Ghosts of Halloween Weather Past

We’ve seen it all on Halloween, luckily tonight’s forecast isn’t too scary!

Tonight temperatures for trick or treating will only be in the mid to upper 40s with partly cloudy skies.  Expect dry conditions, but it will be chilly!

In the past, conditions haven’t been as nice!  There’s even been snow, just scroll down to see ghosts of Halloween past!

The National Weather Service crunched the numbers below, or you can click here to go to the website with all the info!

High Temperature
Low Temperature
82 (1950)
62 (1900,1876)
35 (1878,1873)
24 (1988, 1925)
Most Snow
0.1″ (1890)
Most Precipitation
1.30″ (1941)
Measurable precipitation has fallen at Indianapolis on 33% of all Halloweens since 1871.

High Temperature
Low Temperature
76 (1999,1989,1971)
59 (1974)
40 (1993)
19 (1988)
Most Snow
T (1955)
Most Precipitation
0.63″ (1995)
Measurable precipitation has fallen in the Lafayette area on 24% of all Halloweens since 1954.

High Temperature
Low Temperature
88 (1950)
63 (1919)
35 (1993)
19 (1923)
Most Snow
0.5″ (1993)
Most Precipitation
1.65″ (1919)
Measurable precipitation has fallen on the Bloomington area on 25% of all Halloweens since 1895.

Fall Back

What will you do with your “extra” hour when we “fall back” tonight?

I am ready to “fall back!”  An extra hour of sleep?  Bring it on!

Before you turn in this evening, remember to turn back your clock one hour!

Are you going to sleep an extra hour?  Stay at a Halloween party a little longer?  One thing you should plan to do, change all the batteries in your smoke detectors!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is finally here, but will the rain stay away?

Isolated morning sprinkles are possible across Central Indiana this morning, but most spots look to stay dry.  A perfect forecast for Halloween!  A mix of sun and clouds is expected by this afternoon with highs only reaching about 50 degrees.  It’s going to be breezy, with wind gusts up to 25mph, so bundle up if you’re visiting the pumpkin patch today.

By tonight, the winds should relax, and between 6pm and 8pm temperatures will fall to the mid to upper 40s.  Trick or treating times will be dry, but a sweatshirt might be needed under costumes.  Don’t forget to “fall back” one hour when you hit the sack tonight.  Daylight Saving Time comes to an end early Sunday morning.

Sunday, more sunshine is on tap, and highs will reach the mid 50s.  If you’re tailgating before the Colts game, you’ll be facing a cold start in the 30!

Radar Glowing Green

Rain has moved in, or is that some kind of Halloween trick?

I wish this was a Halloween trick, but unfortunately, the rest of our Friday afternoon looks rather soggy.  Rain showers have moved in and are here to stay past midnight.  For the most part rain will be light, but a few more moderate showers are possible.  Winds will stay pretty stiff out there, gusting up to 35mph.  So, if you’re heading out to any Operation Football games, prepare the rain gear and bundle up! 

You can keep up to date on the rain by using our interactive radar to zoom into your neighborhood.

By late Halloween morning the rain should mostly be gone.  We may have a few stray sprinkles that stick with us for the day, but most spots will remain mainly dry.  Highs Saturday will only reach the mid 50s.  For trick or treat-ing temps will be around 50 degrees with mainly dry conditions.

Sunday, we’ll see more sunshine as high reach the mid 50s.  Tailgating for the Colts game should be fine!  (A little chilly, but at least we’re not talking snow!)

Heavy Rain Today

A cold front will move through Central Indiana today, with it, expect heavy rain and gusy wind.

Here comes the rain.  Highs today will only reach the mid 60s with heavy rain developing as we head into the afternoon.  Keep the umbrella handy, but also make sure you hold onto it tight!  Wind gusts today could get up to 35mph.  The good news about it, is that it’s a South breeze, so at least we’ll stay somewhat warm.

Operation football will be wet and muddy tonight!  The rain looks to come to an end after the games wrap up, so at least the forecast is looking up for the weekend!

Halloween will be breezy, but we’ll be drying out.  Highs will only reach the mid 50s.  Bundle up the little ones as they go out to get candy, trick or treat temps will be between 48 and 52 degrees.

Sunday, more sunshine pops out but temps remain cool, only reaching the mid 50s.

Nice Day, Rain Not Far Behind

Enjoy today, because it’s going to be quite soggy after our day of 70 degree temps!

A dry day is on tap with temperatures in the low 70s!  Patchy morning fog will burn off, then we’ll be left with partly cloudy skies.  Enjoy this dry time while you can, because a big change is on the way.

Tonight, rain showers will develop and heavy rain is likely across portions of Central Indiana.  Rain will continue through Friday and portions of Saturday.  Highs tomorrow will reach the mid 60s.  Computer models are showing anywhere between one to two inches of rain possible.  Some spots could pick up more depending on where isolated thunderstorms set up.

As for Halloween, there’s a 30% chance of scattered showers.  The day and night don’t look like a washout, we’ll keep you posted on key Trick of Treat times!

Sunday looks dry with highs in the upper 50s.

Tuesday Rain Totals

It seemed like the rain never ended Tuesday, but it was light and steady, so we didn’t really get too much!

Here’s how much rain spots in Central Indiana ended up with Tuesday through Wednesday morning.

Shelbyville:  .61″

Bloomington:  .55″

Indianapolis:  .46″

Lafayette:  .35″

Muncie:  .35″

Enjoy the dry time while it’s here, more rain moves in Friday.

Rain Gone For Now

After a drizzly and damp Tuesday we can look forward to drier conditions, but they won’t be sticking around long.

Today will be a chance for Central Indiana to dry out, but we won’t see a lot of sunshine.  Highs will reach the low 60s with mostly cloudy skies.

Better news is on the horizon for tomorrow, as highs reach close to the low 70s!  And, we remain dry!

But, a chance moves in on Friday.  Scattered showers and even isolated thunderstorms are expected throughout the day and continuing into the night.  We’ll keep an eye on this system, since I’m sure a lot of you have early Halloween plans!

Originally it looked like Saturday would be dry, but now a slight chance for rain exists, so we’ll watch that too!  Temperatures Saturday will only reach the upper 50s, so our warm up will be short lived!

Burton challenger gets Republican endorsements

A few prominent Republicans have stepped forward to endorse a challenger in the race for Congress in Indiana’s fifth district.

A few prominent Republicans have stepped forward to endorse a challenger in the race for Congress in Indiana’s fifth district.

Luke Messer is running for the fifth congressional seat challenging incumbent Dan Burton.

Hamilton County Sheriff Doug Carter is co-chairing Messer’s campaign. Former Marion County Prosecutor Scott Newman also announced his endorsement Tuesday.

Messer accepted those endorsements at a morning press conference in Fishers.

“The mantle of leadership will return to the Republican party and when it does we have to be ready. We absolutely have to be ready with a new generation of leadership that is in it for the long haul. The right kind of leadership as represented by Luke Messer,” said Newman.

Messer is one of four Republican candidates trying to unseat the longtime Republican incumbent Dan Burton.