Snow Makes A Return

After a spring like weekend across Central Indiana, colder air makes a return for the rest of the week.

From rain showers to snow showers, cold air is back in Central Indiana. 

Highs today will only reach the low 30s with mostly cloudy skies and scattered snow showers and flurries.  Little to no accumulation is expected today, but winds will gust up to 35mph, so it’s going to be chilly!

Overnight some heavier snow will move in to some parts of the state.  North of I-70 up to one inch of snow is possible by Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, a few flurries or snow showers will linger with highs in the upper 20s.  Once again, wind gusts up to 30 mph are possible, so it’s going to be extremely cold.

Another shot at accumulating snow comes late Wednesday night, it’s too early to put out snow amounts right now.

Highs don’t look to break 30 as we head towards the weekend.

Push Through Tough Times!

Unfortunately, many people fail to reach their fitness and wellness goals because of one thing….quitting! The reasons for this common occurrence are infinite but there is a simple way to help create a mental structure that will allow you to set the stage for consistency and success.

This mental structure comes with enlightening yourself to the fact that things arent always easy and there are ups and downs that you must push through in order to reach your goals. I know I may seem to be simplifying things a bit but you would be suprised by how many people start fitness/wellness programs thinking that just by “saying” they are going to get healthy somehow rearranges the cosmos in their favor. That my friends, couldnt be any further from the truth!

As much as we would like to think that we can hope and wish our way to healthy success, the reality is that success comes with you putting your body in motion with a determined commitment to healthy habits. That commitment paired with the realization that fitness success is not easy”but rather a “simple” process that involves embracing and accepting the fact that there will be ups, downs, hardships, lazy days, setbacks and mistakes.

I was watching a women’s Alpine Skiing race this morning and the course was one of the hardest in the world. Even at this elite level, the skiers who garnered the best results were the ones who were not deterred or intimidated by the course but rather accepted its challenges, fought through them and attacked it like it was their last day on earth.

Understanding and accepting that challenges and difficulty are just like any other part of life is a universal key to success in any arena. Expecting things to be easy and quitting when they become difficult is the universal key to failure and subpar results.

Create your plan of action, embrace the hardship as part of the journey and you will be surprised at how well your mind and body both respond and produce results never before thought possible. Go Getem!

Soggy Sunday, Go Colts!

Rain is in the forecast today as the Jets take on the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Today’s soggy weather won’t get football fans spirits down!

Highs today will reach the low 50s by 1pm with scattered showers throughout the day, and into the afternoon.  All of this activity is ahead of a cold front that will push through the state this afternoon.  Ahead of the front, expect rain, and wind gusts up to 40 mph.  Tailgating will be wet and windy.  Late this afternoon temps will fall into the mid 40s as the cold front passes through.

Tonight, cold air returns.  Lows drop to the low 30s with scattered rain showers turning to flurries or a few light snow showers.  The windy conditions will still stick with us, so wind chill will come into play.

Highs tomorrow only reach the low to mid 30s with scattered snow showers.  Little to no snow accumulation is expected.  Wind gusts up to 30 mph are possible, so bundle up the little ones before they head out to school.

We’ll save the snow accumulation for Tuesday morning for when we could pick up an inch.

The rest of the week looks cold with highs in the upper 20s, and more scattered snow chances.

Soaking Rain on the Way

Temperatures will push close to 50 degrees this weekend, but not without the chance for rain.

Get ready for a mild Saturday!  Patchy fog and drizzle are possible in the morning hours.  Highs today will reach the upper 40s to around 50 degrees with cloudy skies. 

Tonight, temperatures stay relatively mild, only dropping to the mid 40s.  Warm, moist air is moving up from the south.  Combine that with a cold front heading our way, and rain is in the forecast tonight through Sunday.  Overnight showers and thunderstorms are likely.  At times heavy rain is possible with wind gusts up to 35 mph. 

It looks like most of the heavy rain will exit by 2pm Sunday.  So, if you’re heading out to Lucas Oil Stadium to tailgate, dress for wet and windy weather!  By the time all is said and done Sunday night, most spots will pick up, up to one inch of rain, while isolated towns pick up one to two inches of rain.

Monday, colder air comes our way, and a rain/snow mix is likely.  At this point, up to one inch of snow may be possible from this little burst as highs reach the mid 30s, drastically cooler from the weekend!

Tuesday, light snow is still a possibility, with sunshine on the way Wednesday.  Highs remain around 30 degrees through Thursday.

Outside the Box?

A good example of thinking outside the box is Croation Skiing legend and 4 time Olympic gold medal winner, Janica Kosteli?. She and her brother are world class winners on the Olympic and Alpine Skiing circuits and were trained by their father who had a very unorthodox way of training them. He would have perform squats with heavy rocks and run up and down the rocky shores of the Baltic to develop their strength, stamina, coordination and reaction times. People were shocked to find that the secret to their training was carefully crafted routines using , hills, rocks and sand!

Do you exercise outside the box or do you stick to the normal formats of getting fit? While there are numerous “old-school” formats of training that will always provide quality results, it is also important to keep your eye open for new or different styles that can help to garner additional results.

