Holiday eating tips!! How to prevent weight gain.

It is one of the hardest things to maintain during the holidays…. our weight:). Some studies have shown that we gain an average of 5 to 7 pounds during the holiday season.

It is one of the hardest things to maintain during the holidays…. our weight:).  Some studies have shown that we gain an average of 5 to 7 pounds during the holiday season.  How do you fight the battle of the bulge when you are eating at all of the office parties, family gatherings and holiday events?

On my Noon Focus interview segment, I received some tips from Jill Frame – a registered dietitian with the St. Francis Weight Loss Center.  The Center offers 12 ways to watch your waistline, in honor of the 12 days of Christmas. 

1. Take the focus off food. Instead of baking cookies with your children, create non-edible projects like wreaths, dough art decorations or a gingerbread house.

 2. Plan to maintain your weight over the holidays. Decide which treat is worth the calories, take a smaller portion, and savor every single bite.

3. Think ahead to make mealtimes less hurried. On a cold, wintery night, few things say comfort like a bowl of hot soup, paired with crusty, whole-grain bread. Start a pot simmering on the stove or in the slow cooker while you spend the day decorating the tree, addressing cards or doing any other holiday preparations. Add a piece of fruit and a cup of milk, and you have a well-balanced meal.

4. Experiment with seasonal produce to lighten up your meals. Consider chutneys as an accompaniment to meats, slices of pears or oranges in your salad, cranberries or dried fruits in rice pilaf, or apple sauce substituted for some of the fats in your baking. A little creativity can go a long way toward heightening taste and sneaking in your produce needs in your diet.

5. Plan for parties. Don’t starve yourself the day of the party so you can fill up on food that evening. If you eat normally throughout the day, you’re much less likely to overeat at the party.

6. Lighten up. Substitute spices and fresh herbs for seasoning rather than fat and salt.

7. Make exercise time play time. Enjoy an afternoon of football, sledding, ice skating or playing in the snow. Or even enjoy the holiday lights while taking a long evening walk.

8. Discover different dips. Who says dips have to be high-fat and joined by chips? Replace cream cheese with silken tofu, or experiment with dips made with nonfat cream cheese or sour cream. Pair with vegetable spears or baked pita chips.

9. Watch your appetizers. Limit high-fat choices such as fried chicken wings, miniature sausages and most cheeses. Choose fruits and vegetables instead.

10. Enjoy the mall. While shopping, stretch your legs and squeeze in some exercise in a warm, dry environment.

11. Be a happy host. Balance your famous cookies with healthier options. Grab a fruit or vegetable tray from the store. Be sure to send your leftovers home with guests.

12. Have a healthy holiday spirit. Cocktails, “real” eggnog and other holiday drinks quickly add up in calories. Alternatives include sparkling or hot apple cider, light eggnog or seltzer mixed with fruit juices.

With a little creativity, you can start the new year without quite as many pounds to lose come Jan. 1 – and might just find a new tradition in the process.

Now, if you have some holiday eating tips, share them with me.  We might even be able to share some of them on our air and give you credit, if you leave your name and location.

Also, if you have any community issues, events or organizations that you think we should profile on our Focus interview segment at Noon, please let me know.  We love to hear from you.

And join with Channel 13 this year to support the United Christmas Service campaign from United Way.  You can donate money, ‘adopt a family’ or buy a Channel 13 Sunrise Cookbook at any area Marsh or O’Malia’s store.  All proceeds benefit the United Christmas Service which gives money to families in need so that their children can enjoy the holidays.  Click here for more information.

Happy Holidays!!!

Take care,

Angela Cain

WTHR Community Affairs Director

Pacers still looking for rhythm

It’s the same old story for the blue and gold!

 About the time you want to believe the Pacers are getting better, they let you down.

The team has now lost 3 in a row after winning 5 in a row.   They lost to the Charlotte Bobcats – a team that had lost 7 in a row!   And they blew a 19-point lead against New York last week.

 It’s the same old story for the blue and gold!

– Dave Calabro

Indy sports fans have plenty to be thankful for

Indy Sports fans are lucky…we have a great ‘escape’ from the world each Sunday.

Hey, Thanksgiving is almost here! I love the holiday…a chance to reflect on our many blessings!

Indy Sports fans are lucky…we have a great ‘escape’ from the world each Sunday. I’m talking about the Colts!   It wasn’t too long ago my hometown was consumed by basketball. Not anymore!

 The Colts have won over this town.  Young and old alike have found a new passion that we can share together.

This team just keeps finding ways to win.  The last 4 games they have won by a total of 10 points. That says a great deal about this team.

Peyton has thrown four interceptions in the last 2 games, but hey, he’s human!  The good news, the Colts now have a defense that can dominate.  Gary Brackett showed up Ray Lewis in Baltimore and the young Colts Defensive backs keep making plays.  It won’t be long before they’ll have the AFC South title wrapped up and the debate will be on…should the Colts rest their star players or keep playing them? We have seen that movie before. It’s a great problem to have.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dave Calabro

Get Cooking

If you love cooking or know someone who does, I have a great gift idea for you, and it helps fellow Hoosiers!

My favorite part about the holidays?  Eating!

If you love to cook, or know someone who does, how about mixing some new recipes with the old standbys?

This year WTHR is proud to present our latest edition of the Sunrise Cookbook, featuring recipes from WTHR personalities and some of your favorite starts of NBC shows. 

