Cold Air on the Move

Scattered snow and rain showers are moving out, now’s get ready to brace for the cold.

Why did the snow forecast bust?  As a meteorologist, it’s one of the most frustrating parts of our jobs!  So, what happened last night?  In previous blogs I mentioned how important the rain/snow line would be.  Since we had a mainly dry day yesterday, temperatures were able to go above freezing in many locations.  Once the precip moved in, and started to fall, in many spots, mainly as snow, the ground was just too warm to let it stick.  Then, a little warm air mixed in and a few rain showers mixed in with the snow.

So, what’s in store for you New Year’s Eve?  Highs today will reach the mid 30s in many spots with spotty drizzle and light snow.  The chance for light snow showers increases as we head into late this afternoon/evening when a cold from pushes though.  Little to no accumulation is expected, however, visibility could be reduced in some spots.

Behind that cold front is frigid air!  Highs for the first day of 2010 will only reach the teens, and wind chills will feel subzero in some spots.

For the weekend highs only reach the teens and overnight lows dip into the single digits.  Flurries are possible.

Novels for the Twitter generation

Some of them – the ones that aren’t run-on sentences – are short enough to Twitter.

Imagine that, a website for one-sentence stories. Some of them – the ones that aren’t run-on sentences – are short enough to Twitter.  Who says the novel is dead? Maybe it’s just evolving…into noncommittal fragmented chunks of meaningless prose. Heh.

I can’t call these excerpts because they’re the whole shebang:


I wasn’t exactly sure how to take the news that my son was in a championship beer pong tournament.


Standing on the steps of the church where they’d just gotten married, my grandparents first heard that Pearl Harbor had been bombed and realized that they would soon be separated.

If you’re looking for something with staying power, check out Tweet Book – an entire novel written on Twitter.

Update: Here’s a better example from Peter Urpeth. (Thanks for the rec, Rod!)

New Years Traditions

Does your family have any wacky New Year’s Eve traditions?

I’ve never been a huge New Year’s person.  I’ll go to a friends house for a fun gathering, but heading out to a big party, just isn’t my thing. 

However, there was one exception when I lived in Flagstaff, Arizona.  I worked the morning show at the NBC affiliate, KNAZ, so staying up to midnight was always a stretch for me!  I got up at 3am every day!  Nonetheless, at the Weatherford Hotel there was a fun New Year’s tradition, the annual Pine Cone Drop.  Yes, a giant lit up pine cone.  Flagstaff is up in the mountains, so a pine cone isn’t a stretch, but, I agree, it sounds strange!  Here’s YouTube video of the drop!  If you look closely, you’ll notice the clock is off by two hours, that’s because 10pm is the family Pine Cone Drop, and the only one I was ever able to stay up for!

Have you ever been to any strange variations of the ball drop?


Snow Showers Developing

So much for yesterday’s sunshine, the clouds are back, and this evening, snow showers move in.

Highs today will reach the low to mid 30s across Central Indiana.  This afternoon, snow showers will begin developing and moving in.  For the evening commute, a light dusting of snow is possible.

It’s overnight most of the snow will come, and it doesn’t look like a whopper right now.  Most spots will see up to 1 to 2 inches of accumulation by Thursday morning.  Rain may mix in with snowflakes, especially south of I-70 so snow totals could be affected.

Thursday, scattered snow showers are still possible but we won’t be looking for additional accumulation as we head into the afternoon.  Flurries are possible for your New Years Eve plans.

For the first day of 2010 cold air settles in!  We’ll see a mix of sun and clouds with highs around 20s.

Low temperatures over the weekend will drop to the single digits with highs only reaching the upper teens.

Frigid Tuesday, More Snow on the Way

Hooray for sunshine! It’s back in the forecast today.

You’ll get plenty of sunshine in Central Indiana today, but the temperatures won’t be warming up!  Highs will only reach the mid to upper 20s with mostly sunny skies.

Overnight the clouds increase, so temperatures won’t be as cold as where we bottomed out this morning.  Overnight lows drop to about 20 degrees.

Wednesday, snow showers develop as we head into the afternoon and after the 12pm hour, light snow is expected to fall.  The drive home Wednesday night could be slick.  By Thursday 1-2″ of snow is possible.

Friday, flurries are likely and very cold air settles in.  Highs will only the mid 20s, and for Saturday morning, single digit lows are likely.

Chilly Monday Ahead

Highs today will only reach the upper 20s, and there’s a shot at a quick dusting of snow.

Get ready to bundle up today.  Highs will only reach the upper 20s with wind gusts up to 30 mph.  Wind chills will register in the single digits to teens.  A mix of sun and clouds will build in for the afternoon, with a chance for a quick dusting of snow in some areas as a cold front moves through.

Overnight temperatures will be chilly with lows down to the single digits in some spots, with Indianapolis down to about 12 degrees.

Tuesday looks to be the best day of the week with highs in the mid 20s with partly cloudy skies.  It will be cold, but dry.

Our next chance for snow moves in Wednesday and sticks through Friday.

Sunday Snow Totals

Most spots around Central Indiana topped out between 2″-4″ of snow Sunday.

