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Great Day Ahead… Then Rain

Posted By · March 24, 2010 at 7:46 am

Highs will reach the low 60s across Central Indiana today with increasing/thickening clouds throughout the day.  A wonderful day is ahead, despite the fact that sunshine won’t be here!

Tonight, temps stay mild with cloud cover.  Lows will drop to the upper 40s.  After midnight a few scattered showers are possible.

Thursday, rain moves in.  At times, the rain will be heavy and by Friday morning an inch of rain is possible across the viewing area.  No severe weather is expected, but heavy downpours will be an issue.

Thursday night, rain continues, and as temps cool down some snowflakes could be possibly by early Friday morning.  No accumulation is expected, but we could see a few flakes!

The moisture gets out early Friday morning, and temps stay cool only reaching the mid to upper 40s.  Friday we are dry, Saturday we’ll see sunshine with highs near 60, then another soaker moves in for Sunday.

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March Madness in the Wild West

Posted By · March 23, 2010 at 9:37 pm

Salt Lake City, Utah – I visited all the landmarks in Salt Lake City: the Great Salt Lake, the 2002 Winter Olympics Cauldron Park, the Utah state capital, the Mormon church headquarters and the Rose Park Coin Laundry. With clean underwear, I am now ready to switch my reporting duties from the Purdue Boilermakers to the Butler Bulldogs.

But first a few closing thoughts on the Boilermakers, who I covered in Spokane, Washington, last week. Purdue advancing to the Sweet 16 is a huge accomplishment for a team that most experts (and maybe even some fans) had written off after Robbie Hummel’s injury. Chris Kramer’s toughness and determination has spread throughout the whole team.

The Boilermakers have proven many people wrong, including me. I thought this was a Final Four team with Hummel. I thought they would win one tourney game without him. I can’t see the Boilers beating Duke. But maybe that’s just the kind of motivation Purdue needs to hear. Hummel will join the team in Houston, giving Purdue another emotional boost.

Going from Spokane to Salt Lake City made more sense than coming home and leaving the next day, and saved Channel 13 a few dollars. So that’s why I’m with the Bulldogs now. Butler is in my Final Four. But I realize I’m going with a big underdog. Syracuse is a very good number one seed. The Orange won their first two games in the NCAA tourney by more than 20 points each.

Butler will have to play its best game of the season. Birthday boy Gordon Hayward, who turned 20 Tuesday, will have to perform the way every Bulldog fan knows he can. We have not seen that game from him for awhile. Butler has never advanced to the Elite 8. I think this is Butler’s best team and now is the time. Brad Stevens will be a hot coaching commodity at the Final Four. I hope he’s still coaching Butler that weekend.

Syracuse has often been a team ripe for an upset in the NCAA tourney. If Northern Iowa can beat Kansas, I believe Butler can beat Syracuse.

-Rich Nye, WTHR Sports Reporter


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Mike Murphy rolls out TV ad

Posted By · March 23, 2010 at 2:02 pm

Republican challenger Mike Murphy is the first to hit the airwaves this election season for Indiana’s congressional races. Murphy is going up against long-time incumbent Dan Burton.

Murphy, a state rep, is trying to differentiate himself from the Fifth District’s Burton, who he characterizes as a career politician. Murphy claims an A+ rating from the NRA and a 100% rating with Indiana Right to Life.

See his ad

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No Barking Allowed!

Posted By · March 23, 2010 at 8:03 am

In Piscataway, New Jersey, dogs are expected to be quiet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A town ordinance about incessant barking from 8pm to 8am has been expanded to 24 hours a day.  And, you could be fined if your dog barks!  Click here to read the story.

I get it, if you live next to a neighbor who leaves their dog out all the time and all it does is bark, yes, that can be annoying.  But, a dog’s bark is their way of talking.  How can we expect them to be quiet all of the time?  Dogs also bark to alert owners of strangers approaching, barking is useful!

My dog barks when we play… she growls… yips… and talks to me when we’re outside having fun playing tug or chase.

I think this is unfair.   What do you think of this ordinance?

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Drying Out & Warming Up

Posted By · March 23, 2010 at 7:39 am

It’s time to dry out across Central Indiana.  Highs today will reach 60 degrees with mostly sunny skies.  Wednesday, more of the same is coming our way.

Thursday, the chance for rain moves back into the forecast, as well as cooler temps in the 50s.

We might see a few lingering showers Friday morning, but then we dry out for the rest of the day and temps climb to 60 f0r Saturday.

We’re watching a developing soaker for Sunday, we’ll keep you posted.

That was a short but sweet forecast!  Enjoy the next few days.

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Bracket, bracket…we all fall down!

Posted By · March 22, 2010 at 9:35 pm

Talk about a weekend of Madness! (With apologies to the ’80s band, I’m talking hoops and health care. Although “Our House” *is* the ringtone on my phone.)

