Isolated Sprinkles Wednesday

We need the rain, but we won’t pick up much today.

Today’s rain is a tease.  We’ll see isolated sprinkles, and a few showers across Central Indiana through midday.  Highs will hit the mid 80s with a mix of sun and clouds for the afternoon.

Overnight, skies clear and lows drop to the mid 60s.

Thursday, get ready for more sun, and the return of 90 degree temps!

Our next chance of rain moves in Saturday… we’ll be watching closely as warm temperatures in the 90s stick around.

So far this month Indianapolis has only picked up .19″ of rain.  With only three days of measurable rain.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

More Please!

I wish every forecast was this beautiful! (Well, we do need rain and snow sometimes!)

Get ready for another gorgeous day!  Highs today will hit the mid 80s with partly cloudy skies.  Dew points will remain comfortable in the 50s.

Overnight, there’s a chance for an isolated shower, as lows drop to the mid 60s.

Wednesday, temps stay comfortable in the mid 80s, but there’s a chance of rain.  Not everyone will get wet, but showers are possible.  A better chance of rain comes later in the week on Friday.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Welcome to the world!

Help wanted: Middle-aged web guy needs assistance with new technology. A little iHelp, anyone?

After several years of feet dragging, I’ve taken a bite of the poison Apple and bought an iPhone. Although I’m still not sure which side of the “work vs. expensive toy” fence it will fall on, it should help out in several areas of my personal and professional life.

Of course to do that, I have to know how to use it and thus far, all it has done is tease me from afar. After closing my eyes on the AT&T web site Friday afternoon and clicking “Complete Purchase” (or whatever the button said), I expected – because I was told by AT&T and Apple it could be 5-10 business days until they shipped it – to have a wait ahead of me.

And I was cool with that.

That coolness went away when the e-mail came announcing the shipping of the phone. “It will get here someday” was quickly replaced by a neurotic rotation back to the AT&T web site to check the status of my order. By mid-day Saturday, my new toy was sitting in a warehouse in Indianapolis and there was nothing I could do but wait. Seriously, I drive past a FedEx warehouse every day, probably the same one holding my phone hostage, and there was nothing I could do about it for two whole days.

Finally, today arrived and the phone was marked “out for delivery” and the race was on. The delivery estimate was for 3 p.m. and I had to leave for work at 3:30. By 2 o’clock and no phone, I checked the FedEx site again. “Incorrect Address.” Panic. Calm. Phone calls.

To FedEx’s credit, they were very cool on the phone, called back twice to double check our address and at 3:20, the doorbell rang. I’d have better off if they had missed me by 10 minutes.

I had enough time to open the box, look at the parts, plug it in and leave. In the meantime, my wife ordered a new BlackBerry at the same time, it was delivered in the mail this morning and she has been busy playing and configuring all day. Such a tease.

All I know now is this better live up to the hype, because the last two days have felt like 200. (Okay, a little exaggeration there.)

This meandering story of an idiot waiting for his new phone was really a call for help. What do I do now that I actually have the phone? How does a 36-year-old web guy go about best using a shiny new iPhone 4? A call out on Facebook has yielded two parts sarcastic ridicule and 1 part help, but I have access to Indianapolis, and darn it, I’m going to use it!

Apps, cases, gadgets, whatever, help me out Indy! What are your favorite parts about the iPhone and why? What can’t you live without?

A Great Start to the Week

Get ready for a great forecast this week!

Lower dew points combined with cooler temperatures will make for a gorgeous start to the week!

Highs today will reach the low to mid 80s with dew points in the 50s.  Expect mostly sunny skies, and overall great conditions.  On a side note, Sunday’s high was 96 degrees, that ties the record set back in 1988.

Overnight, skies remain clear and some spots drop into the upper 50s, while the metro cools to the low 60s.

The great weather sticks around for Tuesday.

Starting Wednesday, we’ll start to see more humidity, and a chance for a scattered t-storm.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Relief in Sight!

Happy dance! We will finally see a cool off this week!

