All Aboard Flipboard


When the New York Times, USA Today and Newsweek
shine a spotlight on the same application, I
get skeptical.  Apps seldom live up to the hype.

Flipboard is an exception.

Flipboard scans your Facebook and Twitter feeds
and displays them in a visual manner, similar to
a magazine. 

In fact, Mike McCue, the CEO of Flipboard, describes
the app as “the worlds’s first social magazine.”

Facebook and especially Twitter can be tedious. 

You have to scan each entry to evaluate the content.
To see a photo, you have to click a link, then click
“back” to return to the feed list.

The user is an active participant, almost playing a
video game going back and forth between feeds and links.

Flipboard is a much more pleasant and passive

Text and pictures are together in a clean magazine
layout. Your eyes drift from tweet to tweet with ease.
A simple flick of the finger turns the digital page.

Flipboard also assembles RSS feeds from popular content
providers in the same easy to read format.

For example, I added feeds from Wired Magazine, The Onion
and, of course, WTHR, Channel 13.  Each brief article
provides a link to the full story on the original website.

Flipboard is an iPad only app, which needs an online
connection to work.  Future versions may allow the user
to use it offline.

The anticipation surrounding Flipboard was intense.

The launch fell flat because the company’s servers
were overwhelmed with demand.  New users had be put
on a waiting list.

Flipboard rapidly expanded their servers and quickly
addressed users’ concerns.  Now anyone can walk up to
the front of the line and enjoy the ride.

Todd Donaldson

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