Colts get booed at home for good reason

What happened Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium was terribly disappointing. First year Colts head coach Jim Caldwell yanked Peyton Manning out of the game with 5:36 left in the 3rd quarter and the Colts leading the Jets 15-10. The Colts were less than 6 quarters away from a 16-0 regular season, giving them the shot at a perfect season ending in Miami at the Super Bowl.

When the Colts were 13-0 and had clinched the top spot in the AFC playoffs, I did not have a problem if they rested starters. You can read my previous blog entry for my thoughts a few weeks ago. The Colts had made it clear that a perfect season was not the goal of this team. They wanted to put themselves in the best position to win the Super Bowl.

But what happened Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium was terribly disappointing. First year Colts head coach Jim Caldwell yanked Peyton Manning out of the game with 5:36 left in the 3rd quarter and the Colts leading the Jets 15-10. The Colts were less than 6 quarters away from a 16-0 regular season, giving them the shot at a perfect season ending in Miami at the Super Bowl.

If the Colts were going to sit Peyton and company, why not do it in Jacksonville 10 days earlier when the Colts were playing on four days rest? The Colts starters went the distance against Jaguars. Why did the plan change from the Jaguars to the Jets?

Coach Jim Caldwell said healthy players would play against the Jets. He said the approach would be the same as the previous 14 games. He led C0lts fans to believe that there would be no resting unless a player was truly injured. If the team didn’t care about the perfect season, the fans sure did. Colts fans have also seen the rest for the playoffs plan backfire in seasons past. So when Curtis Painter entered the game, the crowd voiced its displeasure. I think the fans were surprised, and obviously not happy.

I don’t think Peyton was too happy leaving the game either. He didn’t take his helmet off until late in the 4th quarter. He was either hiding his perturbed face or hoping to get back in the game – probably both.

This would have played out much better if Colts fans had been forewarned before kickoff. Fans would not have been happy to know players were going to rest. But Peyton’s 3rd quarter departure would not have caught them off guard, and left them booing a previously undefeated head coach. 

 -Rich Nye

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  1. I was so embarrassed… no other team in the NFL would have threw a game. You had the chance to make history… every Super Bowl winner the game has seen would have given anything to have a perfect season behind their ring as well.

    It makes no sense to bench someone who never gets sacked.

    You also had the opportunity to do what the Pats couldn’t.

    So many reasons this was a botched call.. but the only one that matters is that Caldwell was scared to go into the playoffs with the extra pressure

    I’m boycotting the rest of the season and be seriously looking to following a new team who isn’t afraid of their success.

  2. Polian needs to have his game plan examined. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
    This has proven to not work in the past with the Colts, and I am sure it has never worked with any team. (resting players and then winning SB). Players need to play. If they get hurt, so be it. But at least they tried. If you dont try, you are doomed to fail.

    Many, many Colts fans are very mad about how this gameplan was carried out. You dont do this to your home crowd. How stupid. They are in the entertainment industry. Polian is reading to much of his own hype. He has taken teams to 4 sb and won 1. Whatever his recipe is, it has not been successful.

    Let the players play, if they get hurt, who cares. They are paid millions to do it.

    A refund needs to be given the fans. How would you like to pay for concert tickets to see Faith Hill and cindy Lauper sang instead.

    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

  3. I was wondering if I went to the game, would I get a refund? I didn’t know, they didn’t tell.Even after we asked “Are you goin to set your players?”. Who knew that after $347.00 was spent for a halfway decent seat that the Colts were gonna lay-up. and not play the starters the last 19:35 minutes of the game. I feel like people got rooked out of money that if you didn’t know, Isn’t that easy to come by. So when you put it out there, you feel a bit taken. So back to my original question. Can you get a refund on a fixed fight?

  4. I agree, I think he let his team and the fans down. I was terribly beside myself, and angry at him when he did that. I think this will bite him in the end. I personally think that going undefeated in the season is alot harder then winning a superbowl, and the players worked thier butts off to be in that situation. The coach pulled the rug out from under them tonight. The only year they have done anything in the playoffs is when they had to compete every game to the end of season. You could see it in thier faces, the players were disapointed. They have proved all year they are a fighting team, they deserve a fighting coach. PERIOD..

