Crew arrives in FLA

Eyewitness News’ engineers made it to Florida on Sunday in preparation for Super Bowl XVLI. It was a long haul, but that’s just the beginning!

Update from engineer Jack Tapp, reporting on WTHR’s engineers who will operate the satellite truck for our live shots from Miami this week:

Todd and Maury made it to Macon, GA. last night. The roads got icy as they got to the hills at mount Eagle and there were many wrecks. They went slow and made it through. They have crossed the Florida state line around 1PM. They did not stop for Florida orange juice at the welcome center, so they could make the 11PM newscast. They should arrive at the hotel around 8PM barring any other delays.

Road to the Super Bowl

Eyewitness News has a crew of 15 headed to Miami to bring you Super Bowl coverage. Our engineers left this weekend.

Eyewitness News has a crew of 15 headed to Miami to bring you Super Bowl coverage. Our engineers and production staff left this weekend with the satellite truck.

Throughout the week, and during the game, various members of WTHR’s crew will be sending back updates, which will be posted to the 13 Sports Blog.

This is from engineer Jack Tapp:

Randy, Todd, Maury, & Jack spent most of the day Friday out in the cold unloading the production truck and loading the trailer with the technical equipment for us to take to SB XLIV. We dressed in layers and kept moving.

Saturday the satellite truck left about 2 hours late due to the pop off valve for the air brakes being frozen open. Maury & Todd called our truck service shop PFM which responded with in an hour to fix the truck.

They made good time got to Nashville, TN. in 5 hours. The roads were wet and they drove past a jack-knifed semi.

Sunny Sunday, More Snow Coming

Another sunny day is ahead for Central Indiana, but we’re already watching for more accumulating snow.

Mostly sunny skies with highs in the mid to upper 20s will be found in Central Indiana today.  We’re in somewhat of a quiet pattern right now, so not much is to be said about the forecast!  Winds will be light out of the West today.

Overnight, a few clouds pop in, as lows drop to the mid teens.

Monday, temps warm up to the freezing mark.

Late Monday night, into early Tuesday morning our next snow system moves in.  By Tuesday afternoon up to one inch of snow is possible.  At this point, it looks like many areas north of I-70 may just get a dusting.  As we get closer to this winter weather event, we’ll keep you posted on possible changes.

Wednesday and Thursday we dry out as highs warm into the mid to upper 30s.

Protein Pudding Recipe!

2329456475_02065e312bHere is a recipe that is a personal favorite of mine and you will gobble it down like the little tike in the picture! It is a true power pudding with no sugar, a whopping 40g of high-grade protein from Beverly International and very low in fat.

*1 box (39g) of Sugar Free-Fat Free Instant Jell-O Pudding

*2 scoops of Chocolate Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein, also known as UMP (you can use Vanilla (UMP) with any other flavor of Sugar/Fat-free Jell-O pudding mix as well!)

* 2 Tbs of Sugar-free Cool Whip.

*Ice Cold water to desired consistency

*Mix all indredients with a wisk until pudding gets thick, creamy and starts to set. Don’t be lazy, make sure you whisk long enough to make it super smooth & creamy. Cover and put in fridge for 10-15 minutes then serve. For ultimate smooth texture & creaminess, let it sit covered overnight!

Great for a high protein, low sugar snack anytime…day or night…Pow!

Still Cold, But Sun Returns

Okay, enough of this below average trend, I’m ready for some warmth!

High temps this time of year normally run in the mid 30s, today we’ll only hit the mid 20s.  Cloudy skies are expected to break late this afternoon. 

Tonight, skies continue to clear as lows drop to about 12 degrees.

Sunday, we stay cold, but here’s a change… sunshine returns!  Highs will only reach the mid to upper 20s.

Monday, we’re back to the low 30s, and Tuesday, a chance for light snow with highs in the low to mid 30s.

Wednesday and Thursday seasonal highs in the mid 30s are expected with partly cloudy skies.

