At the Car Wash

Okay, it’s a stupid dilemma, but it’s something I deal with all the time!

Growing up in Arizona, I loved washing my own car.  It would stay clean for weeks!  Well, it would get dusty, but other than that, it still looked pretty good.

One thing I just can’t get used to is not having a clean car.  I know, I know, after living in the Midwest for 4 years I should just be over it!

There has to be a science to it.  In the winter, I take my car through the wash after the snow melts and roads clear to get the salt off of my front wheel drive sleigh. 

But when we get rain nearly every other day, it’s such a gamble to run it through the wash!

I guess I’ll just get used to driving around in a dirty car, I’ve survived so far!  I just don’t like it!

Drying Out, Then Snow?

We’ve had a pretty mild November, so when temperatures come crashing down, we shouldn’t have too many complaints!

Today we’ll see a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures reaching the mid 40s.  We’ll have a cool breeze out of the northwest up to 15mph.

Overnight, we remain dry with partly cloudy skies.  Temperatures will cool to the low 30s.

Tuesday looks to be the best day of the week with highs in the low 50s and partly cloudy skies.

Here’s where the forecast changes, and gets a bit tricky.  Late Wednesday afternoon we’ll see a rain/snow mix develop across Central Indiana.  Wednesday night temperatures drop to the upper 20s, so the wintry mix could change to all snow by Thursday morning. 

At this time, we are looking at the possibility of minor snow accumulations Thursday morning.  This is not set in stone, so it could change as these weather systems progress through the week.  We’ll keep you posted as we continue to check out the new weather models. 

One aspect of the forecast for later in the week is that a dramatic cool down comes our way.  Highs Friday will only reach the low 30s.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Christmas music starts earlier and earlier each year, so what are you looking forward to hearing this season?

I’m guilty, I’ve already turned my radio dial to the Christmas station!  I waited until after Thanksgiving to listen to the music almost full time.

While I like Christmas music, I am very picky about what I’ll listen to.

My list doesn’t make any sense.   I love old classics, but if I come across any of the following songs, I stop and  sing along!  (They’re listed in no particular order). 

What are your favorites?

“Santa Baby” -Eartha Kitt

“All I Want for Christmas” – Mariah Carey

“Happy Christmas (War is Over)” -John Lennon

“Here Comes Santa Claus”

“Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”

“Jingle Bell Rock”

Rain On the Way

Above average warmth and dry conditions will come to an end as a cold front sweeps through Central Indiana today.

Get ready for a forecast change!  Highs today will reach the mid 50s, that’s about 10 degrees warmer than average.  Clouds will be on the increase today, and as a cold front approaches the state this afternoon, and rain chances enter the forecast this afternoon into tonight.

Winds will pick up with gusts up to 25mph tonight.  Much cooler air is ushered in behind that cold front.  Lows tonight will drop to the mid 30s with scattered showers winding down.

A few isolated showers may be with us Monday morning, but we’ll start to dry out later in the day with a mix of sun and clouds.  Highs Monday will only reach the mid 40s with winds out of the West up to 15mph.

Tuesday looks dry, but Wednesday more rain moves in.  Thursday temps drop to the mid 30s and a rain/snow mix is possible.  We’re watching the weather models closely because temperatures overnight Thursday and Friday morning drops into the mid to upper 20s.

Colts will be thankful for November to end

Houston – Sunday the Colts wrap up the toughest month of their season. The final game of November might be the toughest. The Houston Texans are only 5-5. But they need this win in the worst way, and they want to beat the Colts in the worst way.

Houston – Sunday the Colts wrap up the toughest month of their season. The final game of November might be the toughest. The Houston Texans are only 5-5. But they need this win in the worst way, and they want to beat the Colts in the worst way. 

The Colts won their first 6 games by an average of 17 points. They have won four games so far this month by a total of 10 points. The schedule has obviously gotten tougher, and the Colts have continued to find ways to win.

The Colts came from behind to beat the 49ers. The Colts escaped against the Texans on a missed late field goal. Bill Belichick’s gutsy/stupid coaching helped the Colts beat the Patriots. And Gary Brackett’s interception saved a victory in Baltimore last Sunday.

So now the month ends in Houston, where the Texans are coming off a Monday night loss here against the resurgent Titans. The Texans have to win this game to keep any playoff hopes alive. They want to win this game to prove they are no longer basement dwellers in the AFC South. There is talk in Houston that coach Gary Kubiak and general manager Rick Smith could lose their jobs if the Texans don’t finish with a winning record.

The Texans have only beaten the Colts once in franchise history. That was here in Houston in 2006, before the Colts went on to win the Super Bowl. The Colts high standard of success brings out the best in every oppponent, but especially a division rival like the Texans, who measure themselves against the Colts.

The Colts go for their 20th consecutive regular season win. If the streak is going to end, Houston might be the team to do it. The Colts squeaked by the Texans at Lucas Oil Stadium earlier this month, 20-17. The Texans strong passing attack will have a little more time to operate with Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney watching on TV back in Indianapolis. Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson could be a recurring theme.