  5. Here we go again. I love the Colts, their regular season play this past decade has been unmatched, but their post season play and the games that lead up to the post season drive me nuts! One has to consider their record and wonder whether Peyton is no post season player or resting the starters and a week off takes away their timing. Either way for the NFL’s best ever regular season win record team to have 2/3 of their post seasons end with 1 game and out is ridiculous. Personally I think its both, Peyton is no post season player. His heroic regular season records are outstanding and his post season is a complete polar opposite – he plain sucks! Yes, he got the Superbowl win, but more on total team play and an inferior QB on the opposite side that allowed it to happen. Colts management just doesn’t seem to learn that you can’t back your way into the post season and then try and turn around and win. The winners always seem to be the team that is peaking in Dec & Jan playing their best ball with perfect or great execution over their opponent. That’s why if the Colt’s try yet again to back into post season, they’ll end up getting their teeth kicked in the first game and be left to wonder what happened and try to explain yet again that “players don’t get rusty” they just got out played.

  6. I appreciate your article. It’s nice to know that the fans have some type of voice. Sure a win would have been nice but I was more disappointed that the organization chose not to even try. Resting players before the play-offs hasn’t worked in the past. As for preventing injuries, we all know they can happen anywhere, anytime. These hardly seem like justifiable reasons for todays actions. In a league where teams are giving everything to get into the play-offs, is it fair for the Colts to choose to take so many players out in effect, ensuring a loss? Don’t we teach our children that anything worth doing is worth doing well? If the Colts had played well today and lost then I would have been proud but instead I am ashamed. There is no winning formula to get to the superbowl, you just go out every week and give your best. Other NFL teams would love to have the opporunity the Colts had today. At least New Orleans and Minnesota went down trying. As fans, who support the franchise through ticket sales and taxes,it doesn’t seem like our voice matters!

  7. All of the fans who payed their hard earned money to watch and expect the colts to win should keep their ticket stubs and mail them along with their names and addresses to the colt”s complex to Jim Irsay,Bill Polian and Jim Cauldwell and demand their money back.They were led to believe that all the healthy players would play.Tuey had no idea that Peyton,Reggie,Dallas Clark and most of the star players would be pulled while leading 15 to 10 with the game still in doubt.There is no doubt in anyones mind that the colts would have won if Peyton had been left in.Mr.Irsay what about what the fans want??They got screwed big time…… What about the kids??WHATTT?????

  8. This was a miserable and very unprofessional coaching and management “decision”. Of course the players are not going to say what they really feel because they can’t. Every one of their contracts have the language “Never question Bill Polian”.
    All you had to do was see what they weren’t saying, the looks on their faces, and that spoke volumes. If you rest your starters in a “meaningless” game, then you do so when your score is up, not when it’s down and so early into the game. This was wrong on so many levels, where do you start?

    Coach Caldwell might be following Polian’s “orders” as a Polian “puppet”, but as a rookie head coach, he has lost a lot of personal/coaching credibility with his decision making. Thus; the fundamental difference between proven and credible coaching, e.g., Tony Dungy.

    This was no more than a “charity” win for the Jets who would be dead in the water today if not for this “decision” and they know it. But they will take this as “We beat the undefeated Colts” rah rah which is pathetic. So they get a shot at one more game. Let’s watch it for what it will really be.

    I can accept a fair and square loss; of which this one was neither. I cannot accept that our starters were made to sit out without warning and that this game was sacrificed as a result.

    The Indianapolis fan base will always stand behind our team and our proven ability to win games. This was denied us by a very poor and unnecessary “coaching/management/organizational” decision. Our players and fans deserve better than this. This broke the momentum and morale of our team. Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell are absolute idiots to think otherwise.

  9. I think the decision to yank most of the starters boils down to politics and money between Polian/Irsay and the league, or it was simply Polian’s and Irsay’s call for their own reasons. I had even wondered if the Jet’s all of a sudden becoming in the playoff hunt prior to the game yesterday had anything to do with the decision. We really don’t know what goes on privately between other owner’s and management. Are our boys just high paid race horses? You bet!
    Everyone talks about the organization, but Polian/Irsay are the organization. Caulwell is a corporate player and has to keep his agreeable corporate stance no matter what the decision was and I guarantee you he didn’t make the decision. Corporations are conservative by nature and I think they feared the team was heading the wrong direction even though they were winning, and resting the players before a playoff run made the most sense to them in order to gain the most for them, from the rest of the season. It was a conservative move. The players and the fans don’t own the rights to make these decisions in corporates opinion and now corporate has dealt a blow to fans and players alike and could cause some steam to escape from a fast moving train and it’s fan base to boot.
    Could they be right? We will see, but the teams strengths all year have been to fill the gaps of injured players and still win with the “one for all” efforts they have produced this year. My opinion is that if we do win the super bowl, we will never know if the team could have done this anyway, plus had a perfect season. If they do win the super bowl now, corporate will take all the accolades for making the right decision, but they will leave a bad taste in my mouth forever and leave me with a certain distrust for their ongoing shananigan’s in future seasons. This is not how you build loyalty!

