Snow Ending… Now Rain?

Up to an inch of snow fell across Central Indiana this morning, and will taper off in our Eastern counties by the afternoon.

Highs today will reach the mid 3os across Central Indiana with cloudy skies.  Snow showers are expected to exit out of our Eastern counties by noon.

Tonight, cloudy skies stick around, and we’ll see temps remain relatively steady in the low 30s.

Wednesday is where the change happens, and if you’re traveling paying attention to the forecast will be key.  Highs tomorrow will reach around 40 degrees with a chance of light snow/ light freezing rain / or rain.  Why don’t we know for sure what type of precipitation?  The area of low pressure moving our direction causing these changes could change paths!

Wednesday night light freezing rain/rain is possible.

Thursday we’re expecting everything to turn to rain.  At times downpours will be heavy.  Probably not the Christmas Eve forecast you were looking for.

For Christmas Day, rain is likely at this point, possibly changing over to snow for the afternoon. 

Colder air works back in to Central Indiana for the weekend, and light snow showers are possible Saturday and Sunday.

As I’ve said in previous blog posts, we’ll continue to monitor any changes and keep you up to date.  Travel safely, and Merry Christmas!

Christmas Week Forecast

Are you hoping for a white Chirstmas? We still have a chance for some snow in the forecast.

Little bursts of snow continue to pop into the forecast. 

Highs today will reach the low 30s with cloudy skies.

Tonight, another shot at a quick 1/2 inch of snow after midnight.

Tuesday, a 30% chance of snow with highs in the low to mid 30s.

Wednesday is when the forecast still looks a little tricky.  We could see precipitation start out as snow, then change to a bit of freezing rain, then rain.  At this point it looks like rain is likely Christmas Eve too.

For Christmas day, temperatures will be falling, so rain could turn to snow. 

I know this holiday forecast keeps changing, but until we get to about 24-36 hours out, it appears that will be the case.  We just have to wait for weather models to agree with each other.  Hmmm, Santa, that’s what I want for Christmas!

More Snow on the Way

Get ready for a fast moving disturbance tonight that could cause some slippery conditions for your Monday morning commute.

We had a taste of winter Saturday, but on this last day of fall, we’re already bracing for another quick winter blast.

Highs today will only reach the low to mid 30s with cloudy skies.  Slick spots are possible out on area roadways, especially on bridges or overpasses as temps won’t really get much warmer today.

Late this afternoon into tonight snow will move into Central Indiana and continue into the overnight.  Up to an inch of snow is possible by Monday morning.  Flurries are possible early Monday as highs only reach the low to mid 30s.

Tuesday, another quick covering of snow is possible.

Then we get into the tricky forecast of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  We’re looking at the possibility of accumulating snow, but if temperatures warm up too much it could just be rain.  We’ll keep you updated as the weather models start to come together a little better on your Christmas forecast.

Snow Winding Down

Snow showers are winding down across Central Indiana, but the possibility of slick roads is still in the forecast.

As temperatures drop below freezing slick spots are possible across Central Indiana tonight.  The snow will taper off by midnight and by sunrise temps will fall to the mid 20s.  A dusting to up to 1/2″ of additional accumulation is possible.

Indianapolis received .60″ of snow today.  Muncie had 2″ and Fishers and Kokomo received 1″.  Feel free to leave your snow total in the comment section below.

Sunday highs will reach the mid 30s with mostly cloudy skies.  Late Sunday, a quick moving system will push through Central Indiana and leave by Monday morning bringing us a chance of up to an inch of snow.

We’re still watching a developing storm for Wednesday and Thursday.  Will we see rain or snow?  We’ll have to wait to see what when the weather models sort it out.

Snowy Saturday Update

Snow showers will continue around Central Indiana through the evening hours.

What a winter wonderland!  Not enough snow to snarl traffic, but enough for a nice coating on grassy spots and subdivision streets.

It still looks like the original forecast of 1 to 2″ of snow is likely for Central Indiana.  That number is especially true for Indianapolis and areas North and East of the metro.  A few slick spots on the roadways are possible.

If you have any air travel planned this weekend, check with your airline before you leave your house.  A massive snow storm is paralyzing airports around New York, Washington D.C., and Baltimore.  This is going to have a domino effect for flights country.

The snow will taper off this evening.  No additional accumulation is expected overnight, but temps will drop to the mid 20s, so icy spots are possible.  Be careful, especially when walking around.

Sunday, the daytime hours look dry, but Sunday evening a quick blast of snow will move in leaving up to an inch by Monday morning.

Snowy Saturday

Snow is continuing to develop across Central Indiana.

Snow is developing across Eastern Indaina, and will continue to move west as we head throughout the day.  There might be a little rain/snow mix before the precip turns completely to snow.

Snow totals are expected to reach between 1 to 2 inches by tonight.  Slick spots will be possible out on the roadways, so if you’re traveling, use care!  If you’re heading to the East Coast or have someone who’s planning on landing in Central Indiana, check flight delays.  Already we’re seeing numerous cancellations this morning.

