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Colts know who to play and when to play them

By · August 21, 2009 at 12:01 am

Peyton Manning made a minor uproar this week with his desire to take more snaps in the preseason. Only six plays in the first game made for no more than a token appearance. But when the franchise quarterback gets sacked on 50 percent of those plays, I’m with Jim Caldwell in sitting Peyton down. The Colts were playing without both of their starting offensive tackles. The guy who gave up two of those sacks, Corey Hilliard, was let go this week. There was no sense in putting Peyton in harm’s way.

The Colts are one of the smartest teams in the NFL in knowing who to play and when to play them in the preseason. It makes the preseason boring, but hopefully leads to a healthier team when the real games start. We all know the preseason is too long with too many games and fans are getting ripped off. But that’s the system and the Colts know how to work it.

The Colts have some injury concerns on defense. But some of the nicks and bruises would not be enough to sideline most of these players in the regular season. Again, know who to play and when to play them. Everyone on the Colts defense is expected back by the start of the regular season, even recently injured defensive end Raheem Brock and cornerback Kelvin Hayden. The notable exception is safety Bob Sanders. But let’s be honest. The Colts have gotten used to playing without Sanders.

Peyton wants some more playing time with the offensive starters. I hope it’s not much more.

Rich Nye, Eyewitness Sports Reporter


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