This is a pretty quiet forecast, but we’ll take it!

You Kiddin’ Me?

If things are not bad enough with regard to junk food…there are now a series of soft drink commercials touting a “Throwback” series of drinks with a retro package design and highlighting that the drinks contain “real sugar.”

Gee-Wiz…thanks soft drink companies!…just what I always wanted, the same soft drink in a different container loaded with more sugar in just 8 ounces of liquid than most people need in two days. Is it Christmas again already?…thanks guys!

All sarcasm aside, this really is ridiculous. The fact that many people (whether they are fat or thin) consume a large amount of their daily, empty calories and carbohydrates by “drinking” them in the form of sugar packed soft drinks and fruit juices from concentrate is alarming.

The obesity crisis is just that….a crisis! Just because people aren’t dying on the spot after drinking a full-sugar soft drink or eating a bag of greasy french fries doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be cause for alarm. Our nation’s top causes of death are due to poor dietary and activity habits that slowly deteriorate peoples health, quality of life and independence.

Companies playing on peoples affinity for nostalgia or “the way things used to be” with products that have without a doubt been proven to be at the root cause of the top ills of our society, is just outright irresponsible. They pump the airwaves with these messages as if full-sugar soft drinks were what made Americans well….American! What a joke!

This is similar to the irresponsibility that Beer companies exhibit by their constant efforts to associate beer with an active, healthy lifestyle…knowing all the while that they want people to sit on their butts at bars and at home and chug as much beer as they possibly can.

Don’t be fooled by this junk and stay focused on eating healthy foods, staying consistently active and making your health a true priority. When you do this, all the marketing dollars that companies spend to get you hooked on junk products will not sway or fool you in any way.

These companies could care less about you or your health, they only care about squeezing as much money out of you as they can get their hands on. It is up to you to protect your health and the best way is to do that is to personally control your activity habits and what you do and don’t consume on a consistent basis.

Is there anything wrong with an occasional, full sugar drink or beer with a friend?…No but to tout these things in a manner that suggests that they are the fabric of our society or lifestyle is a load of you know what!

Stay healthy, stay active, don’t be fooled! Go Getem!

What’s in a Name?

What does your name mean to you? And, what would it take for you to change it?

My name, I’ve obviously had it all my life. 

The first day of school was always fun, a teacher would  say “Nicole,” then the pause would come along with a look of confusion.  I’d always pipe up and fill in the Misencik for them.  I’ll admit, Misencik looks intimidating, it’s not a “normal” last name.  Sounding it out sometimes helps, but I’ve found that phonetically writing it is a little easier to take.  Misencik:  Miss-in-sick.  Besides the question of how to pronounce my last name, I’m always asked, where is it from? Well, the origin of my last name is Czechoslovakian.

So, with such a hard last name, you’d think that I would jump at the chance to change it. 

I got engaged over the summer, and I’m tying the knot in April.  Right after I announced my engagement, two questions were asked, when’s the wedding, and will you change your name.  To be perfectly honest, I never thought that far ahead.  We just got engaged, why are people asking us to set a date so quickly?

Nonetheless, the date is set, and now the name change question comes.

So will I change my name?  The answer… drum roll please… no. 

I’ll admit his name sounds good with mine, Nicole Kline.  Simple to say, and not as confusing as Misencik.

But, Misencik is my name.  It’s a hard one, but it’s also memorable.  I’m that Nicole girl with the weird last name.  It’s been my name all my life, and I would like to keep it.  I could hyphen it, but wow, that’s really a mouthful!

So, there you have it, my weird offbeat name will stay with me.  It’s what I was given at birth, and it’s what I intend to keep professionally and personally.

Weekend Outlook

The cold air will continue to settle into Central Indiana this weekend, but for the most part, we should remain dry.

Highs today will reach about 20 degrees with mostly cloudy skies.  A few flurries are possible, but no accumulating snow is expected in Central Indiana.