  10. I agree that the second string players need playing time, but only when we are up by at least 2 touchdowns. What Caldwell did yesterday was a slam to the fans and hurtful to the morale of the players who HAD provided us with a perfect season by their hard work and dedication.

  11. Caldfail had nothing to do with it, other than be a yes man.

    The Irsay’s have a record of exactly this kind of cowardly move.

    Look at how they got here in the first place.

    And You sheeple expected more?

    AHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA you got scammed by a thief.

  12. What makes anybody think that weeks of rest before a playoff game increases your chance of success? The Colts have been squeaking by in the last several games, meanwhile the Chargers and Patriots are dropping the hammer on their opponents. The fans who spent money on yesterday’s game deserve their money back. The Colts are the only team I’ve ever followed that “throws” games at the end of the season. Let’s face it – despite their great success in this decade in the regular season, their playoff record has been disappointing – only one Super Bowl to show for an incredible run. If the Colts don’t win the Super Bowl this year, there will be outrage in Indy and everyone will be looking at the last two games of the season that the Colts gave away. Perhaps the Colts starters shouldn’t even practice the rest of the season – afterall, how many players get hurt in practice? You can follow that argument a long way. The Colts could have been only the third team in NFL history to have a perfect regular season and now they may come away with nothing to show for the season. If they don’t win the Super Bowl now, this season won’t mean anything. When you have a chance to make history, do it!

  13. A loss I can accept, but to throw a game is a disgrace! To put in a rookie quarterback, with zero playing time, against the #1 defense in the NFL? The Colts management needs to have their collective heads examined! Here is my point, if numbers don’t matter, if records don’t matter, then why even start #18? After we won the conference, and clinched home field advantage why not bench all the starters? If numbers and records don’t matter then why continue to start #18 for the sole purpose of extending his number consecutive starts? Because I guarantee you, just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, that #18 will start next week against Buffalo, and what happens if he gets sacked on the first play and he gets hurt? So how dare the Colts say that it’s all about the big picture, and that numbers and records don’t matter?!?!? I, along with many others, am outraged! Quitters never win, and winners never quit! Now wouldn’t it be ironic if the Jets make it to the playoffs and beat us?

  14. When have you ever seen the President of a sports franchise stand up in front of it’s fans and the national media and say “It isn’t our goal to win every time we walk on the field”. The organization has forgotten that the fans in the stands are PAYING customers. The city kicks in $20 million to subsidize the stadium. We deserve their best effort win or lose every time they take the field.

    Yesterday was like going to an expensive restaurant and only being served the salad, but paying for the entire meal snd having the owner of the restaurant tell you it’s not our goal to satisfy our customers every time they come to eat here.

    I’m not going back to Lucas Oil until the organization learns to appreciate the fans. I don’t care if they do win the Super Bowl.

  15. Don’t we teach our children that anything worth doing is worth doing well? This includes the road to the Superbowl. This game was an embarrasment and a slap in the face to fans. Try explaining to your 9 yr. old why the team didn’t even try! We support our team win or loose because we know they gave their best…until yesterday. I would like to see the media put some pressure on the Colts organization, they should have to answer to their fans. Our tax dollars pay for the stadium, our hard earned money is used to purchase tickets, concessions, etc. It would be nice to know that the Colts Organization doesn’t just ignore us.

    The Colts made a bad decision that is unfortunately costing them many fans.

  16. I think Pollian got exactly what he wanted! A loss to the jets so he would not have to play the starters in the elements @ Buffalo!