Tonight, snow showers taper off and end.  Lows will drop to the mid 20s.

Sunday looks dry, with highs in the mid 30s.  Sunday night a quick clipper will move through bringing up to an inch of snow by Monday morning.  So the Monday morning commute could be a bit slick.

As for next week, we’re watching for a developing storm Wednesday and Thursday.  At this point, it looks like a rain snow mix, but we’ll keep you update as the weather models start to sort things out better!

I’ll keep you posted throughout the day here on the weather blog, and also on Twitter, @NicoleWTHR .

Snow Chances Tonight & Saturday

Get ready for a little snow across Central Indiana.

If you wanted snow, it appears to be on the way.

Tonight a mix of rain and snow is likely, eventually the rain will turn to snow after midnight and we’ll be watching for snow accumulation.  By Saturday morning Central Indiana, especially spots north of the metro, could see up to an inch of snow.

More snow is expected Saturday and total storm accumulation by the afternoon could top out at 1 -3 inches.  At times snow will be heavy, and slick spots on roadways are expected.  If there’s any good news in the forecast, it’s that highs will be in the mid 3os, so the Indy Snow Force’s efforts to keep roads clear should go okay.

Sunday the clouds stick with a high in the mid 30s.  However, Sunday night we’re watching another quick system that could bring up to an inch of snow accumulation by Monday morning. 

Another system is developing Wednesday and Thursday into Friday.  So, we could be talking about a white Christmas, but it’s too early to tell. 

We’re keeping an eye on all winter weather scenerios, so just tune in or check the blog for the lastest info!

Warm Friday, Snowy Saturday

If you’re hoping for snow, this is the forecast for you.

Highs today will reach the mid 40s around Central Indiana with cloudy skies.  Today will be mild compared to what’s coming for the weekend.

Tonight snow moves into Central Indiana.  It could start off as rain because our temperatures are so mild today, but, nonetheless, we’re expecting the rain to turn to snow by midnight.  By Saturday morning, up to an inch of snow is possible.

More snow will continue to fall on Saturday as highs hit the low 30s.  So, it looks like more accumulation is possible.  By Saturday night 1-3 inches of total snow accumulation is expected.  We’ll keep you updated on this outlook, but the accumulation looks minor at this point.

I’ll be up with you bright and early tomorrow morning on Weekend Sunrise beginning at 6am, we’ll give you the latest forecast and road conditions to help you plan your weekend.

Sunday highs hit the mid 30s with cloudy skies, but another quick moving system is in our sights for Sunday night and early Monday morning.  Monday morning’s drive could be messy.

If you’re holding out hope for a white Christmas, keep thinking positive.  We’re watching a developing system for Wednesday and Thursday.  It’s too early to give preliminary snow totals for this.

Snow of Christmas’ Past

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas for Central Indiana? The numbers have been crunched, and statistically here’s how it all breaks down.

Will we have a white Christmas in Central Indiana?  It seems like the only time nearly everyone wants snow is Christmas Day!  (Of course, we want the snow to fall after everyone is at their travel destinations safely, and no flight delays are registered!)

At this time (stressing that we are a week away!!!), it looks like a system is ramping up for Christmas, no preliminary snow totals will be given here… we’ll keep you up to date as the system continues to develop!

So what are our chances?  The National Weather Service in Indianapolis has crunched the numbers and here’s where we stand.  For the complete look at warmest, wettest, coldest, etc,  just click here.

Snowfall  – Period of Record  1871 – 2008  (138 Years)

Snowdepth – Period of Record  1898 – 2008  (111 Years)


Chance of Snowfall Christmas Day

        Snowfall of a Trace                       21%

        Snowfall 0.1 inch or Greater              25%

        Chance of Snowfall                        46%

        No Snowfall                               54%


On 34 occasions we have had measurable snowfall (0.1 inch or more), with 5.9 inches in 1909 the max.

The last measurable snowfall on Christmas was .3 inches in 2006.

On 28 occasions we have had a Trace of snowfall.

The latest Trace recorded was 2003.


Chance of Snow on the Ground on Christmas Day

        Snowdepth of a Trace                      21%

        Snowdepth 1 inch or Greater               35%

        Chance of Snow on the Ground              56%

        No Snow on the Ground                     44%

 On 38 occasions we have had measurable snowdepth (0.1 inch or greater)

Christmas day 2004 there was 9.0 inches in on the ground which is the record.

On 22 occasions we have had a Trace of snow on the ground.

In 2003 we had a Trace of snow on the ground.

 Chance of snowfall or Snow on the Ground on Christmas Day

        Snowfall or Snowdepth of a Trace          31%

        Snowfall or Snowdepth 0.1 inch or Greater 39%

        Chance of Snowfall or Snow on the Ground  70%

        No Snowfall and No Snow on the Ground     30%