The books are only $10, and are available at Central Indiana Marsh stores.  All proceeds benefit United Christmas Service, an organization that helps families make the holidays bright, and provide the bear necessities.

I am a sucker for supporting charity, not a bad thing, right?  I went and bought 8 copies for my family members yesterday.  My family loves to cook, and my mom’s famous banana bread recipe is featured on pages 8-9 in the cookbook.  I recommend it! 

A funny side story?  Last year I bought a bundle as well.  It was my day off, and if you’ve ever seen me on my “weekends” I am comfy in a t-shirt and jeans, with no make up and a ponytail.  So, I went up to the cashier, and set my books down.  She finished ringing me up, and leaned over the counter and said, “you know the people in this book will do an autograph session coming up.”  I said thanks for the suggestion!  I wasn’t recognizable, but what was I supposed to do, pull a diva moment and say, don’t you know who I am?

Nonetheless, Chuck, Julia, Bruce, and Mimi will be autographing the cookbook this holiday season.  I’ll let you know when and where they’ll be.

The cookbook is a great gift for yourself or someone else, check it out the next time you’re in Marsh!

Click here to see more about this year’s cookbook!

Don’t Give the Dog a Bone!

It’s tempting to let our pets indulge in our Thanksgiving feast, but don’t let their sad eyes tempt you too much!

Too much of a good thing is bad for anyone, including our four legged family members! 

Keep your pet safe this Thanksgiving by following these simple tips from the ASPCA.  A visit to the emergency vet isn’t how you want your holiday to end!

On a related note… my dog loves canned pumpkin.  Not the kind you use for pie with sugar and stuff in it, just regular plain old canned pumpkin!  I usually add a little to her food, plus it’s healthy because it’s high fiber!  For her Thanksgiving treat this year, she’s getting a frozen peanut butter smeared Kong.  Yummy!

Cool Down Coming

Whew, pull out the umbrellas and longjohns, our forecast is changing!

Today will be the last day temperatures stay noticeably above average.  Highs today will reach the mid 50s, our average high this time of year reaches about 48.  Most of the day will remain cloudy with rain chances increasing the later we head into the afternoon and tonight.

Overnight lows will drop to the low 40s with scattered showers around the viewing area.

Wednesday, off and on rain continues with highs about average in the upper 40s.

Thanksgiving day highs tumble to only 40 degrees, and a rain/snow mix is possible.  We won’t see any snow accumulation, but it’s going to be a chilly, blustery day.  If you’re preparing to chase the turkey during Broadripple’s Drumstick Dash, pull out your winter active wear now.

We dry out Friday, and by Saturday we’ll see partly cloudy skies with highs in the mid 40s.

Changes Around the Corner

Patchy fog is likely across Central Indiana this morning. Once that burns off, temperatures will once again be above average for the day.

Another above average temperature day is ahead for us!  Highs will reach the mid 50s with mostly cloudy skies.  Don’t expect to see as much sun as we did over the weekend.

More patchy fog is possible tonight into tomorrow morning as highs Tuesday reach the mid to upper 50s.  Late Tuesday scattered showers move in to Central Indiana.

Wednesday the wet pattern continues with highs in the low 50s.

Wednesday night into Thursday morning a wintry mix is possible, and for Thanksgiving Day, temperatures only rebound to the low 40s.

We’ll be watching the temperatures closely, especially with so many people hitting the roads!  I think a few slick spots are possible 0n bridges and overpasses.  But, we are not looking for snow to stick at this point!

At this point, we look to dry out for Friday and the weekend.

Sun-tacular Day Ahead!

A girl could get used to weather like this!

Highs will reach the upper 50s with mostly clear skies across Central Indiana today.  A gorgeous day is in front of us!

Overnight, clouds will be on the increase as lows drop to the mid 30s to around 40 degrees.

Monday, we look to stay mainly dry, but cloudy skies will take over the forecast.  There’s a slight chance for a few isolated showers, but we’ll see plenty of dry time too.

A better chance of a soaking moves in late Tuesday, and sticks through Wednesday. 

For Thanksgiving a 30% chance of scattered showers is possible.  Highs will only reach the low 40s, brr!  We might see a few snow flurries, but nothing that will accumulate.

Lovely Weekend Shaping Up

After a rainy work week, we’ll get to play in the sun this weekend!

Above average temperatures and plenty of sunshine, count me in!  Highs today will reach the mid 50s across Central Indiana with partly cloudy skies. 

If you’re headed to Bloomington for the Old Oaken Bucket Game, temps will reach the mid to upper 50s.   It will be a wonderful day to tailgate, and no need to worry about rain!

Overnight lows will drop to the upper 30s.

Sunday, more sunshine is coming our way with highs in the mid to upper 50s.

Our next chance for rain moves in Tuesday. 

Right now a few scattered showers are possible on Thanksgiving (don’t get too hung up on that, the forecast could change!).  We’ll be watch your travel forecast carefully!

Rain Finally Goes Away!

Once the fog clears, we’ll have a dry forecast ahead of us!

A mix of sun and clouds is ahead for Central Indiana today with highs in the low 50s.  No rain!

Saturday, that temp bumps up to the mid to upper 50s with partly cloudy skies.

Lows Saturday and Sunday morning will dip to the upper 30s, so it’s going to be chilly.

And Sunday, we’ll see highs in the mid 50s with a very slight chance for a few afternoon showers.  Our next best chance of rain arrives Monday night.

Enjoy the dry time while it’s here!