  17. The look on the players faces, as the time was ticking away, says it all. They were all disappointed that Colts Management was not allowing them to go for the perfect season. The players did not like it (especially Manning) and the booing fans did not like it either. It’s just like corporate America. The higher ups think that they are smarter than everyone else and that they need to “make the tough decisions”. I just think it’s sad that the players are the ones that worked hard to get themselves here and then they are subjected to this after all their hard work. I thought the Colts organization took into consideration the thought/ideas of it’s players and fans. Perhaps WTHR should pull out some old tape of fans leaving the stadium, after a first round elimination, and everyone is making comments on what a bad idea it was to rest the starters. Good grief Colts Management, these are professional atheletes…….treat them as such. Especially when this group makes your lives alot easier by being so good.

  18. My Brother in-law and I were very excited to receive tickets for Christmas this year. Not only was it our first Colts game but we had the chance to watch history in the making.
    What an opportunity to go to a game while the Colts were in the midst of a perfect season, the last home game of the decade with a winning steak of 13-0, the longest winning streak in NFL history 23 and counting……

    I can’t express out disappointment and frustration when the Colts gave up, when they surrendered, and blew their opportunity to continue to do what no team has done before.
    All to “rest” the player for what a couple hours a couple series; why, because of the fear of possible injury? The concept is ridiculous! Sure I understand the theory but, it has never worked for the Colts in the past. What has worked is giving it their all, playing to win every game. They were in charge of their own density, creating an unbelievable history that few could ever imagine accomplishing, and a record that people would talk about for decades but would cross over decades. We went to see the Colts play to win to give it their all, but we watched them give up. We were cheated, ripped off. We want and deserve our tickets back!

  19. The Colts have never done well after they “rest” the players. Their are many loyal Colts fans who paid alot of money and drove on snow covered roads to see that game. I can not imagine how disappointed they were. If they thought they needed to protect the starters then why don’t they sit them at the next game which is away. Disappoint the other teams fans-not your own. The Colts organization have always been a class act but not in this case-they pulled a “Belichek”.

  20. My husband and I were so disappointed and mad. This was our first time to get to see the Colts in person in more than 20 years. If Caldwell and the Irsays intended to throw a game, it should not have been the last home game of the season. What a slap in the face to the Colts starters and the fans. We’ll never be back!

  21. I have finally gotten my wife interested in colts football and we excitedly wait for each game. After last nights throwing of the game she said she is not interested in watching anything that is controlled by a man and not he team efforts. Dirty as the politicians we are dealing with today. Indianapolis, get rid of Caldwell and Polian!!!!! They are not good for the team or city anymore or the survival of Lucas Oil Stadium.

  22. I think you are all missing the big picture which is the Super Bowl. They were protecting from an injury not necessarily resting players. PErsonally, I wouldn’t have played any of them. If you look at the past and say resting cost them games, they didn’t rest anyone last year and got beat in the first round too. I think that everyone needs to trust in the organization that has built this team into the team of the decade and quit worrying about perfection. I understand the fans perspective on ticket prices but they pay the same prices for preseason games and sometimes the stars only play a series or two. The only problem I have is with the integrity of the game in that the Jets got it pretty easy and may make the playoffs because of it. However, until the league passes a rule requiring teams to play their players the way the NBA did a few years ago, it is up to the discretion of the teams.

  23. So, are the colts playing to win or lose next game? Maybe the fans will let you know how they feel come future games Mr. Irsay, right in your pocketbook! But remember, if you intend to lose the next game, leave the starters at home so that they “don’t get hurt” somewhere along the way to New York! Save them the humiliation they obviously felt at the game’s end…you idiot!

  24. I am truly disgusted and let down!!! How could Polian be so stupid?!!! I’m not just talking about a perfect season, but our Super Bowl hopes! The fact remains, if you rest your starters, you lose in the playoffs. Other contenders are going into the playoffs on a roll. We will enter the playoffs with two straight losses, and then a bye. Our starters will not have had any meaningful play for nearly a month!!! Furthermore, we left the door open for the best defense in the league to make the playoffs. Why on earth wouldn’t you want to keep the best defense in the league out of the playoffs… there is a chance we will have to play them. What makes that worse in the fact that if we play them, it will likely be after a month of rust! Polian and Caldwell should be ashamed! They disgraced the Horseshoe!!! Even if they do win the Super Bowl (though I doubt we even make it there now), we are all left with the most sour taste… We could have been the best ever!!! And why do they feel injury is more probable in the last two games? What makes them any different than the previous 14? What a brainless, joke of leadership we have!