Here’s where we topped out for snow totals aound Central Indiana…

0208 PM     SNOW             TERRE HAUTE             39.47N 87.38W
12/27/2009  E2.0 INCH        VIGO               IN   TRAINED SPOTTER

0230 PM     SNOW             ALEXANDRIA              40.26N 85.68W
12/27/2009  M2.0 INCH        MADISON            IN   CO-OP OBSERVER

0503 PM     SNOW             5 W GREENWOOD           39.62N 86.21W
12/27/2009  M3.0 INCH        JOHNSON            IN   NWS EMPLOYEE

0503 PM     SNOW             BROWNSBURG              39.84N 86.39W
12/27/2009  M4.0 INCH        HENDRICKS          IN   AMATEUR RADIO

0503 PM     SNOW             NOBLESVILLE             40.06N 86.03W
12/27/2009  M1.5 INCH        HAMILTON           IN   CO-OP OBSERVER

0503 PM     SNOW             5 E INDIANAPOLIS        39.78N 86.05W
12/27/2009  M1.5 INCH        MARION             IN   CO-OP OBSERVER

0503 PM     SNOW             7 NE INDIANAPOLIS       39.85N 86.05W
12/27/2009  M2.8 INCH        MARION             IN   PUBLIC

0503 PM     SNOW             ALEXANDRIA              40.26N 85.68W
12/27/2009  M3.0 INCH        MADISON            IN   CO-OP OBSERVER

0510 PM     SNOW             DANVILLE                39.76N 86.52W
12/27/2009  M2.5 INCH        HENDRICKS          IN   EMERGENCY MNGR

0510 PM     SNOW             8 W INDIANAPOLIS        39.78N 86.30W
12/27/2009  M2.1 INCH        MARION             IN   NWS EMPLOYEE

0510 PM     SNOW             10 NW INDIANAPOLIS      39.88N 86.28W
12/27/2009  E3.8 INCH        MARION             IN   COUNTY OFFICIAL

0800 PM     SNOW             INDIANAPOLIS INT`L AIRP 39.72N 86.29W
12/27/2009  M2.6 INCH        MARION             IN   OFFICIAL NWS OBS

0900 PM     SNOW             FRANKFORT               40.28N 86.51W
12/27/2009  M3.0 INCH        CLINTON            IN   TRAINED SPOTTER

1200 AM     SNOW             2 S CASTLETON           39.88N 86.05W
12/28/2009  M3.2 INCH        MARION             IN   CO-OP OBSERVER

            SNOW DEPTH IS 3 INCHES.

Colts get booed at home for good reason

What happened Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium was terribly disappointing. First year Colts head coach Jim Caldwell yanked Peyton Manning out of the game with 5:36 left in the 3rd quarter and the Colts leading the Jets 15-10. The Colts were less than 6 quarters away from a 16-0 regular season, giving them the shot at a perfect season ending in Miami at the Super Bowl.

When the Colts were 13-0 and had clinched the top spot in the AFC playoffs, I did not have a problem if they rested starters. You can read my previous blog entry for my thoughts a few weeks ago. The Colts had made it clear that a perfect season was not the goal of this team. They wanted to put themselves in the best position to win the Super Bowl.

But what happened Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium was terribly disappointing. First year Colts head coach Jim Caldwell yanked Peyton Manning out of the game with 5:36 left in the 3rd quarter and the Colts leading the Jets 15-10. The Colts were less than 6 quarters away from a 16-0 regular season, giving them the shot at a perfect season ending in Miami at the Super Bowl.

If the Colts were going to sit Peyton and company, why not do it in Jacksonville 10 days earlier when the Colts were playing on four days rest? The Colts starters went the distance against Jaguars. Why did the plan change from the Jaguars to the Jets?

Coach Jim Caldwell said healthy players would play against the Jets. He said the approach would be the same as the previous 14 games. He led C0lts fans to believe that there would be no resting unless a player was truly injured. If the team didn’t care about the perfect season, the fans sure did. Colts fans have also seen the rest for the playoffs plan backfire in seasons past. So when Curtis Painter entered the game, the crowd voiced its displeasure. I think the fans were surprised, and obviously not happy.

I don’t think Peyton was too happy leaving the game either. He didn’t take his helmet off until late in the 4th quarter. He was either hiding his perturbed face or hoping to get back in the game – probably both.

This would have played out much better if Colts fans had been forewarned before kickoff. Fans would not have been happy to know players were going to rest. But Peyton’s 3rd quarter departure would not have caught them off guard, and left them booing a previously undefeated head coach. 

 -Rich Nye

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Snow Winding Down & Snow Totals

The heavy snow is winding down and now we’re looking ahead to light snow showers and flurries tonight.

Snow showers will continue to wind down across Central Indiana as we go through 10pm.  After 10, light snow showers and flurries are possible, but we’re not looking for any additional accumulation.

Overnight, lows will drop to the teens, so icy spots on untreated roads are likely.  Keep in mind that blowing snow is also possible, so cleared roads could become snow covered again. 

Blowing snow could be an issue Monday with wind gusts up to 30mph.  Highs will only reach the upper 20s with scattered light snow showers.  A dusting is possible, but no accumulation is expected.  Wind chills will be an issue, in the teens most of the day.

If you’re ready for sun, look forward to Tuesday, partly cloudy skies are in the forecast with highs in the upper 20s.

Preliminary Snow Totals through 5pm:

Noblesville:  1.5″

Batesville:  1.8″

Indianapolis:  2.1″

Terre Haute:  2.5″

Kokomo:  2.5″

Alexandria:  3″

Frankfort: 3″

Fishers:  3″

Hendricks County:  4″

Afternoon Snow Update

Light to moderate snow showers continue to push across Central Indiana this afternoon.

Light to moderate snow is continuing to fall across Central Indiana, but the heaviest of the snow will get here later this afternoon.  Terre Haute has already seen 2.5″ of snow, and I expect more to move into the Indianapolis metro this afternoon.

The snow should taper off to flurries by 11pm.

We’re keeping an eye on the snow, and will update you at the top of each hour on-air on WTHR.