Keep in mind that there is a fine line between quality, alternative formats of training versus the over-hyped infomercial products and programs that only cause money loss rather than fat loss…so proceed with caution and common sense when looking for different ways of training.

Here is an article detailing one man’s quest to change the way people view certain aspects of abdominal training.

Let me know what you think!

AFC Championship looks like last week

I have scouted the New Jets the past couple of days, and this AFC Championship matchup with the Colts looks much like last Saturday’s divisional round playoff game between the Colts and the Ravens. The Ravens were a good running team with a good defense. The Jets are a better running team with a better defense.

Newark, NJ – I have scouted the New Jets the past couple of days, and this AFC Championship matchup with the Colts looks much like last Saturday’s divisional round playoff game between the Colts and the Ravens. The Ravens were a good running team with a good defense. The Jets are a better running team with a better defense.

Jets rookie coach Rex Ryan came to New York after four seasons as defensive coordinator of the Ravens. In one season, he turned the Jets into the NFL stingiest defense, both in yards and points allowed. The Jets believe in what Ryan calls “Ground and Pound” football, a strong running game to complement the great defense. The Jets also rushed the football for more yards than any other team in the NFL this season.

So I see Sunday’s AFC Championship playing out very similar to last week’s game with the Ravens. I said if the Colts could score 21 points, they would beat the Ravens. The Colts only scored 20. But it was a blowout because the Colts defense dominated the Ravens.

I see a repeat versus the Jets. If the Colts can score 21 points, they will win. I don’t think the Jets can score 21 on the Colts defense. Remember the game back on December 27th (although most Colts fans would like to forget that one). The Colts led 15-10 when Peyton Manning left the game. The Jets only touchdown at that point was a kickoff return. I simply don’t think the Jets can score enough points to beat the Colts. And that credit will go to the Colts defense, not to the Colts offense.

Peyton Manning will find a way to score at least a couple of touchdowns. Add a Matt Stover field goal or two, and the Colts should be in great shape. The only trouble spot is again a repeat warning from last week. Watch out for Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. Peyton cannot allow him to make a game-changing interception, especially in the first half.

-Rich Nye, WTHR Sports Reporter

TheSportsGuy13 at

You hold the Power!

If you are looking for lasting results, it is time to face the reality that weight-loss programs, trendy workout programs, supplements and fitness gurus are all worthless without YOU!

All too often, people look outward for tips, ideas, products and other people to help them make positive changes to their eating and activity behaviors. Yes, it is very important to ask for help, use certain products and foods but it just as important to get your mind right and realize that nothing is accomplished without first being totally committed and prepared to do the consistent work necessary to actually achieve your goals.

The reason so many people fail is because they get caught up in the hype of all the products, programs and people who tout whatever they are selling as the key to success. The true key to success is YOU, your desire to get fit, involving yourself in activities that you will most likely perform on a consistent basis and your discipline to stick with your plan even on days when you are not motivated or face temptation while eating.

It is all on YOU so don’t forget YOU when looking for the help, strength and discipline needed to help you push through tough times and realize your goals. This may sound cliche’ but when you look at 99% of success stories in health, fitness & weightloss, the common thread among all the success stories is each person personally owning their plan of action, putting that plan into action on a consistent basis and never losing focus on the commitment they made to truly reach success. All the things, products, people and support are useless without your steadfast and active role in the whole process of creating positive change.

You can’t buy, obtain nor fake the commitment, discipline and consistency needed for success….you have to personally possess it, own it and exhibit those things every single day. Fitness equipment without you training on it, healthy food without you eating it and great advice without you following it are all useless!

With that in mind, get to it…Go Getem!

Dumbbells are still in style!

Extreme adventures, competitive sports, trendy workouts, bootcamps, spinning and power-pump aerobic classes are great right? Yes, if there is first a foundation of solid fitness knowledge and technique to support all that.

All too often, people of all backgrounds and interests go to the gym on their off days by themselves and have absolutely no idea about how to correctly use the equipment. First things first…it is always smart to learn the basics on how to use Dumbbells and many of the countless exercises they allow you to do. Learning how to master the many techniques, body positions and exercises supports any activity and serves as a great foundation for many other forms of training you may perform in the future.

It is great to involve yourself in numerous types of training formats but it is just as important to master the basics with equipment that has been around for centuries and will be for centuries more! Here is video with a few things to think about.

Colts face tough test against Jets

The Colts got their wish. You won’t hear the players say it in public, but they are simply fired up to face the Jets!

The Colts got their wish. You won’t  hear the players say it in public, but they are simply fired up to face the Jets!

 The Chargers offered a tougher match-up for the Colts.  The Jets won’t be easy.  New York has the best blitzing defense the Colts will face all year. The Jets will give Indy many different looks throughout the game.

Keep in mind, the Jets are coached by Rex Ryan.  He was the defensive coordinator for the Ravens. Baltimore made it to the AFC Title game last year with Ryan leading the way.

 But Peyton Manning has never lost to Rex Ryan’s Defense.   I look for the Colts to have a big Sunday – and we’ll pack our bags for Miami. 

Tune into Channel 13 for all your Colts coverage.  We are planning some fun, in-depth coverage for Colts fans!

– Dave Calabro