Don’t expect tons of rain… and not everyone will get wet.   Western and the Central portions of the state look to have the best shot at a little rain.

If you’re tailgating for the Colts game, expect an isolated shower during the afternoon with temps in the low 80s, cooling off to the mid 70s for the game.

Overnight, any left over rain will come to an end as lows drop to the low 60s.

Monday, we turn up the heat with highs in the mid to upper 80s and a mix of sun and clouds.

Tuesday, we could be close to record heat.  I am forecasting a high of 91, the record is 93.

Another shot at rain moves in Wednesday.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Last Weekend of Summer

The last weekend of summer is winding down, and we could be tracking rain for part of it!

Highs today will reach the low to mid 80s across Central Indiana.  We’ll see a mix of sun and clouds for the afternoon. 

Tonight, there’s a chance for an isolated shower North of I-70 as temps drop to around 60 degrees.

We’ll be tracking rain Sunday.  The day will not be a washout, but be prepared for scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms.  Don’t expect much rain, but we’ll take any drop we can get!

The rain winds down the later we get into the night, so I think late tailgating for Manning v. Manning will be mainly dry.

More heat builds for the beginning of the week, with Fall officially beginning Wednesday at 11:09pm!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Great Start to the Weekend

There’s a chance of rain for the weekend, but it shouldn’t put a damper on your outdoor plans.

A spectacular day is ahead for Central Indiana.  Highs will hit the upper 70s to around 80 degrees with mostly sunny skies.  Operation Football will go off without a hitch tonight!  Game time temps will drop into the 60s.

Overnight, lows drop to the upper 40s and low 50s under mostly clear skies.

Saturday, highs hit the low to mid 80s with partly cloudy skies.

Late Saturday night into Sunday, there’s a chance for a scattered shower or thunderstorm.  We’ll keep you posted on rain chances!

Next week, the heat builds back close to 90 degrees!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Oh Brother, (Microsoft) Where Art Thou?

Apple released the iPad.
Google released several versions of an Android based tablet.

Apple introduced a the iPhone 4.
Google unleashed an army of Android based phones.

Apple announced Apple TV.
Google, which owns YouTube, began streaming live video.

These two companies battle for technology supremacy, but
do you know who is missing from this discussion?


Originally, I was going to write a blog about how
lazy Microsoft has become.

I was going to paint the picture of Microsoft as a
teen slacker living in his Mom’s basement.

Mom: “Microsoft, when are you going to stop playing
XBox, and get a real job?”

Microsoft: “I quit my job so I could play Halo
full time.”

While most Microsoft products don’t generate a buzz
from consumers, they do generate profit.

For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010, the net
revenue for Microsoft was $62.48 Billion.  It was
a record for the company.

Net income was $18.76 Billion, also a record.
(a growth of 29% over the previous fiscal year)

Not bad for a company no one talks about…

So where did the buzz go?

Vista was a buzz kill.  Consumers lost confidence
with Microsoft, and those Apple commercials didn’t help.

It must be noted that, Microsoft caters to business.  Products like
Sharepoint do not create consumer excitement, they DO create revenue.
(see sales figures above)

Microsoft is also missing a strong spokesman who can
highlight the success and smooth over the rough spots.

Someone like… Bill Gates.

In the early years, Microsoft fed off of Gates’ drive.
Bill was able to sell the heck out of software, even
though he knew it was buggy.

Under the leadership of Gates, Microsoft became a
powerhouse, a company to be admired and feared by
the competition. 

(Kinda like what Steve Jobs did for Apple)

Then on June 15, 2006, Bill announced he was stepping
down in 2008. And with him, the wind went out of the
company’s sails.

While he is not a charismatic showman, Steven Ballmer,
the current CEO, has made some tough decisions.

With the recent economic downtown, Microsoft has
streamlined operations.  They currently have
88,596 employees, down from previous high of 92,736.

In addition to fiscal responsibility, Microsoft
shored up its product line.

Windows 7, actually works!

As a result, the OS has been a hit, but it has not
been easy.  Microsoft has spent millions in ads,
which basically say: “We don’t stink anymore!”

