Galaxy S III

This is a phone I could love.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the hottest new phones out there, the hottest if you believe the Samsung commercials.

I got one a couple of days ago and thought I’d give my first impressions.

My previous phone was the Motorola Droid X. I was satisfied with it. It allowed me to learn the Android interface and it got the job done.

The Galaxy S III is a phone I could fall in love with. It’s a little longer and wider than the Droid X, along with the screen also being larger. But the 720p Super AMOLED display is beautiful. Very crisp and clear. Some say that if you look extremely close you can see the individual pixels. I say, don’t look extremely close. If you look at the display normally it looks great.

The back cover comes off easy enough if you need to change the battery, but once it’s off you can see that it looks and feels flimsy. I would expect it to be more solid, whereas this one can flex.

I like the speed of the 4G network. I can see a difference when web pages load.


One drawback is how apps are listed. Instead of being listed alphabetically, they appear to be listed in order of when they were downloaded. That makes finding a particular app difficult.

However, once you find the app you want it loads quickly. And with seven different screens available, you can place your favorite apps and widgets on whatever screen you want. You can also open an app by telling the phone to do so. More on that below.

Moving from screen to screen is not only smooth, but when you get to screen seven, one more swipe moves you to screen one, and visa versa, so it’s like a rotating carousel.

S Voice

S Voice is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Siri. Reviews say it’s not as good or accurate. My limited experience with it is satisfactory. I’ve opened an app with the command, Open (app name). I’ve also place a call by saying “Call Home.” When I asked for directions to a fast food restaurant the phone gave me a list of locations to choose from and then mapped to the one I tapped. In all instances I activated the voice command with the tap of an icon on my home screen.

Overseas the Galaxy S III has a quad-core processor. Samsung made the decision to have a duel-core processor in the U.S. The available colors are marble white and pebble blue.

One of the most publicized features of this phone is the popup video player. If you get a text while watching a video you can shrink the video so it stays on the screen and you continue watching while you respond to the text. A tap on the video brings it back full screen.

There are two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. The back camera is 8 megapixels. The phone has a burst feature that takes 20 pictures at once and then picks out what it determines is the best one.

Another nice feature is Direct Call. You can look up a contact, then just hold the phone to your ear and the phone makes the call.

While the Galaxy S III is not perfect, I doubt you’ll find any phone that is. The people who like and use all the latest bells and whistles (by the way, my phone whistles when I get a new alert) will find fault with this device. People like me who are casual users will find it an excellent choice.

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  1. Thanks for the review on the Galaxy S III. My son is looking for a phone and I will certainly pass your review along to him.

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