Overnight, lows drop to the mid teens, and our extreme Southern counties in the viewing area have a chance to pick up up to 1″ of snow, most spots probably won’t even get that.

If you’re doing any traveling this weekend south of Indiana, expect delays.  Click here to see the Winter Weather advisories that are associated with this storm.  Just click on the state you’re interested in to get more details of the watches or warnings.

Saturday and Sunday stays dry around Central Indiana.  Partly cloudy skies are expected with highs in the low to mid 20s.

Our next chance for precipitation moves in Tuesday, and it this time, it looks like a rain/snow mix.

Senate conservative caucus formed

A group of Indiana state senators have formed a conservative caucus.

A group of Indiana state senators have formed a conservative caucus.

These are the senators in the group:

Sen. James Buck (District 21)
Sen. Mike Delph (District 29)
Sen. Travis Holdman (District 19)
Sen. Jean Leising (District 42)
Sen. Scott Schneider (District 30)
Sen. Marlin Stutzman (District 13)
Sen. Greg Walker (District 41)
Sen. Brent Waltz (District 36)
Sen. John Waterman (District 39)
Sen. Carlin Yoder (District 12)
Sen. R. Michael Young (District 35)

This is a list of legislation they mentioned today:

Current Positions Taken by the Indiana Senate Conservative Caucus: 


SJR 1:   Circuit breakers and other property tax matters (property tax caps)

SJR 13: Definition of marriage

SJR 14: Right to opt out of the health care system

SB 25:   Firearms in locked vehicles

SB 43:   Murder sentencing and sentence enhancements for witness under 16 yrs

SB 71:   Involuntary manslaughter and pregnancy (OWI)

SB 195: Access to handgun licensing information

SB 198: Prohibits state agencies from contracting with or making grants to Planned Parenthood

SB 213: Requirements for the Dept. of Corrections concerning unauthorized aliens

SB 246: Income tax rate adjustment


SB 405: Gaming matters, riverboats, and authorizations

NCAA to host hoops coach who hit shot blindfolded

The Kansas high school basketball coach who became an Internet and news sensation after improbably sinking a half-court shot during a school pep rally will attend the 2010 NCAA Men?s Final Four after all – as a guest of the NCAA.

From the NCAA today:

The Kansas high school basketball coach who became an Internet and news sensation after improbably sinking a half-court shot during a school pep rally will attend the 2010 NCAA Men’s Final Four after all – as a guest of the NCAA.

Joel Branstrom, head girls basketball coach at Olathe (Kan.) Northwest High School, took the shot while blindfolded during a pep rally at the school’s gymnasium Jan. 22. Students told the popular coach that if he made the shot he would receive tickets to the Men’s Final Four.

What they did not plan for was the former Kansas University walk-on to actually make the shot. When he did, stunned and ecstatic students celebrated, but those who organized the contest had one problem: they did not actually have tickets for Branstrom to go the Final Four. Once video taken by the school’s multimedia department surfaced online, the story received national attention.

“When they dressed me up and put a blindfold on me, I was prepared to get hit in the face with a pie,” said Branstrom. “I didn’t know for over a minute that I actually made it. If it wasn’t on tape, I probably still wouldn?t believe it.”

“This is a unique circumstance – Coach Branstrom is an educator, former student-athlete, head women’s basketball coach, and apparently, a pretty good outside shot. When we first got word of Coach’s shot, this was a no-brainer – he’ll be in Indianapolis as a guest of the Association,” said Greg Shaheen, the NCAA’s senior vice president for basketball and business strategies. “The fact that he took the prank in good stride speaks volumes about his character. We’re excited to have Joel and his family at the Final Four as guests of the NCAA.”

“Even though I was part of a great team at the University of Kansas, we didn’t make it to the Final Four when I played,” Branstrom said. “I am excited for the opportunity to participate in the greatest weekend of basketball at the 2010 Final Four.”

The Final Four takes place April 3 and 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.