While a stable operating system is nice, it doesn’t
generate buzz with consumers… or Wall Street.

Over 5 years ago, I bought Microsoft stock for 24.35 a share.
On September 16th, my stock closed at 25.33 a share.

On September 16th, Apple closed at $276.57
Google closed at $481.06.

This shows two things.

1) I bought the wrong stock.

2) Wall Street values innovation and consumer buzz.

As a shareholder, I applaud Microsoft for maintaining a solid
company with a strong foundation on business products.  I am
glad Ballmer streamlined Microsoft and stabilized the product


As a greedy shareholder, I just want to say:
“Get off your Mom’s couch and innovate!”

But leave your XBox controller, I want to play Halo.

Todd Donaldson

P.S.  I know Microsoft created buzz this week with the
release of Halo Reach.  But don’t you think it’s time
to make a new version the game system?

XBox 360 was launched in 2005!

At the very least, it needs a blu-ray player!

How Much Rain We’re Missing

I asked my Facebook friends the other day to fill in the blank. It’s so dry that ______. One of my favorite responses was that it’s so dry cows are trying to graze on Lucas Oil Stadium’s fake turf! It gave me a good laugh, but it’s no joke, Indiana needs rain.

The following information was put together by the Indianapolis National Weather Service.  For the complete article, or to see some graphical reports, just click here.

The U.S. Drought Monitor released on September 16 shows 25% of Indiana experiencing a moderate drought as of September 14.   Moderate drought conditions exist along and south of a line from southeast Vanderburgh County to southeast Wayne County.  Abnormally dry conditions persist in Indiana along and south of a line from Clinton in Vermillion County to Decatur in Adams County.

During this week several large field fires have broke out in portions of central and southern Indiana.  Twenty counties have burning bans because of the very dry conditions.  Local news indicates that crops yields in some areas will be reduced from those of 2009.  Many areas of central and southern Indiana have not seen significant rain in more than 2 months.  Some small watersheds are at or near record low flows.  Some trees are nearly bare and grass has gone dormant.  All of this occurs during moderate drought conditions.

Virtually no rain fell in many areas of central and southern Indiana from August 22 through September 9.  The last significant rain at the Indianapolis airport occurred on July 28.  During the 6 week period ending September 7 the airport has measured only 0.54 inches of rain.  This is the driest 6 week period since August-September 1999. The tables below illustrate the precipitation totals and departures from normal at the seven main climate sites in central Indiana for the period July 1-September 9 and August 1-September 9, respectively:

Site Precipitation July 1-September 9 Difference from Normal
Indianapolis 3.41 -5.77
Lafayette 7.28 -1.37
Muncie 6.81 -1.62
Terre Haute 9.56 +0.30
Bloomington 3.94 -5.54
Shelbyville 3.74 -4.66
Indy – Eagle Crk. 6.59(*) -2.59


Site Precipitation August 1-September 9 Difference from Normal
Indianapolis 0.54 -4.22
Lafayette 3.28 -1.37
Muncie 2.67 -1.78
Terre Haute 1.81 -3.00
Bloomington 0.69 -4.47
Shelbyville 1.35 -3.02
Indy – Eagle Crk. 0.28(*) -4.48

                      (*) – Precipitation Data missing for Eagle Creek Airpark (EYE) on August 21.

Total precipitation for 2010 at Indianapolis through September 9 is 25.82 inches, or 3.79 inches below normal.  This also marks the 38th driest year on record at Indianapolis through September 9.  Below is a comparison of precipitation at Indianapolis so far this year in the top graphic with totals received in 2009 in the bottom graphic.  Precipitation went above normal during the spring of 2009, remaining anywhere from five to ten inches above normal for the rest of the year. Total precipitation through September 9 last year was 36.92 inches, or a little over 11 inches more than what has currently fallen so far in 2010.  The last time the Indianapolis International Airport received more than 0.50 inches of rainfall was on July 28 when 0.80 inches fell.  The last time rainfall exceeded an inch was on June 22 when 1.64 inches fell.

Mitch Daniels: Still on the fence for 2012

Right now Gov. Daniels is the only hesitant candidate in the unannounced field.