  25. Here is an idea, why don’t we just contact the Bills, we will forfeit the game, the Colts can save a ton of money since they will not have to travel, and all the players can rest. Then we won’t have to embarrass ourselves!

  26. As a 1st year season ticket holder, I was very upset at the starters being pulled during the 3rd quarter. And all this talk about us not going for a perfect season. Isn’t that the reason you play the game is to win. So shouldn’t you always try for a perfect season. This talk about us not going for a perfect season sounds just like Tony Dungy when he did the same thing and lost the last 2 games of the perfect season. (I like Tony Dungy) BUT it’s kind of a cop out. You get PAID to WIN so you should always play to WIN. The “O” Line was doing their job of protecting Peyton Manning. and If they would tell the truth I know each and everyone of those players would like to have won that game. Sure you can take your starters out after you have a substantial lead but 5 points in the NFL is not a substantial lead. I felt sorry for Curtis Painter but let’s face it the kid isn’t ready to play with the BIG BOYS.. The Coach and Bill Pullian cheated the City out of it’s record for a perfect season and broke the home winning streak record. Shame on you all for cheating the fans.

  27. polian and caldwell are you out of your minds i cant believe that you guys can even show your faces around town after that stupid stunt. obviously you wouldnt care if someone comes up to you and tells you to get out of town, because you dont care about us fans. maybe the players should have stood up and say “at least let us try to win the game for the fans since it is the last home game” duh at least the pacers have a fan appreciation night even though they are struggling.

  28. Maybe we should try to get Belichick to come here. At least he won’t quit and give up on one of the greatest achievements a NFL team could accomplish. Caldwell and the whole Colts management she be ashamed for being so STUPID. Stop thinking about yourselves and think about the players and the fans(you know the ones that pay your salaries). Lots of teams have won the Superbowl but only one has ever went undefeated all the way and everyone knows who they are and the year they did it, I just hope we’re not remembered for the team that was so arrogant we just threw it away.

  29. Respect!!! that is one word that the Indianapolis Colts Coaches should never expect to here from any of the Fans or the Players ever again !!! What they did Sunday was Totally disrespectful! Tiger did not hurt the sport of golf as bad as Indy Coachs hurt Football! You lost more than a game you lost a FAN ! Me

  30. Our 2009-10 COLTS are done! ……. Put a fork in them, they are done! They are demoralized, and will never recover emotionally from this devastating turn of events. Give them another week of rest with a loss @ Buffalo on Sunday, January 3rd, and then another week of rest with a Bye Week on January 9th & 10th. …… All of which will culminate with a first-round Playoff Loss on January 16th or 17th…………..

    Clearly, Fate was smiling on the Colts’ season-long march toward the #1 Pinnacle of NFL History, but The Legacy of the 1972 Miami Dolphins remains safe. Destiny was the Guardian Angel safeguarding our Colts, as we took step after step toward the elusive Perfect Season. So few teams have ever gotten so close……. and yet, now, it’s all for naught! Thrown away, like yesterday’s garbage. Such arrogance and utter disdain for hallowed ground, I have never before witnessed! Such misguided conservatism and inflexibility, I hope to never again see!

    Personally, I am furious! Pissed-off and pissed-on…… An avid Colts fan [at least until yesterday], I have missed less than a handful of games since their arrival in 1984. Regardless, my Team has betrayed me, like a punch to the gut…… Now, I am embarrassed! In my opinion, the Colts’ efforts, or lack thereof, in yesterday’s loss to the Jets were tantamount to “throwing” the game and, as such, should be prosecuted as illegal. Never before have I associated myself with a team that admittedly gave less than 110% of its best efforts toward WINNING each and every game. To Vince Lombardi, who surely is turning over in his grave, WINNING was The Only Thing that mattered! To Bobby Knight and John Wooden, perfection, although impossible to attain, is always the ultimate goal.

    Mr. Bill Polian, you should be ashamed! I care not that you are a football genius; you also possess a Fatal Flaw which overshadows your strengths. Our Owner, Jimmy Irsay, should replace you as our G.M. ‘Sure, you have a keen eye for youthful football talent and, yes, you can craft a roster. Unfortunately, however, it has become abundantly evident that you are clueless when it comes to guiding and administering a Championship Season. After all, haven’t we been here before??? How has it worked out for you in the past???