Am I picking the Colts to lose? I can’t bring myself to pick against this team. I still think this is the most complete Colts team of the Peyton Manning era. The schedule gets much easier in December. I think this team is headed to the Super Bowl, barring further significant injuries. But perfection might end Sunday.

-Rich Nye, WTHR Sports Reporter

TheSportsGuy13 on Twitter

Great Weekend Ahead

A nice warm up is coming our way today!

Get ready for some warmth and sun!  Highs today will reach the mid 50s with mostly sunny skies across Central Indiana.  We’ll have a breeze out of the South that will help pump warmer air into Central Indiana.

Overnight, temps won’t get as chilly as a warm front lifts over the state.  Lows tonight will only drop the around 40 degrees.

Sunday, highs reach the low 50s with increasing clouds throughout the day.  As we head towards the afternoon our chance for rain increases as a cold front comes closer to moving through the state.  Rain sticks around Sunday night, but as of right now, models push the rain out by early Monday morning.

Cooler temperatures and a mix of sun and clouds is in the forecast Monday with highs only reaching the mid 40s.

Our next chance for rain moves in Wednesday.  (This system is still very iffy!)

Sunshine Returns

Sunny skies are back in the forecast, but we’ll have to wait a few days for warmth!

The sun is back today with partly cloudy skies and highs in the low 40s.  It’s going to feel chilly with a West wind up to 15mph, but it won’t be as windy as Thanksgiving Day!

If you’re heading to the Circle of Lights tonight, bundle up!  Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 30s for all of the holiday fun!

Overnight, lows drop to the low 30s with partly cloudy skies.

Saturday highs look to pop back into the 50s and we remain dry!

Late Sunday afternoon a chance of rain is possible, but for now it looks like most of the day will be dry with highs in the 50s.

Next week temperatures return to the 40s!

Blustery Thanksgiving

Get ready to bundle up today, it’s going to be cold and windy across Central Indiana.

Highs today will struggle to reach 40 degrees with a wintry mix setting up across Central Indiana.  Winds will gust up to 25 mph to if you’re doing any last minute highway traveling, you’ll feel it on the roadways!  I hope your enjoy you day with close family and friends with lots of warmth around you!

Overnight the wet activity comes to an end, but lows drop to the upper 20s to around 30 degrees.  If you have any “Black Friday” shopping planned, bundle up if you’ll be standing in line outside.

We dry out starting Friday and it lasts through the weekend.  By Sunday highs are expected to reach the upper 40s.  However, rain looks to move in late Sunday night.

Rain Returns

We had a nice streak of warm, sunny days, but those have come to an end!

Take your rain gear with you when you head out today.  Highs will only reach the upper 40s with scattered showers.  The day won’t be a washout, and we’ll see dry time too.

Overnight lows drop to the mid 30s with a chance for a wintry mix. 

Thanksgiving will be windy, wet, and cold.  Highs will only reach about 40 degrees with rain/snow showers.  No accumulation is expected, but it will be very breezy with wind gusts up to 30mph.

If there’s any good news to be found, it comes Friday and Saturday when the sun returns and we get temps into the mid to upper 40s.

Thanksgiving of Years Past

Rain, snow, what’s the norm for Thanksgiving? Here’s some notable weather events on Thanksgiving Day.

The Indianapolis National Weather Service has put together this nice compilation of what’s happened on past Thanksgivings. 

If you’d like to be redirected to the original National Weather website, please click here.

Thanksgiving is observed every year on the fourth Thursday during the month of November, as designated by Congress in 1941. This means it can fall on any day between the 22nd and 28th of November. This year the date happens to fall on the 26th.  The Thanksgiving Day forecast for central Indiana looks cold, with scattered rain and snow showers.  High temperatures will rise only into the upper 30s and lower 40s, with gusty west-northwest winds making it feel even colder outside.

The following are some historical climate statistics for Indianapolis on Thanksgiving Day.


Average High Temp
Average Low Temp
Average Precipitation
Average Snowfall
Warmest High Temp
Coldest High Temp
Warmest Low Temp
Coldest Low Temp
74 in 1900
14 in 1930
55 in 1966
1 in 1930
69 in 1973
24 in 1893
55 in 1896
6 in 1950
69 in 1896
24 in 1881
53 in 1879
10 in 1881
68 in 1934
25 in 1903
50 in 1979
10 in 1871
68 in 1915
26 in 1956
48 in 1883
12 in 1872

Most Precipitation

Most Snowfall

Most Snow on Ground

1.01” in 1951

2.4” in 1902

2” in 1975

0.93” in 1968

2.0” in 1959

1” in 1971

0.89” in 1916

0.9” in 1953

1” in 1959

0.88” in 1887

0.5” in 1980


0.74” in 1993

0.5” in 1889


* There has been a Trace of snow on the ground in numerous years: 2004, 1980, 1956, 1953, 1950, 1936.

 Official Weather records began in the Indianapolis area with Temperature and Precipitation in 1871 and Snowfall in 1884.