One more day of 90 degree heat to get through, then we get to cool off!  Highs today will hit the low 90s with partly cloudy skies.  As a cold front moves through the state a few thunderstorms are possible today.  Some storms may contain heavy rain and frequent lightning.  Behind that front moving through, we’ll see much cooler temps and lower humidity!

Overnight, temps drop to the mid 60s with mostly clear skies.

Here comes the relief!  Nearly all this week temps stay in the 80s!  Enjoy… even though we’ve got some storms in there, plus a little warm up!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Warm, Stormy Weekend

Scattered t-storms will provide some much needed rain for Central Indiana, but the heat sticks for the weekend.

Highs today will hit the mid 90s with a mix of sun and clouds and scattered t-storms.  The day won’t be a washout, but check the radar often, especially this afternoon.  Any storm that pops up may contain frequent lightning and very heavy rainfall.  Some storms may be strong to severe.  Heat warnings are once again in effect for the state.

Today’s record is 95 degrees set back in 1871.

Overnight, temps drop to the low to mid 70s with scattered t-storms.

Sunday, highs hit the low 90s with scattered t-storms.  At this time, the storminess looks more likely though the early afternoon.  We’re waiting a on a cold front to move through.  And, storms will fire ahead of that.

The best news of the forecast?  We lose the heat!  Check out what’s coming next week!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Daniels: To run or not to run?

Governor Mitch Daniels has carved out a unique position in presidential politics: that of the reluctant candidate.

Gov. Daniels appeared to be enjoying the spotlight Friday.

Governor Mitch Daniels has carved out a unique position in presidential politics: that of the reluctant candidate. On Thursday, Senator Richard Lugar said he will urge Daniels to run for president. Lugar went on to say he believes President Obama will not win re-election in 2012.Governor Daniels admitted he got to talk to the senator on the phone for over an hour on Thursday. He did not elaborate on what the senator said to him or what he said to the senator in relation to the presidential race. This is a big deal, not because of Senator Lugar’s standing in Washington, which is formidable, but because of his close relationship with the governor. What Senator Lugar says means something to Daniels.

Watching the governor on Friday you could see that he is clearly enjoying his time in the limelight. Fox Network News sent a camera crew to follow him around as he flirts with the possibility. In the meantime he works to try to get a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. If he succeeds in that then he will be working with GOP majorities in both the House and the Senate which means he will be able to push through his agenda. That will also allow him to venture out.

Announce too early and his chance of getting his agenda through could diminish. Wait until after the off-year election and he very well could have his cake and eat it too.

In the meantime he is riding the wave of what could be. 

A Cool Down is Coming! (Just Not Today)

Cooler weather is in the forecast, it’s on the horizon, it’s coming! Could I be any more excited?

Prepare for another hot and humid day in Indiana today.  Highs will reach the mid 90s, but the heat indices will push up to 110.  Heat Warnings can be found here.

Overnight, temps only drop to the mid 70s.

Saturday, we heat up to the mid 90s again, and scattered t-storms are expected.  Some may be strong to severe. 

Sunday, another chance of isolated t-storms, but at least we cool off into the upper 80s.

Does next week look any better to you?

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

More Heat & Humidity, What Else is New?

Here we go again, heat warnings and the chance of pop up t-storms.

Highs today will reach the mid 90s but again it will feel like 100-110 because of the heat index.  There’s a chance for a pop up afternoon t-storm, but it appears that most spots stay dry.  Click here to see the heat related warnings that are in effect.  The entire state is under something.

Overnight, lows drop to the low to mid 70s with partly cloudy skies.  Look up after midnight, you’ll have a chance to catch a meteor shower!

Friday, we’ll still see temps in the mid 90s and Friday night we’ll throw in a slight chance for a t-storm.

For the weekend, the rain chances increase and the temp decreases, a bit.  Saturday we will see a better chance of rain than Sunday.  For now the rain looks to end early Sunday.  We’ll keep you updated on that!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Perseid Meteor Shower

Look up after midnight over the next couple of nights, and you could be treated to a wonderful light show!

Skies should be partly cloudy with scattered t-storms over the next few nights.  Areas that see patches of dark sky will have a chance to see the Perseid Meteor Shower August 12th and 13th.

Click here for viewing tips, and when the best time to watch will be.