Sugar Rush!

Easter baskets overflow-ith (yep… I just made up that word) with sweet sugary treats.

Before I went on my healthy eating streak, one of my favorite times of year was the day after Valentine’s Day, and the day after Easter.  Why?  All the candy is on HUGE discount!

Naturally, as I’m shopping for the essentials the other day in Target, I can’t help but walk by the Easter candy isle.  It’s a sugar candy land!  I resisted purchasing treats, but, that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about them.

My favorite Easter candy? 

Peeps!  But, I only like the yellow chickens.  Yes, my OCD gets to me a little too much sometimes!  I don’t know what it is about the little yellow bundles of marshmallow goodness, but I love ’em!  And, I only like them at Easter… I never want Christmas or Halloween Peeps.  It seems like the sugary creations are a love hate food, you never find anyone who’s in between on Peeps.

Check out this “Peep” show.  It’s well worth your time to see the creative diorama’s people come up with!

Another treat I’m crazy about?  Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.  Those things are the BEST!  especially when they’re frozen. 

And, why not combine marshmallow and chocolate into a marshmallow filled chocolate sculpture of something.  Love it!  I usually like the chocolate shaped bunnies with goo inside.

I also like Robin’s Eggs… aka… Whoppers.  And, Cadbury eggs. 

What are your favorite Easter candies and why?  Leave your favorites in the comments section below!

Going in Circles

Think life’s got you spinning in circles? Check out this canine that lives to spin!

Herding dogs can have some OCD tendencies, but this pooch has gone a little too far!

This little one spins every time a car goes by!  Check out the wear by the side of the road from his daily routine!

It’s cute, and it makes me laugh, but you have to wonder… does the dog actually have some kind of anxiety disorder that makes him do that compulsively?

Windy & Warmer

Highs will climb into the 70s today, but not without some pretty gusty winds.

Keep on rolling and climbing mercury!  Highs today will reach the low to mid 70s across Central Indiana with mostly sunny skies.  The only snarl in the forecast is windy conditions, with gusts up to 30 mph.

Tonight, temps drop to the low 50s under mostly clear skies.  Winds up to 25 mph are possible.

Thursday, we bump the temp up to 80!  It will still be windy… o’h well… it will be warm!

Friday… we could hit 80 again!

Saturday we hit the upper 70s, but late in the afternoon showers and t-storms are possible.

Easter morning a few scattered showers are possible as highs hit the low 70s.

We’ll keep you posted on the chance of weekend rain.

At least today will be a perfect day to go fly a kite!  (I mean that in the nicest way possible).

Excitement builds on the Butler campus

Guest blogger and WTHR intern Jillian Deam writes about what it’s like on campus this week as the Bulldogs gear up for their Final Four appearance.

Jillian Deam with the Butler mascot

When I came to Butler from Illinois in the fall of 2006,it didn’t take long to realize just how big a deal basketball was around here. That year the Bulldogs made it to the Sweet Sixteen, and the campus was full of excitement.

Fast forward four years and that “excitement” pales in comparison to the atmosphere on campus today. As the clock counted down the final seconds of last Saturday’s regional final against Kansas State, students stormed Hampton Drive in celebration. Even days after this historical moment you can’t walk through campus without hearing talk about the team’s magical journey through March Madness and the possibility of Butler winning a national title right here in our own backyard.

In fact, I’ve given up on trying to pass through the bookstore during the day, as it’s continuously packed with Bulldog fans, young and old, buying t-shirts. But I don’t mind. The team’s advancement to the Final Four is what college basketball fans dream of… and it’s certainly the perfect way to wrap-up my fours years at Butler!

Many are calling this a “Cinderella Story” – something straight out of the movie “Hoosiers”.  However, no matter how this story ends, this team has not only captured the heart of the Butler Nation, but of the entire nation.

– Jillian Deam, WTHR intern and Butler senior

Allergies are in the Air

It’s that time of year again. Allergies.

Ugh… allergies.  Better carry around the allergy meds, the eye drops, and the tissues.  My spring checklist is together.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday high levels of pollen will be in the air.

To follow the pollen count each day, and to see what the predominant pollen is… just click here and enter your zip code at the top of the web page.

Addicted to Junk Food

I’ve always joked that I’m addicted to junk food, I’ve cut myself off from it for the last two months, but now scientists are looking at an actual connection between junk food and addiction.

Have you ever found yourself jonesing for a Big Mac, fries, a huge Coke, Jack in the Box Tacos?  My list of fast food cravings could go on and on.  I forgot to mention one of my favorites, White Castle. 

I’ve been off of it for two months… but before I cut myself off to a healthier me, I would eat fast food at least three times a week.

It’s easy to become addicted to the taste of the food… the quick sugar rush you get from eating junk.  I love it, the taste the rush, but the crash… that’s another story.

A new study published by Food Consumer has found that junk food can be addictive.  (Click the link to find out more info).

The study was done at Scripps Research in Florida.  They tested rats.  And, some of the rats became so addicted to junk food that they would compulsively eat it, even when they were “punished” by an electric shock for going after more.

We know junk food is bad for us on an everyday basis, but we keep going back for more.  So, does this mean that a cure for junk food cravings is around the corner?

Remember, this study was performed on animals, so we don’t know if it transfers to humans, but the issue is being studied.

What do you think about being addicted to junk food… is it possible?  Or is it just an excuse to eat bad?

Taste of Summer

A taste of summer is heading our way, as the warmest weather of the season heads towards Central Indiana.

Highs today will reach the low to mid 60s across Central Indiana today with sunny skies.

Overnight, lows drop tot he mid 40s, so it will be a mild morning early Wednesday.

Wednesday we hit the mid 70s, Thursday 80, and Friday we could hit 80 degrees too!  This is near record heat.  The record high temperature for Thursday is 81 degrees, and the record high temp for Friday is 80. 

Saturday highs hit the mid to upper 70s, with a chance of t-storms late in the day.  Rain is possible Easter Sunday too with temps around 70 degrees.

We’ll keep you posted on how this storm system develops.  Until then, enjoy the sunshine!


Why send flowers when you can send a hug?

Watch your back Snuggie… a new kid is in town!

I have to give credit to Ellen Degeneres for featuring the Hug-E-Gram on her show.  Otherwise, I never would have known such a product existed!

Yep, see the picture below.  You send a hug!  And, you can even record a personal message.

So, ladies, a Snuggie or a Hug-E-Gram… what would you prefer to get?

Pants on the Ground

A New York Senator is trying to “stop the sag,” and keep “pants on the ground” from happening.

Pull your pants up!  If it were up to one New York Senator, that’s what would happen if he had his way.

He’s launched a campaign to “stop the sag.”

Senator Eric Adams has spent $2,000 in campaign funds to launch ads that tell youth to stop wearing their pants on the ground.

Click here to see the ads, and to hear more about what inspired Senator Adams.

What do you think about this?  I hate to sound “old fashioned”… but it might not be such a bad thing!  Leave your thoughts below!

Splendid Forecast

This week’s forecast is brought to you by the letter “S” for sunshine!

If only every blog I write were this short and simple.

This week is absolutely splendid, and it only gets better as we head towards the weekend!

Highs today will reach the low 50s.

Tuesday the mid 60s with sunshine!

Wednesday and Thursday the mid 70s settle in with mostly sunny skies!

Friday and Saturday we could hit the 80 degrees!

Our next chance for rain moves in Sunday.

Enjoy this summer like weather while it lasts!