Steamy Wednesday

Rain isn’t in the forecast today, but hot and humid conditions are, and it’s going to be a warm one!

Highs today will reach the low 90s across Central Indiana, but it will feel more like the mid 90s thanks to ample humidity around the state.  Partly cloudy skies are expected today.

Overnight, we only cool off to the low 70s.

Thursday, the heat gets turned up again.  Highs will hit the low to mid 90s.  And, we’ll see the return of showers and thunderstorms.   Some storms could be strong to severe with damaging wind and large hail.  Storms are likely to develop during the afternoon/evening.

Friday, we cool off to the upper 80s, but keep the chance of scattered t-storms in the forecast.

For now, the weekend looks mainly dry, with highs in the upper 80s.  We could see a few isolated showers/t-storms on Sunday.  We’ll keep you updated as we get closer to the weekend.

Indianapolis Five Day Weather Forecast

Candwich… What?!?!

Hungry? Your answer is just a Candwich away.

There is no way this can be real!

A Candwich?

Yep, choose between PBJ Grape, PBJ Strawberry, and BBQ Chicken.  All in a convenient 3 ounce can!

The maker of the Candwich uses these selling points:

  • “Candwich is the perfect product for people on the go such as students, construction workers, soccer moms and outdoor enthusiasts.”
  • “Unique packaging offers protection while backpacking, camping, biking, and other activities.”
  • “Easy store display – does not require refrigeration.”
  • “Candwich has a long shelf life that is perfect for emergency food storage needs in the event of natural disasters.”
  • “Three great tasting products are available as single can, four-pack or case displays.”
  • Yikes! 

    There’s also a lawsuit surrounding what’s soon to become the latest craze.  Okay… maybe not! 

    Tuesday Storms

    More showers and thunderstorms take aim at Central Indiana today.

    Highs today will hit the mid 80s.  It’s going to be sticky with developing showers and thunderstorms.  We’re not expecting severe storms, but some t-storms could contain very heavy rain, strong winds and small hail.

    Overnight, skies clear to partly cloudy skies with lows in the upper 60s.

    Wednesday, we dry out, but get ready to sweat!  Highs are expected to hit the low 90s.

    Thursday highs hit the low to mid 90s with a 30% chance of isolated t-storms.

    The heat sticks through the weekend, as does a daily chance of scattered storms.

    Indianapolis Five Day Weather Forecast

    Still Trucking…

    The wedding is over, and my fitness regimine isn’t as intense, but I’m still keeping my commitment to myself.

    It’s been nearly three months since I’ve tied the knot, so that means six months since I originally stated my fitness goals!  So, how am I doing?  I guess both good and bad.

    Before the wedding I was working out at least 5 days a week.  Five days of cardio and two days of weight lifting.  Now, I’m probably down to four of cardio and two days of lifting.  Since the weather is pretty nice, I’ve been running a lot with my dog Maya.  Hey, it tires her out too!  I’m up to 4 miles without a break.  I consider that pretty good, since I only run once or twice a week.  My goal is to work up to ten miles.  I have a feeling that will be a little easier to accomplish when the weather cools down a bit and the humidity becomes more bearable!

    My problem has never really been working out, it’s the food I eat.  I’ve gone back to enjoying some really “bad” stuff every once in a while.  Yes, White Castle is now in my diet, along with “healthier” hamburgers and fries.  I feel that I deserve a reward once a week or so… right?

    Bottom line, I’m sticking to my fitness goals, but keeping them in moderation.  I feel good, my clothes fit, and I’m having fun.  I think that’s good enough for me!

    Stormy Week Ahead (But Dry Time Too!)

    Heavy rain pushed through sections of Central Indiana last night, and we’re not done with the storms just yet.

    After a stormy night (for some of us), highs today will reach the mid 80s with a mix of sun and clouds.  We’ll see plenty of dry time today, but be prepared for a pop up shower or storm.

    Overnight, same case with lows in the upper 60s.

    Tuesday, we’ll continue to have the humidity and a chance of pop up showers and storms.

    Wednesday looks dry, but we turn up the heat into the low 90s.

    Thursday and Friday, the heat sticks and we add the chance of scattered showers and storms.

    The weekend cools off to the upper 80s with a slight chance of storms.

    As always, we’re not looking for a washout any day just yet.  We’ll keep you posted!

    Indianapolis Five Day Weather Forecast

    Four more years! Four more years!

    Even at its sort-of-annoying worst, the World Cup can be an incredible experience, provided you have a flight to sleep through, a couple cold beers and a few hundred Japanese friends.

    In a flurry of yellow cards and a well-placed 116th minute volley, the World Cup is over. As an at least casual soccer fan, I’m a little saddened, but I think I’ll get by, and by next week, not even realize that soccer is still being played, which seems like a horrible thing, considering the decade and change I spent playing the game spring, summer and fall in my youth.

    I enjoy the game, can pick out the parts of an otherwise snooze-fest to make it exciting, but I still just don’t “get” it, at least not in the way soccer fans…ahem…”fútbol fans” want me to. As the tournament neared an end and I paid more attention to each game (really, who needs to watch Paraguay and the Ivory Coast in a round robin game?), the more I got annoyed with the announcers. And not the British gents they had leading the broadcasts. In fact, they can make even the worst pass in the first minute of the game sound sexier than Cindy Crawford in 1986.

    It’s those darn Americans.

    To hear John Harkes insist on using terms that only die hards would understand at first listen (admittedly, the die hards made up 95% of the viewing audience) just made me cringe. At one point, he called a shot on goal, “the final delivery.” Really? I’ll give you “pitch” (field) and even maybe “booking” (red/yellow card), but “the final delivery”?

    C’mon John. Your ancestors (or somebody’s ancestors) fought the British off twice so we wouldn’t have to use those words. In fact, by the time we pulled them through the second World War, we should have insisted that they Americanize their soccer lingo.

    “Oh, silly Winston. We don’t need need your money for putting the Germans in their place. But could you PLEASE just call it a ‘field’?”

    Not that changing a little vernacular will make more people watch a Columbus-Salt Lake MLS game in mid-April, but it would make one month every four years just that much more enjoyable. In fact, unless the United States wins the World Cup, then holds all its players hostage on MLS teams and decides to use its defending champion powers to hold a World Cup every six months with $1 hot dogs and domestic drafts at every game, I don’t think it will ever get the audience the fans clamor for.

    And I’m not holding my breath that a World Cup win is coming anytime soon.

    Every year since the U.S. hosted the Cup in 1994, we’ve heard about how “they’re bringing a team that could make noise.” And every year, it’s tails between the legs and back home. Even this year was an exercise in “Whew!” England handed the U.S. a tie…errr…”draw” and, while there was plenty of questionable officiating that kept lesser opponents in the next two games, they were still that – lesser opponents – and one of them had to be beaten by, we’re told, the greatest thing since Mike Eruzione invented sliced bread.

    It’s just not flying, America. But keep on reaching for those stars.

    Negativity aside, I still enjoy the World Cup and hope America can at least get through to the quarterfinals in 2014.

    Also, this year’s World Cup gave me one of the most memorable experiences in my life. A couple weeks ago, I went to Japan for a little more than a week. In that time, the Japanese national team had two games scheduled in the World Cup. I thought that it was a “cool” enough experience to watch their first game with the family we stayed with, I had no idea what the second game would hold.

    With a 12-hour flight looming at 3 p.m. on a Friday, my wife surprised me by agreeing that watching Japan play Denmark at 3:30 Friday morning would be something we just couldn’t pass up. The half day on a plane only sealed the decision.

    So, after a 7 a.m. to midnight whirlwind around Tokyo, our third day in that magnificent city, we got packed up for the trip home, refreshed and hailed a cab at 2:45 am. While the hotel-recommended bar turned out to be a dud, a man unloading a truck on the street proved to be our savior. (As I’ll probably write in a future blog post, as nice as anyone may tell you the Japanese people are, triple it.) He pointed us to the area of Tokyo called Roppongi, just a bit up the road (though another automatic $7 cab ride) and a place where we had gotten a taste of nightlife our first day in town. We knew we were in the right place when the cabs started backing up behind pedestrians making their way across the street to any number of bars.

    We hopped out, figuring the growing crowd at Legends Sports Bar (how’s that for feeling at home?) would complete our experience. We had bought Japanese soccer shirts earlier in the day, so we couldn’t be mistaken for Denmark fans and we were welcomed with open arms into the “family.” (Remember: Triple it.)

    The time difference is what did the trick. I don’t know that I could have committed to going to a bar in the States for a U.S. game at 2:30 in the afternoon, but at 3 a.m. in a foreign country, it felt perfect. That is, until my wife turned to me midway through the first half and said “Um, it’s daylight.” Looking back at our pictures from the night, it really is a bit bizarre how much brighter the post game photos are from the start of the…ahem… “match.” (Damn you, Winston Churchill!)

    Anyway, Japan won fairly easily, 3-1 and advanced to the Round of 16 for the first time in two World Cups and the second time ever. You’d have thought they won the whole thing. While I have my own videos of the celebration, someone from across the same bar posted video of the final seconds of the win on YouTube.

    As if that wasn’t enough, a trip to find breakfast got even wilder. Really, they just won the right to lose the next game (in heartbreaking, penalty kick fashion, mind you) but these fans weren’t going to let the moment get away. The intersection becomes a mosh pit when the crosswalk turns green, then breaks up in a nice, orderly fashion when the “don’t walk” sign pops up. The same person also posted video of that craziness.

    Moral of the story? If you’re ever in a foreign country when their team is playing in the World Cup…GO! Do not hesitate. Even if you’re not a soccer fan or even a sports fan, trust me, it’s worth it. Even my wife, who thought it would be cool to go just as an experience, ended up with her face painted and chanting every time Japan touched the ball.

    No, really. It was awesome.

    And I slept the whole flight home. Mission accomplished.

    Mainly Dry Sunday

    Today we bump up the heat and humidity and watch for rain chances to increase.

    Highs today will reach the mid to upper 80s in Central Indiana.  Most spots will remain dry today, but there’s a slight chance for an isolated pop up shower.

    Tonight, an isolated storm is not out of the question, especially south of I-70.

    Monday, more showers and storms develop, some could be strong to severe. 

    Nearly a daily chance of rain is in the 7 day forecast.  The week won’t be a washout, but, we’ll be watching the radar closely.

    Indianapolis Five Day Weather Forecast

    Spectacular Saturday

    The humidity is low and the sun is out!

    A cooler air mass has moved into Central Indiana, and that means a beautiful weekend for us!

    Highs today will reach the mid to upper 80s with mostly sunny skies.  You’ll notice that it’s not as humid outside!

    Overnight, lows drop to the mid 60s.

    Sunday, a bit more humidity will move in, but we will still get the temp into the upper 80s with partly cloudy skies.

    Our next chance of rain moves in Monday, and we have a daily chance of t-storms next week.

    Indianapolis Five Day Weather Forecast

    Rain Exits… Beautiful Weekend Coming

    The rain gradually leaves Central Indiana today, and a beautiful weekend awaits!

    The rain gradually leaves Central Indiana today, and a beautiful weekend awaits!

    Highs today will reach the low 80s with rain showers and thunderstorms diminishing as we head towards the afternoon.

    Overnight, lows drop to the mid 60s with partly cloudy skies.

    Saturday and Sunday highs hit the mid to upper 80s with mostly sunny skies.  A great weekend with less humidity is coming our way!

    The next chance for rain rolls in as early as Monday.

    Indianapolis Five Day Weather Forecast

    Comments on comments

    Media used to be a one-way street. Now you can read a story online and immediately rattle off your opinion about the topic of the story, the typo in the third paragraph, the writer’s predilection for unnecessary adverbs or a TV anchor’s hair style or suit.

    One of the great things about life in the modern age is that it’s interactive. Media used to be a one-way street. Now you can read a story online and immediately rattle off your opinion about the topic of the story, the typo in the third paragraph, the writer’s predilection for unnecessary adverbs or a TV anchor’s hair style or suit.

    For the humble web content producer, this means that on any given story, there may be a long string of anonymous comments which, in some unfortunate circumstances, may be used in court battles as evidence that a jury was unduly influenced by them. Generally speaking, this is not considered a good thing. Why should readers be able to leave anonymous comments? Shouldn’t they stand by their opinion? Internet advocates argue that your site should be accessible and interactive, without too many barriers – like making people log in to leave comments.

    These are questions that are being seriously debated in the world of journalism. What is a news outlet’s responsibility when it comes to allowing such comments on stories? What if a comment is blatantly racist or sexist? What if it’s on the line of what’s acceptable, and who draws that line? Is that censorship?

    In answer to the last question, you bet it is. I don’t think hate speech has any place anywhere, and if I see that a comment has crossed the line of what I feel comfortable with on the site, I will delete it. On, we also have a system whereby other users can flag a comment as inappropriate. If three people flag it, it comes back to the moderator for another look.

    It’s all about balance. We want to give readers the opportunity to react to stories and to share their opinions or experiences. But more often than not, they also share their prejudices too. For me, if those opinions become too hateful, or if they appear to be libelous (e.g. “that woman is a liar!”), I don’t allow them. But it’s a very tough call, because it’s subjective. Some sites allow everything and let their readers do the policing. uses a moderator who looks at all incoming comments.

    One thing to consider is your workplace’s anti-harassment policy. It will probably state that there will be no discrimination based on race, color, gender, national origin, religion or disability, among other things. When you post a comment on a story, think about whether your statement is a criticism based on those points. If everyone would just give a little more thought to their gut reactions, we’d probably all have a better chance at dialogue and discussion.