Injuries mounting for Colts

Philadelphia – Peyton Manning makes his 200th consecutive start for the Colts Sunday. That’s an amazing number when you consider all his teammates who have fallen just this season. By the end of this season, Peyton will pass the legendary John Unitas having played more games than any other player in Colts history. But I’m starting to wonder who Peyton will be playing with by then.

The Colts are decimated by injuries heading into Sunday’s game against the Eagles. Running backs Joseph Addai and Mike Hart did not make the trip to Philadelphia. Neither did tight end Brody Eldridge, Linebacker Clint Session or cornerback Justin Tryon. The Colts added wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez to the injured reserve list Saturday. Gonzalez makes a dozen players on that list, out for the season.

I believe in the Colts next man up mantra, because I’ve seen it work for this team. But at some point, there is no next man up, or the next man is not nearly the man you want in that position. Mike Hart can step up for a while. Jacob Tamme can have a big game here or there. But the Colts can’t keep replacing starters and expect the same production.

The Colts are suspect at running back, tight end, linebacker, cornerback and safety right now. I’m afraid the Colts are in trouble coming off a Monday night game and short week of preparation. By contrast, the Eagles did not play last weekend. Eagles coach Andy Reid is 11-0 coming off a bye week. Michal Vick is coming back after missing the past three games for the Eagles.

The Colts gave an inspiring performance to beat the Texans Monday night. If they beat the Eagles, this will be an even greater win measured by obstacles overcome.

-Rich Nye, WTHR Sports Reporter

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  1. Time to get rid of Gonzalez, as well as Sanders. Neither one seems capable of playing for even half a season. Both have great talent, but I dont think its worth the risk anymore.

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