Shadow Watching

Groundhog Day is just a few days away, what do you think Phil’s prediction will be?

It’s one of my favorite days of the year, Groundhog Day.  Every year I watch Punxsutawney Phil come out of his hole at Gobbler’s Knob to let us know if we’ll see more winter.  Tuesday is Groundhog Day, so the count is on!

If Phil sees his shadow there will be six more weeks of winter, if he doesn’t see his shadow, we’ll have an early spring.

I think I know what most of you are hoping for, but what do you really think Phil will see?

Whatever it is, I’ll be watching… I love that little guy!

Sunshine is Back

Today sunshine makes a return in Central Indiana, but warmth is not coming our way.

Finally, after a very gloomy, cloudy month sunshine is back!  One inch of snow fell in Indianapolis last night, and now, we’ll begin to dry out.

Partly cloudy skies are expected around Central Indiana today with highs in the upper teens.  Winds will come out of the Northwest up to 20 mph, so expect very frigid wind chills in the single digits.

Overnight, clouds increase as lows drop to about 10 degrees.  Wind chill readings will register around zero.

Tomorrow we’ll see a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the low 20s.

The weekend looks dry with highs in the mid 20s.

This weekend there’s a big storm developing that will track just to the south of Indiana, if the track moves north a bit, we could be talking a different weekend forecast, so stay tuned for any changes.

A Little Sun, then More Snow

I am ready for a day full of sunshine! Today we’ll see a little sun, but it won’t be sticking around long.

Highs today will reach around 30 degrees in Central Indiana.  A mix of sun and clouds is likely with clouds thickening up as we move into the afternoon.  The winds relax today, so they won’t be as biting.  Late this afternoon into tonight another chance of light snow moves in.  Up to one inch of accumulation is possible with this next system moving through.

Tomorrow, expect another mix of sun and clouds with highs in the low 20s.  Friday, we keep the mostly cloudy skies, but bump the temperature up to the mid 20s.

Saturday and Sunday it looks like the sun makes a return with partly cloudy skies, and highs in the mid to upper 20s.

There’s a large system to our south expected to produce rain and snow over the next few days.  Right now it looks like it will stay far enough south to miss Central Indiana, but any slight move, and we could be changing the forecast, so stay tuned for any updates.

Marchal pulls out of Marion County prosecutor’s race

County Republicans will have to find a new candidate for Marion County prosecutor after Helen Marchal pulled out of the race.

When Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi announced earlier this month that he wouldn’t be running again, it seemed like county Republicans had a good plan in place for his replacement – Helen Marchal, a prosecutor in Brizzi’s office.

But late Tuesday, Marchal, who has three kids under the age of seven, said on second thought, she was pulling her name from consideration. Read more here.

More on the Nightbeat at 11:00 pm.

Pence thinks GOP can reclaim House in 2010

Eyewitness News spoke to Congressman Mike Pence about his decision not to run for US Senate.

Eyewitness News spoke to Congressman Mike Pence about his decision not to run for US Senate. The long-time Hoosier representative was being courted for a possible Senate run to challenge Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN).

“In my role as chairman of the House Republican Conference, we have some unfinished business here. We have an opportunity to help lead Republicans to a majority in 2010 and I believe we can,” Pence said.

Pence said it wasn’t about personal ambition or political opportunity. “We tried to look at it from a standpoint of where we could make the most difference.”

Pence said that meant staying at his current post. He did express gratitude for the support he got from Hoosiers all over the state.

Blowing Snow Big Concern

Wind gusts up to 30mph today will create a problem drivers across Central Indiana, as blowing snow is a concern.

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for most of Central Indiana until noon today.  Blowing snow is a concern making roads slick, and reducing visibility.

Highs today will only reach the mid 20s as temperatures stay steady.  Scattered snow showers are likely until midday, then flurries will stick around.  We’re looking to pick up about another dusting of snow if that.

Tonight, the clouds break for partly cloudy skies and temps drop to the low 20s.

It appears sunshine will make a return Wednesday.  Expect a mix of sun and clouds, probably more clouds than sun, with a chance for scattered snow showers.  Any activity is expected to be light.  Another chance for accumulating snow moves in Wednesday night.  At this point it looks like another inch or so, but it’s too early to give exact numbers.

Thursday a mix of sun and clouds returns with highs in the upper 20s. 

Dry weather sticks around through the weekend, but temps drop to the low 20s for highs, and lows hover near the single digits.

Monday Afternoon Weather Update

A band of heavy snow is pushing through the Metro area right now.

Visibilities will be greatly reduced this afternoon as heavy snow combined with wind gusts up to 35 mph push through Central Indiana.  Up to an inch of snow is possible as we head into tonight.  Most spots will only see a light covering.  Roads will become slick as temperatures remain below freezing.  The heavy snow bands will continue to push east throughout the afternoon.  Any activity will be brief, and last about 15 or 30 minutes.

Another quick shot of up to an inch of snow is possible by Tuesday morning. 

Flurries are likely Tuesday, with highs only reaching the upper 20s.

Post-game thoughts from the 13 SportsJam

Where does Sunday’s win rank in Colts history?

All eyes were on the Colts and Jets yesterday as Indianapolis patiently executed a winning strategy over New York. Their 30-17 win catapults them to Miami for the Super Bowl on Feb. 7th, where they will take on the New Orleans Saints.

On SportsJam Sunday night, the Indy Star’s Bob Kravitz called it the “perfect matchup. It’s the matchup that everybody was wanting. A lot of people thought you might have two undefeated teams going into this, but it’s the first time you’ve had two number one seeds since 1993. Just a marquee matchup. Great, great story – New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees…it’s all good.”

“And not to mention it’s Peyton’s hometown. The city where he grew up. The team that he watched growing up. And by the way, his dad played for the Saints,” said Eyewitness Sports reporter/anchor Rich Nye.

In fact, Peyton’s dad Archie played a big role in getting the Saints going. Now his son has a chance to beat the team in the Super Bowl.

“I think it’s a really tough matchup for the Colts. It’s two very good teams; the two teams that should be here,” said Nye.

So where does this win rank in Colts history?

“To me, the AFC Championship game in 2006 was the most remarkable thing I’ve seen just because the Colts fans had been through so much, so many years of trying to get over the hump and not only to get to the Super Bowl but to beat the hated Patriots on the way. The Super Bowl was almost an anti-climax after that,” said Kravitz.

“As Foreigner sang today at half-time, it feels like the first time. And it was – that first time in 2006 when the Colts got to the Super Bowl, got over the Patriots hump, to me that will always be the biggest moment in Indianapolis sports history,” said Nye. “Today wasn’t that; it was a great moment. It was a season that could have been perfect. Maybe that might have made it even better. But it’s gonna come in at least a number two for now.”