    Once we get close to an Undefeated Season, Mr. Polian, you are quick to say that such perfection has never been one of our Team’s goals. To which, I say, why not?????? Why cannot you remain flexible enough that, if the prospect for an undefeated season presents itself, you are able to try an alternative to your approach which previously failed. Throughout the current decade, the end of which is rapidly approaching, our Colts have enjoyed several great seasons, only to have you strip them of their Big ‘Mo Momentum, so vitally important in the pursuit of playoff victories. Your stubbornness in insisting that our starters be rested and “saved” from possible injury has proven time-and-time-again to be an inappropriate, unintelligent strategy! Downright Wrong!!! Our Colts have only one Super Bowl victory – – – despite setting the record for wins during a decade, despite having Peyton Manning (the Greatest QB in NFL history), and despite all of the other great players whom you have assembled.

    To Coach Jim Caldwell, I am disappointed in your involvement in this scandal. To Jimmy Irsay, you should have vetoed Mr. Polian’s threatened repeat of past mistakes. Indeed, history past is worthless if one fails to have learned from past mistakes………….

    Ted Andrews
    Avon, Indiana
    December 28, 2009 @ 4:30 p.m.

  31. Most of you need to grow up. The Colts are are a great team. They are great for several reasons, mostly because they have Peyton Manning. Take him away and you are left with an average team at best. The coaches are doing what is best for the team, not what is best for your own personal entertainment. Yeah, you paid good money for tickets, but you obviously wouldn’t love the Colts so much if they weren’t amazing. You think those coaches don’t know what they are doing?! Seriously? This is the team of the decade. Have some class and support your boys. Think about what is best for the future. People are selfish.

  32. I’m disappointed like all colts fans, but I think the fans need to quit complaining about a decision that was made that can’t be undone. If the key players had been left in and gotten hurt, what would everyone think about that. They would have complained that they shouldn’t have risked playoffs for a perfect season that won’t matter much if we don’t come home w/ a superbowl title. Who’s to say that if they had left them in that we would have won the game anyway. How many chances does one get to pull games out in the end the way we have? It’s a decision that was made, yes we can be upset, but think about the players for once. How do you think this is affecting their moral if they think the fans aren’t behind them because they lost a “perfect” season. No one who buys a ticket to a game is guaranteed a win to begin with. That is the chance that is taken when you spend money on games. It’s time we all act like adults and show our children that winning isn’t everything. It’s how you deal with losses that make up your character. Right now, I’m thinking a lot of fans have lost their character. It’s time to show our support to the players and bring home that Super Bowl title. Go Colts!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I am MAD!! what a stupid thing to do! all it tells me is that the colts coaching staff and president have no convidence in our team!
    and they for sure dont give a hoot about paying for the new stadium~~~ look how many season tickets they just lost !!
    I am a COLTS FAN to the end!! but I hope they are looking for a new coach! because I will not set and watch my team GIVE AWAY GAMES. its a chicken way to go!
    boo boo boo
    i feel so sorry for the guys! i feel nothing for the coach and president of the team! BOO!! YOU STINK!

  34. It’s a real shame that a Head coach and a owner thinks a team is good enough to pick and choose what games they want to win or lose.

    They talk about it not about the fans feeling on this but who is paying the salaries through ticket prices etc.

    I have a great idea … let make Payton not start next week so we can break his streak as well.

    A perfect season is somthing that comes with playing well not a goal!!!

    If the owner does not like to hear the fan maybe it time for the colts to leave indy and indy can get a team who likes to win.

    Its funny that it too 4 losses and a win over the colts for the jets to get into the playoffs sounds a lot like the NFL or somone has the power to control the playoffs … it took the colts to throw a game for the jets to get in …. lets just hav the colts call of the next game since it really does not matter either….

    Dungy said and I quote “I would have pulled the starters too if we would have been up by enough” … sounds like Dungy even dis agrees with caldwell..

