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Feels Like Fall!

Posted By · September 25, 2010 at 7:14 am

Did you notice a huge difference in temperature when you walked out the door this morning.  Many spots were 20-30 degrees cooler this morning than Friday morning!  That said, it will feel like fall today!  Highs today will reach the low 70s across Central Indiana with mostly sunny skies. 

Clouds will increase tonight, and as a weakening system moves into the state, there’s a slight chance for isolated showers or sprinkles tonight into Sunday.

A few sprinkles are possible Sunday with mostly cloudy skies.  Highs will only reach the upper 60s!

Our next chance for rain moves in Monday and Tuesday, with dry weather building in by midweek.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

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Fall Foliage Outlook

Posted By · September 25, 2010 at 6:55 am

Temperature finally feel like fall!  If you’re itching to get out and see the changing colors… check out this link that will let you know how the colors are changing across the country!

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Rain possible Friday

Posted By · September 24, 2010 at 10:51 am

Happy Friday! Can’t guarantee much rain today but at least some rain is possible later today, Saturday night and Sunday. If you want fall weather to return, you will enjoy the weekend. Highs only in the low 70s Saturday and Sunday. Rain is really needed at this time. 46 out of the 92 Indiana counties are under a burn ban and we would need some significant rain in order to change that situation. In the meantime, enjoy the fall change. Temperatures fall well into the low 50s tonight.

– Chuck

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How Much Do You Trust Your Facebook Friends?

Posted By · September 23, 2010 at 10:52 pm


Todd: Look at our great vacation photos! 

     IamAthief: Look, I am robbing your house!

I am actually surprised this doesn’t happen more on Facebook.

Family brags about their far-off vacation, and some “friend” takes
note and robs them blind.

Maybe I am paranoid, but I don’t post vacation photos
until we are back home.   Otherwise, it would be like posting
a sign outside our house saying: “We are NOT home”

While Facebook robberies seem possible, it doesn’t happen very often.

On September 10, 2010, NECN.com, a news agency in New England, reported
about a burglary ring which targets Facebook users in New Hampshire.

The police alleged three men broke into more than 50 homes and stole
over $100,000 worth of property.

Facebook responded with the following statement:

“We’ve been in contact with the Nashua police, and they confirmed that they while they have an ongoing investigation and have already made a number of arrests, the only Facebook link was that one of those arrested had a Facebook friend who posted about leaving town in the near future (which is why they believe that home was targeted) and it had nothing to do with Facebook Places. The police confirmed that the other burglaries had nothing to do with Facebook altogether.”

Facebook basically brushed the robberies as one part of a larger theft ring. 

So is this a potential problem?  Am I just paranoid?

I guess the real question is:

How much do you trust your Facebook friends?

Todd Donaldson

p.s. Props to anyone who can identify this famous home.

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Weapons for fat destruction!

Posted By · September 23, 2010 at 12:35 pm

When it comes to losing and keeping off excess bodyfat, what are your weapons? The key is to have a shortlist of activities or sports that you are passionate about and you can then add a few extras to use as variation and backup.

My favorite activities are hands down, riding BMX bikes and Snowboarding. However, I supplement my passion for those sports with weekly runs, road cycling, mountain biking and of course, weight training.

This arsenal of activity provides, strength, conditioning, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, skill training and endurance for both my muscular and cardiovascular systems. I enjoy having numerous activities to choose from that will keep my body guessing, not to mention the provision of variation to avoid boredom.  

Whether you are skinny or fat, excess bodyfat is not good for you, so get lean and if you have to….get mean! Choose activities that you enjoy, choose others that balance out your training and then consistently stay involved. Good days, bad days…we all have them so embrace that and focus on giving your body what it was designed to do…perform of physical activity!

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Record Heat & Fire Danger

Posted By · September 23, 2010 at 5:49 am

Wednesday was delightful!  Rain… yes… rain fell across portions of Central Indiana.

I hope you enjoyed it, because today we’re back to more record breaking heat!  Highs today are expected to reach the low to mid 90s across Central Indiana.  We will easily break the temp record last set back in 2007 of 90 degrees.  It will be dry and very windy.  The low humidity combined with wind gusts up to 30 mph will create dangerous fire conditions.

Overnight, mostly clear skies stick around as temps drop to the upper 60s.

Friday, a cold front will push through the state bringing a chance of isolated showers and t-storms.  At this point, the rain chances don’t look that great as highs hit the mid 80s.  What looks better is what’s behind that front… cool air!  Check out the weekend forecast in the 70s. 

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

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Bayh: No decision on governor’s race yet

Posted By · September 22, 2010 at 6:40 pm

I asked Sen. Evan Bayh today about his plans for the Indiana governor’s race in 2012.

“I don’t know what I will be doing next.  I will say there has been a lot of speculation and over-speculation, I should say.  I don’t want to lead anybody on.  I will think about what I do next after Thanksgiving and New Year’s and then I have a decision to make, but for right now this is my sole focus and that’s where it ought to remain,” said Bayh, who spoke to WTHR in a satellite interview.

On the subject of Brad Ellsworth, the Democrat who wants to replace him, Bayh thinks Ellsworth really is the type of man and politician Hoosiers can relate to.

“I would say to Hoosiers if you are disgusted with Washington, fed up with politics as usual, here is a good man who has good values. He’s independent.  He’s for keeping taxes down and American jobs at home.  That’s a pretty good package,” said the senator.

Hear more from Sen. Bayh on Indiana Insiders this Sunday morning at 9:30 on Channel 13.

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Fitness Q&A with Dave

Posted By · September 22, 2010 at 9:59 am
QUESTION: I sweat a lot when I exercise and feel that I shouldn’t sweat that much. What do you think? 

 ANSWER: Sweating is simply the human body’s air conditioning system. As you exercise, your body temperature rises thus triggering your body’s sweat mechanism. As you sweat, this moisture evaporates off of the surface of the skin which in turn cools the body and lowers its core temperature. This natural process prevents your body from overheating which can obviously be very dangerous. Sweating is normal, differs from person to person and sweating a lot doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you…it means something is “right” with you!  Grab a towel and keep working hard. 

QUESTION: I took your advice from early in the summer and purchased a bicycle. I have become very fond of riding my bike, but it is now getting cold and I will miss riding. What can I do in the fall and winter months?  

ANSWER: Don’t stop riding. Fall is a great time to ride. There is nothing quite like a bike ride in the fall with the trees changing color and a cool crisp breeze. Go to your local bike shop and purchase some cold weather riding gear. You will be surprised at how warm and comfy the gear will make you feel as you ride. As for the weather, Cincinnati usually has mild winters that allow you to ride right through the cold season, except on extremely cold or snowy days. My philosophy is that if you love an activity (a healthy one that is), don’t let anything or anyone stop you from enjoying it. On days when you can’t ride outside, go to your local gym and ride a stationary bike or take a Spinning class. (This is a class that has a number of high-tech stationary bikes and an instructor to take you through a simulated bike ride.) These classes are challenging but great because you can go at your own pace. Don’t let the changing seasons stop you from getting in great shape. View the different seasons as opportunities to do different things to keep you motivated and fit!

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