Post-game thoughts from the 13 SportsJam

Where does Sunday’s win rank in Colts history?

All eyes were on the Colts and Jets yesterday as Indianapolis patiently executed a winning strategy over New York. Their 30-17 win catapults them to Miami for the Super Bowl on Feb. 7th, where they will take on the New Orleans Saints.

On SportsJam Sunday night, the Indy Star’s Bob Kravitz called it the “perfect matchup. It’s the matchup that everybody was wanting. A lot of people thought you might have two undefeated teams going into this, but it’s the first time you’ve had two number one seeds since 1993. Just a marquee matchup. Great, great story – New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees…it’s all good.”

“And not to mention it’s Peyton’s hometown. The city where he grew up. The team that he watched growing up. And by the way, his dad played for the Saints,” said Eyewitness Sports reporter/anchor Rich Nye.

In fact, Peyton’s dad Archie played a big role in getting the Saints going. Now his son has a chance to beat the team in the Super Bowl.

“I think it’s a really tough matchup for the Colts. It’s two very good teams; the two teams that should be here,” said Nye.

So where does this win rank in Colts history?

“To me, the AFC Championship game in 2006 was the most remarkable thing I’ve seen just because the Colts fans had been through so much, so many years of trying to get over the hump and not only to get to the Super Bowl but to beat the hated Patriots on the way. The Super Bowl was almost an anti-climax after that,” said Kravitz.

“As Foreigner sang today at half-time, it feels like the first time. And it was – that first time in 2006 when the Colts got to the Super Bowl, got over the Patriots hump, to me that will always be the biggest moment in Indianapolis sports history,” said Nye. “Today wasn’t that; it was a great moment. It was a season that could have been perfect. Maybe that might have made it even better. But it’s gonna come in at least a number two for now.”