    The fans that went to the game should get a refund …

  35. Attention Caldwell and Polian: I paid $20 for each Colts point scored to watch Caldwell “fold the Colts tent”. Where do I file a claim for a ticket price refund? New agenda for the Colts-Win the Super Bowl and if you don’t, send both Polian and Caldwell to the showers and never let them return to the field of play. The Colts game management by the ownership and coach is being viewed as a disgrace to competitive sports competition nationwide. Worse even than the NBA officiating scandal, or the Pete Rose baseball betting scandal, or the Sox throwing of the World Series years ago. The Colts are now a team of infamy, the season tainted by idiots above the player level. Indianapolis now has a new moniker, Indianapolose

  36. First… I want a refund. Now.
    Second… tell me why Caldwell should not be fired? I’ve read several people call for him to be fired. Why not? He clearly does not have the decision making ability to coach a team to a championship.

  37. I am a bears fan, but picked the Colts in my football pool to win,that pool was worth only about 4 grand to the one football fan who wins. Could coach Caldwell please tell all of us next time if their is a next time, if he plans to win the game or NOT? It’s ok if the answer is NO, but just let the fans know. Why play at all if you don’t want, or care if you win. The Colts should give the money back to the fans who paid to see their team lose. PS I picked the Colts to win because i thought they would and not sand bag!!!

  38. Coach Caldwell,Colt fans are outraged and many like myself no longer care anymore. Perhaps the command to forfeit the game to the Jets came from above. This would of course exonerate you. But whoever made the decision doesn’t realize how much he has alienated the fan base. We will not forget this. You always play to win! Records are important. It’s what the game is all about, not just a single Super Bowl. Can anyone imagine Don Larson being pulled in the ninth inning of the World Series when he was going for a perfect game. According to your logic, why not take him out? After all he could injure his arm and the Yankees might need him for a future game. I am disappointed in the Colts management will no longer support the Colts.

  39. I would like my money back. I didn’t pay to watch football be disgraced. I wish all of the fans would boycott the first playoff game. I could care less if the colts win the superbowl or not. The season has been disgraced. I could care less if the colts were 9-6 or 14-1. The records mean the same. Going in to the playoffs 16-0 did mean something. Losing the game is not the point. Giving up is the point. The second string did try to win, but taking out the starters is giving up. I will never go to lucas oil again. The journey to the championship is just as important as the championship. The colts have disgraced the journey. Any success now will be bitter.

  40. It’s been nearly 48 hours since Polian and Caldwell fixed the Colts game in favor of New York. Caldwell who obviously is not a happy man (have you ever noticed that he has a frozen frown continuously on his face), has in his attempt to eliminate his facial expression, tried passing it on to several hundred thousand Colts fans. It probably worked, it did for me, but if he ever tries smiling at us, I don’t think we intend to reciprocate. He should be allowed to frown all the way to the bank after the Colts buy out his contract and find a coach who will bring some joy and fun to Colts football.

  41. The Management of the Colts might want to rethink the way they announce the Players entrance at game time”HERE’S YOUR INDIANAPOLIS COLTS!” It’s quite apparent that the coaches and management could care less about the 12th MAN (the fans) with the SLAP IN THE FACE they gave us on National TV. So how could they possibly call them our Colts when they treat the Fans as if they weren’t an important part of the COLTS

  42. This is so typical of the second rate way indianapolis does everything 5 points behind and you pull the starter. What mob boss paid him to do that. The game was thrown. Caldwel has been trying everything he knew to loose games for the half the season.The only thing he had left to do was something that Manning couldnt counter.
    I get sick and tired of everybody saying they did the right thing saving the starters… these are professional athletes its what they do… its all they do. People pay real money to see the colts win not be safe. I hope every season ticket holder that was at the game gives up their ticket…

  43. Recent rumor now buzzing around Indy. Caldwell and Polian will send condolences to the “Pro Bowl” advising them that they are removing the Colts elected to play in the Pro Bowl, from the competition. Reason given, “They might get injured before the beginning of next season”. And the beat goes on.

  44. I really wonder one thing … now after hearing all the responces after my first comment … I wonder how many bookies lost money on the colts loss and if Management knew they were going to throw the game did they actually place bets on the jets and really cash in on the loss???

    Sounds like a real money making scandle right under our noses and in plain sight of every one who watched the game…

    I really hope that the NFL does a probe on this because it looks like a inside operation.

    I think all the fans should boycott the first play off game … that would really get some media attention.

