Dry Start to November

Sunshine has been in the forecast nine out of ten days for the start of November!

The meteorologists at the National Weather Service have crunched the numbers, and the start of October and November, are drastically different!

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While October started out cool and wet across Central Indiana, November is starting out warmer and drier. Here are some interesting comparisons of the first 10 days of each month for the Indianapolis Area:


  October 1-10 November 1-10
Average High Temperature 60.5 61.2
  3rd coldest average high for the period 24th warmest average high for the period
Precipitation 2.67 inches 0.01 inches
  12th wettest start 8th driest start



Other notes:

  • November’s highest temperature of 72 degrees beats October’s warmest of 70 degrees. This is only the 3rd time since 1871 this has happened. The other years were 1977 and 1987.
  • November has seen more days of 70 degrees or higher in November than October. This has only happened once before, in 1888. 

Temperature records for Indianapolis start in 1871.

Looking at other locations around Central Indiana, here are the departures from the average daily temperature for the first 10 days of November:




Departure from Average Monthly Temperature
(November 1-10)



Indianapolis Eagle Creek








Terre Haute




Sunshine Rolls On

I could get used to this dry, sunny pattern! But, don’t get too comfortable, change is right around the corner.

What a way to kick off the weekend!  Highs today will reach the low 60s with mostly sunny skies.  Saturday, we’ll add a few degrees to that, and keep the sunshine!

If you’re heading out for Operation Football this evening, temperatures will drop into the 40s by 8pm, so prepare to bundle up!

Sunday, mostly cloudy skies make a return and so does a chance of rain.  Highs are expected to reach the low 60s with a 30% chance for scattered showers.  We’ll be watching the timing of the rain for tailgaters!

Through Wednesday we’ll have a daily chance of rain as high temperatures only reach the 50s.

Warming Up

Fall has been great in Central Indiana so far, and the forecast just keeps getting better!

Highs today will reach the upper 50s to around 60 degrees in Central Indiana.  The wind won’t be as strong was it was yesterday, so it will “feel” warmer.  Especially because we’ll see mostly sunny skies.

Friday and Saturday we remain clear and dry with highs in the mid 60s.

However, Sunday it looks like we cool into the upper 50s with scattered showers.  A daily chance of rain enters the forecast after Sunday, so, enjoy the sun while it’s here!  Next week doesn’t look like a washout, but you’ll need to keep the rain gear handy!

Veterans Day Forecast

A chilly but sunny Veterans Day is on tap for Central Indiana.

The sun returns to Central Indiana today, but we have to wait for the warmth to make a comeback!

Highs today will reach the upper 50s with mostly sunny skies.   We’ll see wind gusts up to 25 mph, so it’s going to feel chilly.

Overnight, skies remain clear and temperatures drop into the 30s.

We stay dry through Saturday with highs climbing into the mid to upper 60s.

Sunday, temperatures drop and highs reach about 60s degrees with a 30% chance of rain.  Of course this the day of the big match up between the Patriots and the Colts, so we’ll keep tailgaters posted on what to expect!

Cool October Nationwide

Central Indiana was not the only place to have cooler than average temperatures in October. Nationwide, NOAA reports October was the third coolest on record.

Central Indiana was not the only place to have cooler than average temperatures in October.  Nationwide, NOAA reports October was the third coolest on record.

Click here to get the full rundown, and lots of weather information!

Some of the fun facts?

Florida was the only state to have an above average normal temperature in October.

Plus, August to October was the coolest on record for three states:  Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Are You a Re-Gifter?

If you’re a re-gifter, you’re not alone, in fact, more Americans will be regifting this year!

According to a Consumer Reports survey 36% of U.S. adults say they plan to regift, compared to 31% last year, and 24% in 2007.  Click here to see the LA Times article.

So, have you ever regifted?  Or, have you ever received a gift that you know was regifted?

I don’t necessarily think regifting is a bad thing.  If you’re not going to use it, and you know someone who can, why not make them happy?

Now, if we’re talking about regifting a fruit cake or something, that’s a different story!  Or, don’t wrap your cat up with green jello like the Christmas Vacation Aunt!

Nonetheless, I don’t think it’s bad, just don’t make your regift obvious.  Maybe the holidays shouldn’t be about giving presents, but more about spending time with the people you love.  After all, isn’t that what you remember the most?

Feel free to share you regifting stories below, or, tell us your worst regifting present!

Sprinkles Today?

November has been pretty dry, but today we could see a few sprinkles.

This month we’ve only had one day of rain!  And, that day only put a drop in the bucket!  During the first nine days of November, only .01″ of rain has been recorded at the Indianapolis International Airport.  We’re now more than an inch below normal for the month.  However, we’re still 8.86″ above average for the year.

Today we won’t add much to that, if anything at all, but a few sprinkles are possible.  Highs will reach the low 60s with wind gusts up to 30mph. 

Tonight, the clouds break, and lows drop to around 40 degrees.  Winds will still gust up to 30mph.

For Veterans Day the sunshine returns, but the windy conditions stick around.  Highs will reach about 60 degrees.

We stay dry through Saturday with temps in the 60s.  A chance of rain returns to the forecast Sunday.

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Warmth Rolls On!

One more day of temperatures in the 70s could be on our way.

Today we could hit 70 degrees for the third day in a row!  It’s hard not to love this weather!  We’ll see a mix of sun and clouds across Central Indiana with a light breeze out of the Southwest up to 10 mph.

Overnight, we remain relatively mild with mostly cloudy skies.  Lows will drop to the low 50s.  A cold front passes through the state, and cooler air will move in for Tuesday. 

Tuesday highs will only reach about 60 degrees, and there’s a chance for scattered sprinkles.  Keep in mind that our average temperature is in the mid 50s, so this is still warm, just not the 70s we’ve enjoyed the last few days.

Wednesday, the sun and dry conditions return.  Highs will remain in the low 60s through Friday, we also remain dry.

A 30% chance of scattered showers returns both Saturday and Sunday.