Not a day goes by when someone asks ‘is he running?’ It is a question I have asked myself countless times and a question for which the answer I come up with seems to change constantly.

I was asked during a public speaking engagement months ago and said I did not think he would run but that I truly believe he wanted to. Then all the op-ed pieces started appearing the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere on what Republicans should do to win back the White House. Then the complimentary stories started appearing in Newsweek and elsewhere and I began to second guess myself.

I am smart enough to know all this doesn’t happen by accident. Someone is helping to coordinate this media blitz. He has carved out an interesting niche in this years crowd of possibilities. Someone who actually seems to be sincere about not wanting to run. Right now he is the only hesitant candidate in the unannounced field. He says he wants to have a voice in the discussion.

A Democratic insider who worked behind the scenes in the Evan Bayh campaign told me recently that he really is not doing all the things a presidential candidate needs to do if he or she is seriously considering a run. Yet he is hosting Republican experts who know all about how to finance and run campaigns. He told me he is just discussing the issues with them.

I asked him if those discussions could lead to him making a decision to run and he admitted it could and then for the first time he really launched into how he an others are unhappy with the course this country is on. He said he has asked four other people to run for president and they all told him no.

Now I am begining to think that he truly does not want to run for president but may be angling for a vice presidential spot. Maybe the discussions he’s been having are really not for him. Could he, for purpose of discussion, be playing a Dick Cheney role for someone else? Putting together a game plan for, say, Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi?

Six months campaigning as VP is certainly a lot more appealing then 24 months for president.

Obviously this is speculation but until he makes his final decision that is about all we can do. Now all he will say is “ask me after the legislature is over” and so we will. As Democrat Robin Winston says, we will all know his intentions if he shows up at the state fair in Iowa and at this rate we may not know until then.

Still A Chance For A Shower

Our rain chances aren’t completely gone, but don’t expect much for the afternoon.

Yes, we had a little rain overnight.  Key words there “a little”!  Today highs will hit about 80 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds.  As a cold front moves through this afternoon, there’s still a chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm.  Don’t expect a soaker that will help out your lawn much.

Behind the front, we’ll run into much cooler air.  Tonight, lows drop down to the low to mid 50s.

Friday and through most of the weekend we stay dry with highs around 80 degrees.  On Sunday, there’s a slight chance for an isolated shower.

Get ready to track more heat next week… we could hit another 90 degree day!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

SOME Rain Coming

Rain is in the forecast, and at this point, we’ll take every single drop we can get!

Highs today will reach the mid 80s across Central Indiana with a few clouds moving in the later we head into the evening.

Tonight, lows only cool off to the upper 60s as showers and thunderstorms roll through the state.  At this time, it looks like the best chance of rain moves in after midnight. 

The bulk of the rain should exit by midday Thursday.  Rain totals should be in the neighborhood of .25″ to .50″.  Highs will be significantly cooler, only reaching the upper 70s.

We dry out and start to warm back up for the weekend.  There’s a slight chance for a shower on Sunday.  We’ll keep our eyes on that!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Rain’s in the Forecast…

It’s dry, there’s no way around it, but we’ll have to wait until later this week for our best chance of significant rainfall.

Monday, was the 35th day we’ve hit 90 degrees this summer.  Yikes! 

Highs today will reach the mid 80s across Central Indiana.  There’s a VERY slight chance for a sprinkle late in the day. 

Wednesday, dry with temps in the mid 80s.

Here’s where we keep our fingers crossed!  Late Wednesday night into Thursday an area of low pressure and a cold front will move through the state.  This is expected to bring rain.  At this point, up to a half an inch of rain looks possible.  We’ll keep tracking this for you, this is the only significant rain in the forecast. 

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Sunny & Dry

Highs today will reach the mid 80s across Central Indiana, but we need the rain, and we’re tracking some in the extended forecast.

Get ready for a warm one.  Highs today will reach the mid 80s across Central Indiana with mostly sunny skies.

Overnight, we drop into the upper 50s.

Tuesday, highs hit the low 80s.  An isolated shower is possible.

There’s not much to analyze in this forecast…. take a look at the next 7 days… our next chance for a “good” rain comes Thursday.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast