Waiting out the Colts draft

I’m sitting here at the Colts complex just in case team president Bill Polian decides to move up in the NFL draft, which he won’t. I think there’s a good chance I’ll go home late tonight without the Colts making any picks. If Polian has his way, he’ll move down.

I’m sitting here at the Colts complex just in case team president Bill Polian decides to move up in the NFL draft, which he won’t. I think there’s a good chance I’ll go home late tonight without the Colts making any picks. If Polian has his way, he’ll move down from 31 into the second round.

Polian likes to move down in the draft and get more picks. He hates paying first round rookies big money when they haven’t played a down of NFL football. He always stresses the importance of the whole draft and signing rookie free agents. He says the hard work comes in the later rounds.

At his pre-draft news conference, Polian pointed out how many Colts starters on this year’s Super Bowl team were later round picks or undrafted players: Jeff Saturday (undrafted), Gary Brackett (undrafted), Melvin Bullitt (undrafted), Antoine Bethea (6th round), Pierre Garcon (6th round) and Robert Mathis (5th round) among the most notable. Of course, without first rounder Peyton Manning (number one overall in 1998), the Colts would not be the consistent winner they are. But the meat of the team comes from solid scouting and wise picks that come long after even the most rabid NFL fans have turned off the TV.

There’s not much excitement in the draft for a Super Bowl team. Not like when I traveled to New York City in 1998 to see if Polian take Peyton Manning instead of Ryan Leaf, the best decision in franchise history. A year later I was at Madison Square Garden when Polian made another smart choice, Edgerrin James over Ricky Williams with the 4th overall pick. Since then, the Colts have not picked in the top 10.

I picked USC offensive tackle Charles Brown for the Colts at #31 in one of those radio mock drafts today. But I think the Colts greatest need is actually a defensive tackle. The Colts are adequate at best at that position. That first pick will be important. Last year’s first rounder Donald Brown made a nice contribution as a rookie. But just as important was the signing of Jacob Lacey after the draft ended. The free agent cornerback nobody picked through 7 rounds became a solid starter.  

-Rich Nye, WTHR Sports Reporter


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What was it like? The Race for the Cure?

If you were a part of the Race this year, feel free to share some of your insights about it with us.


It has been a busy month overseeing some of our station community campaigns.  I also took off time for Spring Break and nearly three weeks later, I am still behind:).   How does that happen?  You go on vacation and feel punished on your return, with all of the catching up you have to do… (smiles).

Channel 13 just finished promoting one of the biggest campaigns that we help sponsor – the “Race for the Cure”.  It was a wonderful success, once again.  The race against breast cancer, for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, is one of the biggest Komen races in the country.  This year more than 41,000 people registered and raised more than two million dollars for breast cancer treatment, education and research right here in Central Indiana.  Hoosiers are some of the best volunteers in the country!  Thank you to all of you who walked, ran, or just showed up downtown for the race on Saturday, April 17th, to support breast cancer survivors or pay tribute to those who have died.  The atmosphere at the “Race for the Cure” is always so emotional and compassionate.  I love watching tens of thousands of people reaching out to others – some holding hands, many crying, most wearing banners with the names of loved ones fighting this disease.  Channel 13 had a team of employees and viewers, so thank you to all who joined our team.  Many of us at Channel 13 were walking in honor of our News Director Carolyn Williams who has been courageously fighting breast cancer.  She is a great lady and an inspiration to us all.

If you were a part of the Race this year, feel free to share some of your insights about it with us.  Tell us why you joined the race, what it means to you and what you think of the event.

This is a busy season for Channel 13 campaigns.  My Community Affairs staff and I have also been helping to promote several other community events in April on our Noon Focus segment and Community Calendars.  Among them? Community Shred Day, to help protect you from identity theft, taking place in Channel 13’s parking lot and some area police departments, on Saturday, April 24th; the Coburn Place “Blue Breakfast” – a successful fundraiser earlier this month at the Indianapolis Colts complex for Coburn, which provides transitional housing for abuse victims; “Talk, Walk, Run“,  a fundraising event  on May 1st, for Hear Indiana which serves children who have hearing problems; and “Dining Out for Life“, a fundraiser on Thursday, April 29th, for the Damien Center, which helps prevent the spread of HIV/Aids and serves patients with he disease.  For this one-day fundraiser, all that you have to do is go out to dinner at participating area restaurants that will give a portion of your bill to the Damien Center.

We have several things we will help promote in May and June as well, such as the Broad Ripple Art Fair, the 500 Festival Kids Day and Rookie Run, the Indianapolis Air Show, and the Miracle Ride motorcycle fundraiser for Riley Hospital for Children.

You can hear more about all of these events on our daily WTHR Cares Community Calendar announcements on Channel 13 or on our Noon Focus community interview segment, Monday through Friday.

And, don’t forget.  If you have any community issues, events or organizations that you would like for us to consider as a profile on our Noon segments or on our Community Calendars, let me know.  Blog with me or e-mail me at acain@wthr.com.

We would love to hear from you!

Take care,

Angela Cain

WTHR Community Affairs Director

Mostly dry week

For those of you sneezing and coughing from the pollen, rain on Thursday will help settle down the high pollen count.

What a marvelous day in Indiana. After seeing frost in some rural areas this morning, we will warm up to 64, the average high for this time of April, later today. For those of you sneezing and coughing from the pollen, rain on Thursday will help settle down the high pollen count. We will, by the way, stay dry until Thursday.

– Chuck Lofton

What makes your garden grow?

How do you kill weeds that invade your lawn? Please help your friendly web guy in his assault on the dandelions!

I don’t know how or why we went from snow shoveling season almost immediately into lawn mowing season, but I’m not really complaining.

Or at least I wasn’t complaining, until the dandelions took over. Which got me thinking: How do others in central Indiana take on the weeds in your yard? Our house (a very, very, very fine house, I might add) has done a pretty solid, wife-driven job of becoming more “green,” recycling everything from cardboard to glass, reusing milk jugs at the local seed store and, this season, even taking a stab at composting. (It’s not pretty, but I hope it’s working.)

Yet I still reach for the weed killer and fertilizer when the dandelions creep in, then start to move in. Seriously, I think one of them had a suitcase.

For the last two years, I’ve limited the spraying and spreading to the front yard, staying away from where the dogs roam in the back, but this year, I had enough. The sea of yellow took over the matted down brown parts of the lawn, per usual, but when they started to march into soft, thick, fluffy green grass and flower beds, it was time to throw out the rulebook.

But not without some research. I found tons of references to using boiling water, vinegar and other kitchen-type items to attack weeds, but are they really effective? And especially over a solid two-thirds of the yard?

So I gave in and am waiting to see how good of a job the chemical stuff did, but I’m curious – how do you kill the weeds in your yard? Or are you a dandelion fan?

Once I got the dandelion problem (hopefully) under control, I realized there are tons of other things around the house I could probably use input on. And I bet I’m not alone. I hope I can get some of my questions answered here, but also let others get their own questions answered.

I’ll try to make this a semi-regular thing. With any luck, I can get it to grow…like a weed.

Bye-bye, 80s!

It will be a chilly morning for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Saturday.

It looks like we have seen an end to the 80-degree weather in Indiana. The cold front moving into Indiana will trigger off rain and a thunderstorm. Tomorrow a much chillier day with highs only topping out around 60. When the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure begins Saturday, temperatures will be near 40 degrees.

– Chuck Lofton

Warmest Start to April on Record

This April has been warm and it’s felt like summer most of the time, now it will go down in history.

The following data has been prepared by the NWS Indianapolis regarding April’s Warm Start:

A persistent ridge of high pressure has brought warm temperatures for much of the first half of April to central Indiana. At Indianapolis, the average temperature of 61.6 degrees recorded through April 14 marks the warmest start to the month of April in recorded history at Indianapolis. This is 12.4 degrees above normal through April 14. Below is a list of the ten warmest average temperatures at Indianapolis through the first 14 days of the month:

Indianapolis Area


Highest Average Temperature degrees F

Days: 4/1 – 4/14

Length of period: 14 days

Years: 1871-2010

Rank Value Ending Date

 1    61.6    4/14/2010

 2    61.5    4/14/2001

 3    58.4    4/14/1978

 4    58.3    4/14/1872

 5    58.2    4/14/1922

 6    58.0    4/14/1981

 7    57.3    4/14/1910

 8    57.1    4/14/1929

 9    56.9    4/14/1930

 10    56.6    4/14/1941, 4/14/1893  

Thursday will provide yet another warm day across central Indiana with temperatures warming into the 80s once again. The arrival of a cold front on Friday will bring temperatures back closer to normal for the weekend and into next week with highs mainly in the 60s and lows in the upper 30s and lower 40s. Average highs for mid-April are in the mid 60s with lows in the lower 40s.

Cold front coming

Once again we are looking at a day with near record high temperatures in the 80s.

Once again we are looking at a day with near record high temperatures in the 80s. This will be the last day like this for a while as cold front promises a change. First,clouds and scattered showers will bring up to a ½” of rain on Friday. Then a significant cool down for Saturday with highs in the 50s to near 60.

– Chris Wright

Stellar Tuesday

There’s no other way to put this forecast… it’s going to be wonderful!

Get ready for another warm and dry day.  (I could get used to forecasting this!)  Highs will hit the upper 70s with mostly clear skies, and high pollen counts.

Tonight, we remain dry with lows around 50 degrees.

Wednesday and Thursday highs jump to the low 80s with sunshine.

Friday, showers and storms roll in along with cooler temps.  Highs only reach the mid 60s.

By Saturday, the rain should clear.  Highs will feel much cooler, only hitting the low 60s.  This is the “normal” temp for this time of year… we’ve just been very spoiled so far!

A Picture Perfect Week

If you love warm weather, you’re going to be very pleased with this week’s forecast!

Sunshine and warmth are shaping the majority of our work week!

Highs today will reach the mid 70s with partly cloudy skies.

Overnight, we drop into the low 50s.

Tomorrow, upper 70s, Wednesday we hit the low 80s, and Thursday temps hit the upper 70s.  All three days will showcase sunshine!  However, if you’re an allergy sufferer, prepare to continue sniffling and sneezing.  Pollen counts remain high through Thursday.

Our forecast changes Friday as showers and storms build and move through Central Indiana.  It looks like a little of this activity could linger Saturday as well.  We’ll keep you posted as I know a lot of you are looking to head downtown for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.