  45. The players are the onses I really feel hurt for, they were overlooked. Peyton deserves to play for a winning organization, I know they win alot of games, but superbowl wins are what players are judged on. We all know he is they best ever, but because he played for passive coaches he wont win what he could have. He, like many of the players won’t even pretend to be mad that they were forced to lay down after fighting all season. Jeff Saturday is the only one I have heard that said how he truely felt. I am proud of all of them, but Jeff said he was brought here to win, and he wants to win EVERY game. He was the only one I heard that said that. Thanks Jeff. Hope you won’t lose your job for it. As a fan that has spent thousands to watch the colts play, and follow them however I could when not at the stadium I am very disapointed, not in the players. I don’t know what I am feeling. The players deserve to hoist another trophy, but I don’t want Caldwell, Polian, and Irsay to get one this year forsure. I am kinda numb right now, I just keep picturing the players faces on the sideline. And that moron of a coach wasting a timeout on that fumble that was so obvious, then using the last 2 with minutes to go like he was trying to win. Yes I watched all because I love the Colts. We live in a time when right or wrong doesn’t matter, decisions are made by the minority for the majority. Why should this be any different

  46. I’ve just read the previous 49 comments. All but a handful were as mean as mean spirited can get. GROW UP!!!!! the Colts derserve better than to be booed! Why not stop your petulant tirades long enough to consider what the demoralizing effects of being booed do to the players. I can only imagine how Curtis feels right about now. And to all of you who are demanding your money back: you know the one about blood from a turnip? Personally, I’m proud of the team, win or lose. I don’t even care if they win the Superbowl. I am a loyal fan.

  47. It was sad for us that were there and spent a ton of money. Tickets, parking, water at $3.50 per bottle, etc. We don’t eat the food now with the recent health department reports. Now, we can’t even watch a good game. Maybe we should just stay home and watch the Bears?? The Colts don’t seem to appreciate good fans. At least the management doesn’t. Heck of a way to run a business…maybe a course in customer service is in order??

  48. OK, I’ve had 4 days to calm down and think this through…and you know what? I’m still furious and embarrassed at the idiots calling the shots for the colts. I just hope the players know we’re still on their side and want THEM to win the Superbowl. THEY got ripped out of making history by 3 of the biggest fools ever in the NFL. I hope when we win the Superbowl this year that Caldwell, Irsay, and Polian aren’t anywhere near the trophy because that will make me sick. The players are the ones that deserve it, not you MORONS.

  49. Me again, I was just thinking of all the times that teams have let players get thier personnal records and goals, it happens every week it seems, coaches are the ones that do it. And the Colts coaches have been as guilty as any. This week Peyton will start, he will keep his continuous streak alive. God forbit him getting hurt before he goes out. He played last week just up to him passing the 50,000 yard mark, then he was pulled. This would have been a TEAM and league record, for all the team to have. And I am tired of people questioning my loyalty because I am sore about the way my team was let down, and made to give up. This is something you can never get over. Even if they win several super bowls, its over and done. I hope Bill Polian’s son doesn’t have the same taste in throwing ball games.

  50. I have coached sports teams for several years, and I am not trying to compare junior high and high school age teams to the professional Colts. We have had a undefeated regular season team, and it was an accomplishment for everyone involved, players, coaches, and families.
    That day we won and secured the undefeated season was a great day for my players, as coaches we were so proud of thier accomplishments. That piticular year we lost in the tournament, that stunk, but the players still have something to look back on, and be proud of. My teams since try every year to be considered better than that team. This year we lost the first game of the season, and ran the table through the remainder of the season and through the tournament. Both teams can be very proud of thier accomplishments. I ask you though, Which team has the bragging rights?. To me all my teams are equal, but these 2 teams stand out for thier accomplishments. One can tell the other that they hoisted the tourny trophy, The other can say they hoisted the regular season trophy while being undefeated.
    If the Colts don’t win the Super Bowl they will have nothing to show for it at all. They deserved better from thier coaches and the organization. I forgot to mention one thing about my undefeated team, I had an illness to my mom the day of the first tourney game and I couldn’t be there. I think they lost something in that, maybe their edge??, I don’t know. Lets hope the Colts didn’t lose their edge after being forced to watch a loss from the sidelines.
    As a coach, you get to know your players, and everytime you show up to warm up befor a game you can sense it if something isnt right with a player, and you hope you can fix it befor the game. Having an edge means everything. And to think that you can turn it on and off is just being arogant. And as a coach its just plain being stupid.

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