Even if Butler’s appearance in the Sweet 16 isn’t too much of a surprise, how they got there is pretty impressive. Upstart Murray State gave them a handful, but the Bulldogs fought through it and are halfway toward the exciting 50-block trip to the Final Four.

And who thought Purdue would be the Indiana surprise in the Round of 16? Talk about gutting out a win! Even though having two teams advance makes for a logistical nightmare for the sports department and coverage on the web is increased, it’s cool to have local teams still going after it. And technically, as we speak, IUPUI is alive and well in the CBI, tied in overtime with Princeton. Update on that before this post is over.

Everyone’s talking Kansas, of course, and I’m just about as guilty as anyone for getting on that train. It’s odd, because as they announced KU as the top seed of the tournament on Selection Sunday, I thought “Don’t pick Kansas. They always flame out. DON’T pick Kansas.”

So I picked Kansas. On several brackets.

In the flurry of mostly-for-bragging-rights brackets I picked this year, I think five of six end up with the Jayhawks on top. Fortunately, in the WTHR Bracket Challenge, I’m the only “expert” on our staff to NOT have KU as my champion. But watch out, Kentucky. My jinxability knows no bounds.

Kansas is bracket death. To steal a sports cliche, “You have to make them beat you.” They either win the title, or seem to flame out dramatically. Why would we think this year would be any different.

Thankfully, with the pool hopes destroyed, I can root unabashedly for the slew of mid-majors left in the tournament. Butler, St. Mary’s, Cornell and, of course, bracket-killer Northern Iowa. Speaking of, how…um.. “extremely bold” is Ali Farokhmanesh? And who thought “Farokhmanesh” would become a household name in just 36 hours?

Game-winning three? He’ll take it. Game-sealing three with no one around and 30 seconds to kill on the shot clock? He’ll take that, too. Need to buy a vowel? Ali’s on it for ya.

Seriously. This guy has probably collected more phone numbers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa than a census worker this week. Butler and Purdue have uphill climbs in the regional semifinals, both facing #1 seeds, but Farokhmanesh has shown that seeds aren’t nothing but a number. As for the Panthers’ matchup, they meet Michigan State, so unless you’re a Spartan or one of those Big Ten fans that think “wins are good for the conference,” it’s pretty easy to root for Ali to continue to shock the world.


So then, after a weekend of nail-biting hoops action, we turned our attention to CSPAN and a historical vote on health care.

(BTW, IUPUI lost in double overtime to Princeton tonight.)

I don’t know enough about the bill, the pros, the cons, or which states are getting ponies out of the deal, but I know one thing: That 7th grade Civics class taught me nothing. I had absolutely no clue what was going on during any part of the “process,’ except that it was taking so long. I’m just glad Jimmy Stewart never showed up with his copy of the Constitution.

In the end, it all worked out nicely from a TV standpoint, though. The vote came in just before the 11pm news, giving us fresh news for the Nightbeat. True “breaking news,” if you will.

One of those weekends where you just exhale at the end and race home to your pillow.

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On A Roll

Posted By · March 22, 2010 at 7:50 am

It’s been a little more than a month since I declared my fitness goals.  And, so far, I seem to be on track.

Just a recap… I’ve cut out all fast food, all soda and caffeine, and started a workout plan.

I feel much better now that I’m eating healthier balanced meals.  Trust me, I’m still craving my White Castle Chicken Ring Sandwiches, but I haven’t given into “what I crave,” just yet!

I’m lifting weights two days a week with a trainer, and doing cardio five days a week.  I’m addicted to spinning classes, so if one fits into my schedule, that’s fun exercise for me!

So, how are things going?  Pretty good I think.  I haven’t lost weight, but I’ve lost inches.  Thanks to being active and eating right… things are on a roll right now.  I’ve also started running, so I’m enjoying challenging myself with that.  Maybe the Mini Marathon is in my future!

I got a little off track with food this week when my mom was visiting.  I didn’t restrict myself as much as I usually do, but I kept up with my exercise, so hopefully it all balanced out! 

It’s all in the name of getting healthy!  Only about three weeks are left until my wedding, so I’m hitting the gym extra hard over the next few weeks.  The funny thing is… I’m addicted to all of this… so even after all the craziness of getting married is over, I am definitely going to keep up with my routine.  I have never felt better, and that’s an easy addiction to feed.

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Messy Monday

Posted By · March 22, 2010 at 7:28 am

Not a fan of the rain?  You won’t like today’s forecast then.  Highs today will struggle to reach the upper 40s with scattered showers.  Off and on rain is likely throughout the day with wind gusts out of the NE up to 30 mph.

Tonight, the showers become more scattered as lows drop to the upper 30s.

Tuesday, we warm up and dry out.  Highs rebound to around 60 degrees.  We’ll see that same weather story play out on Wednesday.

Our next chance for rain moves in Thursday and Friday.

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