Deal of the Day: Get your Groupon!

Have you ever wondered through a store
and stumbled upon a clearance shelf?

You find an item, that at full price,
didn’t seem that good.  But now, at a

You must have it!

You get this same rush when you shop
at a Deal of the Day web sites.

Deal of the Day sites sell very few items.
But, those items are sold at a dramatically
reduced rate.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Groupon deals are based on your city location.
It offers 50%-90% discounts on the following items:

And More!

A business or entity will offer deal.  The deal
will go into effect if a minimum number of people

Some deals also have a maximum number of participants.

For instance, on August 25th, Groupon, in Indianapolis
sold tickets to the Mary Poppins musical.  $67 seats
were sold for only $39.

The deal went into effect after 15 people bought

The deal only had a maximum of 1,500.

NOTE: Groupon asks you for an e-mail before you see
the site.  If this bugs you, click on the Groupon
logo in the upper left to get around entering your

(that annoys me when a site asks for your e-mail
before they tell show you their goods)

Living Social is another deal of the day site based
on your city location.

On September 2nd, in Indianapolis, Carolina Grill
offered a $50 gift certificate for only $25.

I you are looking great deals delivered in a light
hearted manner, WOOT is for you.

Here is the humble origin of the company, taken
straight from their web site:

“It started as an employee-store slash market-testing
type of place for an electronics distributor, but it’s
taken on a life of its own. We anticipate profitability
by 2043 – by then we should be retired; someone smarter
might take over and jack up the prices.”

On September 2nd, they had a great price on a
multifunction printer.

WOOT wrote a big joke based on the product.  It began:
“Man walks into a bar. Orders an Epson Workforce 600
Wireless AIO Printer soup.”

Silly people, good deals.

On September 2nd, the family section had a great deal
on a Thomas the Tank Engine set with Cranky the Crane.

The set was normally $89.99.  It was on sale for $29.99.

Yugster provides a few options.  It has a daily offer,
a daily watch deal and boutique items.  In addition,
it features “Yours Until Gone.”

On September 2nd, the daily deal was a high quality
folding knife.  The “Yours Until Gone” item was a
Corona Extra baseball cap with a built in bottle opener.
Was that too low brow for you?

How about something a little more… upper class?

Wired for Wine offers vino:
“One unbeatable deal each day until it sells out!!”

If it doesn’t come in a box I don’t know much
about wine.

I appreciate the description Wired for Wine gives
to each featured bottle.
Still looking for something more… cultural?

UGallery offers one deal a day on reasonably
priced fine art.

While I can’t see to many people buying from
this site, it was fun to see the art.

I love board games, so Tanga is a personal
favorite.  Each day, they offer a great deal
on a board game and at least three other items.

Tanga’s items can be quirky and geeky.  (like me)

One day, they sold a Space Invaders T-shirt. 


Finally,  here is one independent retailer,
you have never heard of before.


Yes, even the big retailers are getting into
the game.

Target offers 5 deals a day, only on their
I hope you enjoy these sites, please post some
of your favorite Deals of the Day!
Todd Donaldson
P.S. I had two alternate titles for this blog.

Woot, There It Is!


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