Warm-up Wednesday, cooling down for weekend

We had widespread fog this morning in our outlying areas but we also have a beautiful day ahead.

We had widespread fog this morning in our outlying areas but we also have a beautiful day ahead. Look for a southwest wind to lift us up to the mid 80s today and then a slow cooling into the weekend. We have a chance for thunderstorms late tonight thru Saturday. Remember, the Indians play Columbus at 1 pm today at Victory Field. Not a bad way to spend a late summer afternoon.

Chuck Lofton

More Warmth Coming Our Way

Another wonderful August day awaits us today, but changes are just around the corner!

If you liked yesterday, you’ll probably love today’s forecast.  We’re looking at temps in the mid 80s with partly cloudy skies by the afternoon.

Tonight, lows will drop to the low 60s with partly cloudy skies.  It should be another great night to leave the windows open after we cool off from the day!

Thursday, we’ll see a slight chance for showers and storms as highs will top out a little cooler, in the low 80s.  The chance for scattered showers and t-storms increases Thursday night and lasts through Saturday.  We’re not expecting a washout, but scattered activity is likely. 

At this time no severe weather is expected, but we’ll keep you posted if that changes.

Sunday, temps cool into the 70s, with partly cloudy skies!

Warming Up

Summer returns to Central Indiana today. If you wanted warmer temperatures, here they are!

Highs today will soar into the mid 80s with partly cloudy skies by the afternoon.  We’re looking for a wonderful day! 

Wednesday more temps in the mid 80s are expected but we’ll see increasing clouds in front of a cold front that will move into Central Indiana late Wednesday night into Thursday.

Starting Thursday there’s a daily chance of showers and storms that will last through Saturday.  We’re not looking for a washout, but, a 40% chance of activity.

This weekend temperatures look to dip back to the mid to upper 70s.

Make your fitness plan fast!

Fall and winter are fast approaching and it is very important to quickly draft your plan of action so that you can eliminate the guesswork and “simply get to work!” Make a list of activities that you would like to participate in with the ones that you would do most often at the top of the list. From there, gather all the necessary information on where, when and how you will participate and what recources for help and assistance there are available. Having a plan based on your personal preferences in place before the weather breaks is great way to get a jump on lasting results. Many people fail to draft a plan, then before they even know it, the winter blues have them sitting on the couch wondering what happened to summer and how their waistline grew so fast! Time flies so you have to match it with a plan, some passion and determination to make this winter no different than summer in terms of activity. My plan is to embrace winter by snowboarding with friends, riding at an indoor bicycle track near downtown, lifting weights and of course…eating healthy foods to support it all. Make sure you tune into my fitness segments every Monday morning at 630am and Sundays at 7am for more tips and ideas for getting and staying fit! Make your plan, get moving!

Sunshine Returns

After a grey, cool, and cloudy weekend, summer is making a comeback across Central Indiana!

I’m one of those people that loved the weekend weather.  Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  And, while I love cloudy grey skies and cool temps, I’m ready for warmer temps to return!  That will happen today as highs reach about 80 degrees.  Besides warmer temperatures, we’ll also see mostly sunny skies across Central Indiana.

Tonight, clear skies remain, and temps will be cool in the upper 50s.

More heat comes our way Tuesday and Wednesday with highs in the mid 80s.

Our next chance for rain moves in late Wednesday night, and we’ll throw a 30% chance for showers and storms through Saturday.

Another Cool August Day

This weekend has felt more like Fall, I’m almost expecting to see red, orange, and yellow leaves!

Another cool day is in store for us today.  Highs will only reach the low to mid 70s with a mix of sun and clouds.  That’s ten degrees below average!

Tonight, the clouds will break, and overnight lows are expected to drop to the mid 50s.  Monday morning will be a cool start for kids going to the bus stop.  You might want to get out a light jacket or sweater for the little ones.

Monday, temperatures will be on the rebound as they reach the low 80s.  The mid 80s are ahead for Tuesday and Wednesday.

A chance for showers and storms returns late Wednesday into Thursday.

Fried Food Frenzy

It’s what my friend and I like to call Fried Food Frenzy, a trip to the Indiana State Fair to do what else… eat!

Fried Food Frenzy, what else would I call a trip to the Indiana State Fair.

A friend and I declare our time at the fair, a day to enjoy fried food!

So, what did we enjoy?  Here’s my list.  I started with a  Lemon Shake-Up, then moved on to a corn dog.  The pork tent was inviting so a pork burger was the next item on the menu.  Then, dessert was calling our names!  We went for Fried Oreos and Fried Reese’s Cups.  Both were incredible, but the Oreos were my favorite.  If you do get the Reese’s head to the Dairy Bar to get milk to wash it down!  I chose to have a chocolate milkshake from the Dairy Bar.  Needless to say, I didn’t eat dinner that night!

We took a trip through the swine barn and a few more exhibits to help settle some of our food.

Either way you slice it, we had a great time at the Indiana State Fair.  This weekend is your last chance to make your own Fried Food Frenzy, or just go and have a few bites!  Enjoy!

Grab a Sweater!

This weekends temperatures may have you reaching in the closet to grab an extra layer!

Highs today will only reach the low to mid 70s with a mix of sun and clouds.  I know that’s not typically cool, but compared to the 90s, it’s a bit chilly!  We’ll see a slight chance of a few isolated showers, but today shouldn’t be a washout.

Tonight, skies clear for partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the low to mid 50s!

Sunday, more sunshine will be with us and temps warm up a few degrees into the mid 70s.

More warmth heads our way next week with highs back in the 80s.  We’re kicking off a dry pattern as we head into next week too.  Our next chance for showers and thunderstorms comes Thursday.

Plane flyover causes alarm

Channel 13’s newsroom took calls from viewers concerned about a plane flying low over downtown Thursday night.

A military plane was doing a flyover for the Colts preseason game against the Eagles last night – and it apparently alarmed a lot of people who were wondering why a big plane was flying so low over downtown Indy! It was all part of the show for the game…which the Colts won!